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Na'Vi ruins CS
SmithZz | 
Belgium Chuckyyyyyy 
Just like FaZe, their team depends on indivudial performances. This ruins all the principles and the strategy in Counter-Strike. They should take example on Astralis
2018-05-26 22:04
autimatic | 
Europe MpK_ 
>Navi >individual performances They got 2 good players, 1 mediocre and 2 total shite players
2018-05-26 22:04
If s1mple and electronic don’t play decently Navi losses That’s what he meant
2018-05-26 22:07
Andorra Octopus1 
not necessarily. its because s1mple is a baiter that they cant deploy high tier tactics zeus is obviously a good igl and edward can frag but the opportunities are whored by s1mple
2018-05-26 22:13
>Simple >Baitor Pick one lol
2018-05-27 07:06
s1mple isnt coldzera, wrong there dude :)
2018-05-29 06:02
Zeus is good tactic IGL. His playstyle depends on one skill player (Markeloff, GuardiaN, AdreN, and now s1mple)
2018-05-26 22:05
I'll tell you what his tactics are : Let s1mple do wathever he wants so you can win some games.
2018-05-27 06:57
Sweden x6tenceGalaxy 
1 guy cant carry a whole team in that level, sure his last 3-4 months performances are godlike but s1mple without his teammates would be nothing. btw im a s1mple fan and i agree he is a beast but nobody mentions his teammates
2018-05-27 07:01
electronic and s1mple have A LOT of freedom in Na'Vi and can go for kills, flamie has freedom too but not as much as s1mple and electronic Just look at Na'Vi's stats : S1mple : 1.40 rating electronic : 1.29 rating flamie : 1.14 rating Then you have the players doing all the shit work, Edward and Zeus. They make their teammates shine by baiting for them all the time. Zeus : 0.94 rating Edward : 0.92 rating Na'Vi's results depend too much on the individual performance of s1mple, electronic and flamie. I find that boring and i think they should take example on Astralis who understood the game and how it works.
2018-05-27 07:10
Sweden x6tenceGalaxy 
well i respect your opinion but i kinda agree
2018-05-27 07:11
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
Lmao,watch games not only stats and u will see that edward has more freedom than flamie and sometimes ago he has more freeeom than electronic and still was shit and will be cuz he suxs.
2018-05-27 07:20
flamie has way more freedom than Edward. If what you're saying is true, Edward would be on top of the scoreboard, not flamie.
2018-05-27 07:24
Xyp9x | 
Australia Huntex 
Freedom within the team doe not equal kills and skill.
2018-05-29 06:09
But he's not because he's trash for a team that should gunning for #1 team in the world. There's like six or seven CIS players who could do a much better job both skillwise, and "bitch role" wise.
2018-05-29 06:10
Happy | 
Turkey Neurosius 
2018-05-26 22:06
bitch what? do you remember seized times? when zeus came back navi easily got to top5, maybe they dont have b stack tactic, but zeus is a great experienced tactician
2018-05-26 22:07
that is not true at all it took several months and another roster move to become top 5 so 0/8
2018-05-26 22:09
k, easily to top10
2018-05-26 22:09
i guess you didn't watch a single Na'Vi game back then cuz that team was never top5
2018-05-26 22:13
2018-05-26 22:18
Greece Poor_Noob 
Real Madrid ruins cs Ops wrong thread
2018-05-26 22:07
2018-05-26 22:12
Mexico caribnei 
2018-05-26 22:10
Okay now tell me, what’s wrong with depending on individual skill of a player? For a team, as long as they get good money from tournaments and sponsors, they don’t give a shit.
2018-05-27 07:05
It makes CS:GO boring. You can see Astralis showing to the world how they should really play Counter-Strike. Now, teams will obviously adapt Astralis' playstyle and it will make the CS:GO pro scene even more competitive.
2018-05-27 07:27
I only see Mousesports adapting Astralis’ playstyle
2018-05-27 07:59
Canada Surzz 
well tbh every other team should learn from Astralis. each of and every one of their players play smart, and don't make mistakes too often. as for navi, they need to replace zeus with someone like angel or blad3 (i know people will say shit because he's a poor fragger, but he has the best mind in the cis region). why im suggesting this? because if the team is relying on individuals to go off, then that isn't good strategy. it's the igls job to get the team to work as a team, and to have decent tactics, when the igl isn't doing either of those, the team isn't going to thrive.
2018-05-27 07:31
M8 Navi has always played the slow and tactical way of csgo but Zeus has given s1mple a little more freedom and why wouldnt he? He is the best player atm. And there is diffrent ways to play cs
2018-05-27 08:06
I just don't like this style.
2018-05-28 23:06
Just cause you don’t like their play style then that doesn’t mean that they ruin the game. Like I don’t say I don’t like Belgium cause ScreaM ruins the country or sth dumb like that
2018-05-29 06:00
It ruins all the strategy in the game
2018-05-29 15:57
Fnatic played 100x more aggresive and did they ruin the game? no
2018-05-29 19:29
India Reaper1 
2018-05-29 06:07
Did i say they should disband? Kys
2018-05-29 15:56
-Zeus and Edward +Ange1 and bondik => Navi TOP1
2018-05-29 06:04
0.1% of csgo viewers give a shit about strategy. People look for fnatic because of their individual prowess. Astralis on the other hand are just robotic except dupreeh maybe. At like 1.30 seconds they are programmed to double nade banana or something
2018-05-29 06:09
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