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3rd halftime
Russia lowpriorityallday 
10-20 Russian/Ukraine hooligan groups are waiting outside. You better don't even think about celebrating your victory in Kyiv cause its gonna end dirty. peace out and stay safe.
2018-05-26 22:45
flusha | 
Korea shglet 
what u watching?
2018-05-26 22:46
football game my frend. i looked in a russian fight forum and they are hunting english ppl in kyiv already since 2 days :D
2018-05-26 22:48
flusha | 
Korea shglet 
lmao dafuq
2018-05-26 22:47
Malaysia ez4harimaumuda 
why they do dis
2018-05-26 22:50
cuz they hate the english. they piss on our monuments they hang their stupid flags everywhere and throw around with beer all day. they wanna show english hooligans are long gone and that CIS region has taken over.
2018-05-26 22:51
Romania Anonym20 
what is he saying, at the end?
2018-05-26 22:51
Finland mrboombasticXD 
not surprised..
2018-05-26 22:47
2018-05-26 22:47
cant wait for world cup in russia, its gonna be fun :DDDD
2018-05-26 22:49
not much will happen in russia. we have military instead of police we have tanks instead of waterthrowers. putin took care of this mostly all high rated trouble maker will be locked up 1 week before world cup also.
2018-05-26 22:52
haha sounds like ur ready for war.
2018-05-26 22:55
after worldcup they can wait for US invasion LUL
2018-05-26 23:05
if u know this, high rated trouble makers will know as well, gl finding them :D
2018-05-26 23:19
easy to find this ppl same pubs same fight gym's as always. mayb u will have some forest fight between other groups but in the city u will have no trouble at all. russian military dont bother to shoot them if its needed thats what european police is doing wrong they are to soft.
2018-05-26 23:43
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