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thorin patreon AMA
WorldEdit | 
African Union road to silver elite 
yes I am one of the people who help thorin produce quality content for all of you. thank me and ask me anything below
2018-05-26 11:26
2018-05-26 11:26
2018-05-26 11:27
FalleN | 
Brazil Laureano 
Those shit you're talking about, are you sober? or is it just after you make love to your boyfriend?
2018-05-26 11:30
Do your parents accept you as a gay person?
2018-05-26 11:30
yes if I was gay
2018-05-27 15:33
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
are u donate to spread aspergers awareness cause too?
2018-05-26 11:37
no, to give us all good content
2018-05-27 15:33
natu | 
Finland sadmen 
thank men, may Allah bless your soul
2018-05-27 15:34
You'd get more for your money by giving it to the Church of Scientology.
2018-05-27 15:37
NA cs gets triggered :D
2018-05-27 15:42
Yes, supar triggered :DDD you've ruined my day. Pardon me while I inject high fructose corn syrup to cope with such stupidity as you die from malnutrition.
2018-05-27 15:52
Czech Republic Pee_Tea 
Thanks ! Appreciate it
2018-05-27 15:43
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