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Summer Games
World Snazzzy 
Give me good summer games to spend a majority of my time this summer playing I have lots of time because friends are in hometowns and are home from uni for summer Job takes 30 hours only per week and I have extra time to kill Already switching between CS and Fortnite, getting bored of CS right now and need another game so I don't get burnt out on Fortnite. Thanks
2018-05-28 03:08
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tabseN | 
United States amirica 
Wait till fall and Black Ops 4 ur night to sleep everyday. Also strip club.
2018-05-28 03:12
i plan on that but going full time with work+full time school in august so wont be able to grind it that much need a game for right now
2018-05-28 03:12
Korea kaiske 
table tennis
2018-05-28 03:11
2018-05-28 03:12
Korea kaiske 
its fun
2018-05-28 03:13
need a pc game
2018-05-28 03:13
2018-05-28 03:15
HUNT Showdown is getting a lot more content in the near future, on sale rn. The servers are very iffy though but are improving. Also you'll need a fairly decent beast to run it good. But it's a fun game with friends, very tight gameplay.
2018-05-28 03:22
thanks for a real response that is not bait, i will look into the game
2018-05-28 03:23
Can confirm, nice game
2018-05-28 04:05
Overwatch if you like FPS games. I have not played much but it is pretty fun.
2018-05-28 03:26
played it in beta and about a year and a half ago. player base is the definition of aids
2018-05-28 03:28
2018-05-28 03:47
Witcher 1
2018-05-28 04:03
Rainbow 6, metro games
2018-05-28 04:05
already played 200 hours of r6
2018-05-28 04:20
Play more
2018-05-28 09:59
Armenia 1915 
Buy some high end paintball gun and equipment and light some fools up on the field
2018-05-28 04:09
no u
2018-05-28 04:20
Armenia 1915 
2018-05-28 04:21
2018-05-29 01:08
Norway Hydropanic^ 
Dead Space series SOMA Grand Theft Auto 5 Halo The Master Chief Collection Amnesia TDD
2018-05-28 10:02
xeta | 
Germany _XiLe 
what kind of games do you like?
2018-05-28 10:21
games where i can either grind a lot (for stat upgrades, resources, etc) or games that i can grind to improve my skills
2018-05-28 16:26
xeta | 
Germany _XiLe 
can recommend diablo 2 and 3 in terms of grinding havent played many other games except for fallout in all the obvious stuff i also have an insergency key if you wanna try that game out
2018-05-28 17:42
Turkey evansgc 
Assasins Creed Origins
2018-05-28 16:29
heard it was shit
2018-05-29 01:01
Other xrist 
2018-05-28 18:00
already playing
2018-05-29 01:01
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