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List of the mods you like the most.
France ShitposterMrTasy 
I just wanted to know which mods were the most popular amongs the HLTV community, here's my personal ranking: (forum admin) - 10/10 Only because i don't want you to ban me c: (developer) - 8/10 (developer )- 6/10 I didn't have the chance to talk with him very often only once or twice i think. (owner/lead developer) - 9/10 very friendly (owner/forum admin) - 10/10 there are free coffee and soda machines in the official HLTV's office, don't know if it's true though. (dunno) - never had the chance to talk with him. (developer) - 7/10 (writer)- never talked to him before. (writer)- great guy 10/10 PS: Sorry if i forgot some mods FeelsBadMan
2018-05-26 20:52
2018-05-26 20:52
Norway ask1r 
how much would you rate Jonathan if there was no consequence?
2018-05-26 20:54
for the number of times he ban me, idk maybe 3 or 2 xd.
2018-05-26 20:57
Indonesia BrokenClocks 
Are you so afraid of them that you rate them at least 6/10?
2018-05-26 20:55
some of them are really nice.
2018-05-26 20:57
New Zealand NewZealand 
Jonathan E 10/10 Batistuta 9/10 wont answer my pm Tazh 8/10 removed me on steam nomad 7/10 add blogs, outbox and notification box also unban TOR ips already martin 7/10 spand 8/10 listen to my suggestion remove email verification or update your filter professeur 10/10
2018-05-26 21:00
Gosh i love professeur Kreygasm. But less than you ofc <3 PS:No offense if you see this post professeur i love you too, but less than NZ.
2018-05-26 21:14
New Zealand NewZealand 
2018-05-26 21:34
+1 hltv has great admins
2018-05-26 21:35
Indonesia BrokenClocks 
Jonathan E, go back to your main account.
2018-05-26 21:38
:( no really look at reditt hltv>reddit always
2018-05-26 21:39
Nice way to get their attention. s/o to mira
2018-05-26 21:40
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