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Asia aErowow 
2018-05-28 05:02
LEBRON>>>>>>>KOBE so everytime there is a good nade, say LEBRON
2018-05-28 05:02
Bangladesh N0SP4C3 
Nah "Kobe!" Will never change to "LeBron". It's a tradition LMAO
2018-05-28 05:07
thats true tho, rings more
2018-05-28 05:08
Bangladesh N0SP4C3 
2018-05-28 05:08
woxic | 
Turkey willZy 
I dunno who is that but LeBron James is the GOAT offically
2018-05-28 05:02
MJ >>>> Lebron Travelmes
2018-05-28 05:03
Has Lebron ever saved the Earth from invading aliens?
2018-05-28 05:06
United States biggay420 
he about to go 3-6 in the finals, definitely if the warriors beat the rockets. his only chance is the rockets winning because we know harden could choke that series away. he's a great player, top 5 all time probably but not the greatest.
2018-05-28 05:07
top 2 all time.
2018-05-28 05:08
yup theyre gonna get sweeped by the warriors if they play them but they can win against rockets if they dont have chris paul
2018-05-28 05:08
United States biggay420 
lebron gunna be rooting so hard for the rockets tomorrow haha
2018-05-28 05:09
yeah but cavs are mostly screwed in the finals
2018-05-28 05:12
Bangladesh N0SP4C3 
I still feel like rockets would win because LeBron is the only threat to them while rockets have harden, Gordon, capela, ariza. I don't trust anyone on the Cavs other than LeBron and love but he's injured
2018-05-28 05:10
yeah cavs gonna get rekt by either team
2018-05-28 05:11
Beacuse he Beat a celtics team without their 2 best players and Terry rozier shooting them out the game
2018-05-28 05:07
lebron vs celtics his teammates are garbage except love
2018-05-28 05:08
United States biggay420 
rozier was trash tonight, horford was trash too. absolute chokers they win this series easily with kyrie :/
2018-05-28 05:13
I dont think horford was trash but he could have done way more, kind of choked on that wide open 3 in the 4th tho
2018-05-28 05:17
United States biggay420 
yeah actually looking at his stat line he played ok, still tho you gotta hit that shot. he's lost to lebron like 6 straight playoff series, been swept in most of them. must be embarrassing as fuck for him.
2018-05-28 05:19
Canada PwnNewb 
Learn how to spell his name right if you want to pay him tribute as the best in history! Normally I am forgiving of spelling errors, but COME ON. JAMES? is it THAT hard? You must be french and hiding your country out of shame because you know ppl hate france, if you think James is Jeams
2018-05-28 05:14
Philippines legbreaker 
2018-05-28 05:40
Canada PwnNewb 
no he is just an idiot, you didnt post it LOL so wtf are you talking about, I dont think u know how baiting works
2018-05-28 18:15
f0rest | 
United States PlusOne 
Time for him to be Brutally ass raped by the Warriors for the 2nd time in a row.
2018-05-28 05:15
United States biggay420 
its going to be a bloodbath
2018-05-28 05:19
who cares warriors/rockets in 4
2018-05-28 05:43
2018-06-14 10:41
is he sexy jeans?
2018-06-14 10:43
Dickstacy | 
Singapore NSuh 
Most objective GOAT list. 1) MJ, It's not even debatable. 2) LBJ 3) Magic 4) Kareem 5) Shaq 6) Duncan 7) Russell 8) Wilt 9) Hakeem 10) Bird 11) Kobe You can swap Magic and Kareem, they're really close. Objectively, Proud Faze Fan since 1999.
2018-06-14 10:57
millenial kek
2018-06-14 10:58
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
2018-06-14 10:59
Switzerland Breidl1337 
technicaly MJ is way better than LB. But LB is playing a very physical game... so dont know whos the best of all times.
2018-06-14 11:01
FaZe = LeBron A lot of finals, and they lost 2/3 of them LUL FeelsBadMan actually :(
2018-06-14 11:02
Forget stats, titles and everything! MJ was just better. LBJ is a beast tho, but still even behind Kobe in the all time list imo. Have a nice day
2018-06-14 12:20
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