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Europe is ruled by CUCKS !
Germany Hazelnuz 
Sorry but it's true EU politicians want to replace white Europeans with Africans. Don't think it's true ? All a conspiracy ? "EU should 'undermine national homogeneity' says UN migration chief" Unfortunately it's real. EU wants to take in 70 million African migrants in the next 20 years (article in german) Why do we need these many Africans you might ask ? German Politician Wolfgang Schäuble has the answer for you: "Closing EU borders will lead to inbreeding, German finance minister warns" Sorry but the EU is ruled by CUCKS what Americans say is 110% correct.
2018-05-27 14:31
flusha | 
Korea shglet 
and what are u doing about it? whining on hltv? nice.
2018-05-27 14:34
Netherlands Deji 
ahah yes
2018-05-27 14:49
Telling other people about the problem is a pretty effective
2018-05-29 19:52
World Nastradoomus 
Fuck you all cunts.
2018-05-29 21:11
by Jews*
2018-05-27 14:48
I am feeling thank you
2018-05-27 15:14
United States Paulius_CS 
Lmao european inbreeding... Muslims and arab ethnic group the most inbred on the planet.
2018-05-27 14:51
2018-05-27 15:13
neopresse don't make me laugh
2018-05-28 20:00
So you're worried that Germany will finally be fullfill with refugees ? Its fine, there will be real germans around the villages. You're not the smartest country anyway
2018-05-28 20:54
If white person are like you with same IQ and mental issues i prefer black-muslims -who believe in zeus.
2018-05-27 14:52
black-muslims -who believe in zeus You might have to deploy a zeus against rioting black muslims yes
2018-05-27 15:14
Expected to be uneducated too No surprise at all
2018-05-27 15:16
You are projecting sorry there will be no more greece or germany in the future and no greek people for that matter either.
2018-05-27 15:17
We exist thousand of year and we will extinct cause some immigrants lol . Our 1/10 of our population last 15 years are muslims immigrants and we are still Greeks lol . Keep your propaganda to someone who can believe it .
2018-05-27 15:19
Europe cArn5 
You typical cuck lol
2018-05-29 12:25
Stfu and pay your debts You Fucking cuck.
2018-05-29 12:35
NO , you STFU and go to work, pay your taxes like a good boy , and keep sending money German slave.
2018-05-29 12:38
Topkek, you useless degenerate. Turks kept raping your ancestors so you all are just turkish fags drinking ouzo all day and hoping Not to starve and your only Chance of that Not Happening it Merkel, that Crazy cunt, that she keeps bailing you Poor fucks out
2018-05-29 19:08
I suppose now you finished the job , its normal to be mad , not my problem though. Pay your taxes now , and dont worry about us we are pretty fine .
2018-05-29 19:11
Good luck 3rd world shitter
2018-05-29 19:49
Don't expect to trigger , but Nt my personal German worker . 3/8 for your effort
2018-05-29 19:53
Arab/muslim confirmed. Always here on to 'defend' islam, muslims and 3rd world immigrants. Change flag already.
2018-05-29 12:22
Yeah i am Greek and muslim xD You are Proud White man cause you dont have anything else to be proud in your miserable life . Cheers ..
2018-05-29 12:25
No, you're not. You're an immigrant, not native Greek. There's a big difference. You may think yourself as Greek, but look in the mirror, you're not European...
2018-05-29 12:27
Lol i knew you were retard , but you keep suprise me every day about your limits of stupidity.
2018-05-29 12:31
Whatever you say immigrant... you're letting your life get dictated by a book written for over 1400 years ago, and I'm the stupid one? HAHAHAHAH. It's pathetic you can't even see your own goal
2018-05-29 12:32
Waste of time speaking with 3rd worlder . You are so uneducated who thinks GGreeks believe at Allah LOLOLOL I feel sorry for you Bye
2018-05-29 12:37
He is right. You pathetic cuck.
2018-05-29 19:09
Netherlands Phyrhex 
Gotta love these alt right retards acting all autismo on the internet about EU turning into a caliphate and shit like that. Dont forget your daily dose of vitamin D
2018-05-27 15:00
2018-05-28 20:01
Our leaders literally confirm it here: Two and one half hours of activists, talking heads, and world leaders admitting: White Genocide is real
2018-05-28 20:03
you probably brazilian fake flagger. wtf i've never read such huge breaindead shit
2018-05-28 21:00
he is right
2018-05-28 21:01
There is video proof or WORLD LEADERS wanting to genocide whites and you call me braindead?
2018-05-28 21:04
whites deserve it for messing the world and other races over the human being historic... Germany has directly responsibility for many of these shit, now go pray to your lovely Hitler and accept the consequences .
2018-05-28 21:15
Atleast you are honest
2018-05-28 21:39
Arabs are responsible for much worse then whites idiot. At least whites admit their history.
2018-05-28 21:39
Denmark Baitvice 
Wow so two wrongs make a right? Typical third worlder savage logic.
2018-05-29 16:42
Netherlands Phyrhex 
Skipped to somewhere around 20 mins and saw RT in there, immediately clicked off. what were u thinking when linking this vid lmao. U also wearing that tinfoil hat in public or nah?
2018-05-28 22:53
It's hard to accept.
2018-05-29 10:51
Netherlands Phyrhex 
hard to accept that you're completely deluded and dunno anything about whats going on in the world.
2018-05-29 12:17
Mfw you still work 9-5 and tell me i don't know whats going on in the world.
2018-05-29 12:43
Europe kihit0mi 
2018-05-28 22:25
Immigrant spotted and confirmed. Always the same cucks/immigrants in here on trying to defend some fascist book written for over 1400 years ago. Quite pathetic, lmao.
2018-05-29 12:24
2018-05-27 15:05
Brazil Azzi 
Well, you guys are not having kids, you will not be minority, you will be extinct
2018-05-27 15:06
Abortion+Feminism = downfall of a civilisation
2018-05-27 15:14
Europe cArn5 
2018-05-28 19:58
BnTeT | 
Germany cucKing 
2018-05-27 15:14
Europe loonek4 
Immigrant crisis wouldn't be a problem if western countries didn't bomb the shit out if middle east and start pointless wars for oil.
2018-05-27 15:18
Ok so then why do we have migrants from nigeria, somalia and other sub sahara african countries ?
2018-05-27 15:19
Europe loonek4 
Thise countries were under mostly british and french occupation for hundreds of years, those colonies focused on giving it's welth to western countries instead of improving lives of it's citizens. Africans can't find a decent job nor good living standards in those countries so they move to Europe to live a decent life, as a person who left their country I can assure you that it's really difficult to assimilate into new culture, it's especially difficult when you're uneducated and don't know the language. I also wanna point out that there are many wars in Africa and a slave trade going on in Libya.
2018-05-27 15:26
That was more then 200 years ago and the same happend in asian countries too ! What liberal cucks tend to forget is that asia was also colonized by whites but asians never complain and bitch they work hard and are actually more succesful then whites now ! This is because of the IQ difference between the races. It goes like that: asians>whites>blacks This is why africa is a third world shithole and asia looks into a bright and golden future.
2018-05-27 15:30
Europe loonek4 
What do you mean by asian countries? Japan and korea were never under European influence, or at least not under any significant one. China is rich only due to huge industrialisation and now China exploits other countries and steal it's resources. You also can't blame people for trying to escape their country's government incompetentce. Edit: many countries got it's independence in 60s and 70s so they didn't have time nor resources to get on the same level.
2018-05-27 15:42
Mongolia AfRiCaNnIgErO 
korea was under japanese influence badoomtss
2018-05-27 15:42
Europe loonek4 
Yeah that's true, they mostly got its wealth by trading with usa who tried to befriend them because south korea is a strategic millitary position.
2018-05-27 15:45
There was never a Sub Saharan Civilisation. When has Africa ever done something that benefited the world ? Whites invented the car, airplane, computers, modern plumbing, cement to build houses. Tell me about black inventions i am waiting... Now in 2050 Africa will have 4 billion ppl and it will only get worse. What a disaster.
2018-05-27 18:52
Europe loonek4 
Who are you to judge people by what they achieved? Because there's not as many black inventors does that mean we have to treat them like trash? What have you achieved to make white race proud?
2018-05-29 15:15
....... wrong reply
2018-05-27 15:31
yeassss tell me more about the bombs sweden,finland and norway are deopping to middle east
2018-05-27 15:31
Europe loonek4 
Countries like uk,france or usa do that but there are many other countries that support those actions as well as aid them by for example giving them volunteers to fight.
2018-05-27 15:34
Immigrants in the western world wouldn't be a problem if uneducated cucks like you were hanged on sight.
2018-05-29 12:25
Europe loonek4 
Grow up moron.
2018-05-29 15:13
Kill yourself fake flagging faggot.
2018-05-29 15:26
Europe loonek4 
Damn bro ur so funny XD le funny pepe meme
2018-05-29 17:44
Damn bro you're a loser. Get out of my face, thank you. Go masturbate your micro penis.
2018-05-29 18:57
Also wenn das kein Witz ist, tust du mir echt leid. :D
2018-05-27 15:34
Typical teenager opinions, lol
2018-05-28 20:01
Europe cArn5 
Flag checks out.
2018-05-29 12:26
United States TriHardSeven 
Flag checks out.
2018-05-29 19:15
Europe deVulse 
Your from germany ffs, ur from country that has the most voice in EU, then vote for those that are against destroying Europe ffs, also tell friends to do the same...
2018-05-28 21:03
Portugal FiZzYgAy 
no u
2018-05-28 21:40
Oh boy I agree with this 100% In fact I wouldn't even make a thread if I saw this before. I'll tell you what these libtards politicians want... They want to let these african migrants come in so they have their support which means they get more power (more power = more money). They don't give a fuck that European countries lose their identity and culture because they aren't living in the shitholes they are creating
2018-05-28 21:44
Belgium sn0uby 
Given the speed at wich our society is evolving and the technological advance etc. Those shits don't matter in the slighest, the ever increasing inegality gap and the ever growing weigh of big corporations should alarm you a lot more.... We are close to a no return point and in a few decades a little push will be well sufficient to collapse the democratic facade that still hold for now. THEN you will have something to really worry about.
2018-05-28 21:48
Big corporations don't worry me in the slightest. I don't even think that a civil war would be bad at this point it would give us a chance for renewal to be honest. Or it would kill us and save us a future like that. Civil war cant come fast enough.
2018-05-28 21:50
Belgium sn0uby 
Don't blame me for not looking forward to it, i have 2 kids already ^^.
2018-05-28 21:53
That's good we always need new recruits for the white cause
2018-05-28 21:55
At least Africans save children while white people just film for instagram :
2018-05-28 22:30
good movie, yeah, well staged
2018-05-28 22:33
2018-05-29 12:29
this was staged btw
2018-05-29 10:57
2018-05-29 12:28
It's hilariously obvious aswell, the dude on the balcony could've easily pulled the child in. But no let's just hold the child and wait for our great hero!
2018-05-29 12:45
Oh people say he was wearing some kind of bionic hand (the thing you have when you got your hand fucked) WHAT A COINCIDENCE meanwhile the cunt could've break the separation between the two balcony and pull the kid easily even with one fucking hand except if hes a weak faggot, maybe his wife could've help him? WHAT A COINCIDENCE I TELL YOU A STRONG AFRICAN SPAWN AND JUMPS TO THE TOP OF THE BUILDING TO SAVE THE KID WOW
2018-05-29 16:24
zzzZZZzz 2016 baits
2018-05-29 10:56
Ukraine minemax 
Rather by pussies.
2018-05-29 12:22
2018-05-29 12:26
No, europeans are arrogant trash.
2018-05-29 12:28
Iceland _natas_ 
Europe is run by cucks, and soon the inferior white race will be gone. Even from shit nations like United States of America
2018-05-29 12:37
i swear to god you only post baits, you posted an earlier thread about how we should convert to islam
2018-05-29 12:46
but this one is true
2018-05-29 12:46
Bad bait or stupid fan on conspiracy theories. Neopresse. lol. Sad!
2018-05-29 12:47
People that think whites are going to disappear are so depressingly dumb. Like where are they going to go? Are you just going to disappear? Are we going to kill all the white babies? As a libtard I really don't get it. Are you worried about blacks stealing the white womenz? Statistically people marry within their own race even in extremely diverse countries like the US in gigantically huge proportions. You are talking about "issues" that will be issues long after you are dead.
2018-05-29 15:36
United States TriHardSeven 
Ever heard of demographic shifts? What happens overtime when Whites don't have replacement rates of birth rates, while our cucked politicians ship in millions of foreigners who have much higher birthrates. It doesn't matter if Whites marry within their own, what matters is foreigners having much higher birthrates which overtime replaces Whites.
2018-05-29 19:14
The immigrants coming to EU have like 2x more babies on avarage compared to whites.They will outbreed white people and white population is decreasing anyway cuz they dont make enough babies. Simple as that.
2018-05-29 19:21
So just using Germany as an example. I looked up the demographics of the country. It's 93% European and 81% ethnic German. 4.9% belong to middle eastern and African groups. When exactly is 5% of the country going to out breed 93% of it? I understand that whites have birth rates slightly below replacement but that's what happens in developed countries. Look at Japan. If you want a large white family then you should start one. I don't know what else to tell you.
2018-05-29 21:08
2018-05-29 19:16
f0rest | 
Brazil leeo^^ 
stay strong Europeans who didn't fell for this propaganda.
2018-05-29 19:18
Brazil RmM_oo 
No shit Sherlock.
2018-05-29 19:20
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