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woxic transfer listed in HellRaisers
i am | 
Turkey feeling_thank_you 
Not yet but ss fans cant wait for it
2018-05-26 23:41
Andorra Octopus1 
2018-05-26 23:43
You still believe the conspiracy? lol
2018-05-27 00:17
armenian genocide was plotted by jews
2018-05-27 00:27
2018-05-27 00:38
what happened?
2018-05-26 23:45
link me bro
2018-05-26 23:47
He just mad because of Angel fortfeit final match of esl one cologne qualification. He said this shit on twitter and removed playing for hellraisers text thats all i heard.
2018-05-26 23:51
2018-05-27 00:19
why would he do that lmao
2018-05-27 00:21
He is young, he is hungry for win, he thinks other member of team doesnt deserve to miss esl one cologne. It was just the final bo3 qualification.
2018-05-27 00:24
understantable but that makes him look like a 10yo
2018-05-27 00:24
Hopefully when he stream we gonna learn some details
2018-05-27 00:26
twist | 
Turkey Diacryses 
nice bait Edit: this might be true since woxic old manager tweeted somethin about transfer list. i believe he hinted woxic
2018-05-26 23:53
Link pls
2018-05-26 23:56 he was talking about liverpool-real madrid match .but transfer list in football when woxic deleted the text from twitter at the same time ? probably a bait but i believe he hinted somehow
2018-05-27 00:17
I dont think he mentioned woxic somehow
2018-05-27 00:19
yeah who knows will see in few days
2018-05-27 00:21
finally, fuck turkish shit player
2018-05-26 23:48
Kazakhstan jerrychorizzo 
that's probably a bait man
2018-05-26 23:49
2018-05-26 23:51
expected turkish player to be toxic
2018-05-26 23:52
woxic to be toxic, pretty fair
2018-05-27 00:01
Turkey Thunderball 
2018-05-26 23:53
nGin fan detected
2018-05-26 23:57
HR can't pass the qualifiers without woxic in future. Woxic have highest k/d ratio in HR. It means, it will be a trouble for HR. Woxic can be right in this argue. He do not played any majors and it can be a chance for him. He can be ambitious about it. That's understandable.
2018-05-27 00:14
2018-05-27 00:15
Do you think he is overreacted teenager and should be calmed down by hr coach?
2018-05-27 00:17
why would he go shit soldiers lmaooo
2018-05-27 00:21
New Zealand HEDcs 
woxic to c9 ?
2018-05-27 00:25
Skadaddy is good bro
2018-05-27 00:28
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