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fns replace
MarKE | 
Iceland Leap360 
why is fns being replaced?
2018-05-26 03:40
Denmark Baitvice 
Because the NA mentality is all about stats. Hard to bring structure to aim stars who refuse to have faith on a traditional igl.
2018-05-26 03:48
your mom is all about stats
2018-05-26 03:50
ya i live in the greatest country in the world,,,, so?????
2018-05-26 03:51
Denmark Baitvice USA = 10th "greatest country" OMEGALUL
2018-05-26 03:52
imagine arguing a subjective opinion with made up statistics from the UN
2018-05-26 03:57
Denmark Baitvice 
2018-05-26 04:01
Because he's a mediocre IGL and a bad fragger. Apex / NBK / ??? would be a better option, seeing as they can both igl and frag along with tarik.
2018-05-26 03:59
Denmark Baitvice 
Can't wait for them to fail hard with any of those two.
2018-05-26 04:01
Mediocre IGL and fragger, it's just not working. Yes, he needs more time, but there's a reason why he's been in tier 2/3 teams his entire career. He's not cut for tier 1 counter-strike and you can't bring much structure with players like tarik and autimatic in the team who like to have freedom.
2018-05-26 04:03
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