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+rep refugee
Sweden fn4ticgods "A Malian migrant hailed as a hero after mounting a daring rescue to save a small boy dangling from a balcony in Paris is to be made a French citizen." +rep, what a nice guy. good when all refugees get so much hate, there are very nice ones too
2018-05-28 11:24
2018-05-28 11:25
Mali is very dangerous country that people have to flee from
2018-05-28 11:26
Nah you are just one more uneducated 10 years old kiddo who cant recognise the diffrence about 2 situations.
2018-05-28 11:32
All your responses are insults and attacks. What problems you have in life?
2018-05-28 11:33
It wasnt insult or attack , i said the TRUTH , really sad to see kids cant speak/understand proper English . Goodmorning , waste of time speaking with lowlevel subhumans
2018-05-28 11:37
so what is your problem? social deprivation I guess.
2018-05-28 11:37
France kleps0 
rank 1 economy is talking
2018-05-28 11:38
2018-05-28 11:40
Amazing guy, just doesn't care about the risk just wants to save the kid. Made me happy when I saw it.
2018-05-28 11:25
rain | 
Switzerland J_Dizzle 
+1 me too bud. But why wasnt the guy on the balcony dooing anything??
2018-05-28 11:37
Idk I was wondering the same to me it kinda seemed like he could lift the kid up. There was a wall in between though so that mightve been the problem
2018-05-28 11:38
maybe they staged this to get him a citizenship
2018-05-28 12:33
China wusif 
"not just pigskins have empathy guys!!!" - pigskins while funding mass murder
2018-05-28 11:33
u're not doing much better with this reply
2018-05-28 11:35
Brazil coldzao2 
i thought it was a known fact in 2018 that you cant generalize people
2018-05-28 11:33
well i guess ur new here
2018-05-28 11:36
Brazil coldzao2 
Signed up 2015-10-02 Comments 9906 yes i am xD
2018-05-28 11:48
well i guess you have a neurodegenerative disease that allows you to forget everything you see on hltv, honestly might be for the better.
2018-05-28 11:49
ropz | 
Estonia carmen 
flag checks out
2018-05-28 11:34
not really
2018-05-28 11:36
f0rest | 
Algeria NS! 
Immigrant dude...
2018-05-28 11:41
Mali is very dangerous place where people are forced to escape, he is refugee!
2018-05-28 11:42
Why is the guy on the balcony just looking at the kid?!
2018-05-28 11:42
because this is set up obviously lol
2018-05-28 12:05
One in a million.
2018-05-28 11:43
Same amount of the people with decent IQ in your shithole.
2018-05-28 12:03
Okay, calm down Mr.Tzatziki.
2018-05-28 12:14
nt fakeflagger refugee
2018-05-28 12:34
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