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CS:GO cl_bob_lower_amt
Bosnia and Herzegovina EmCo^ 
Is cl_bob_lower_amt 0 legal or ilegal ??
2012-08-30 01:03
What are the effects of setting it to 0?
2012-08-30 01:32
the effect is that when u are walking the gun is not moving :D and its legal since f0rest is using it
2014-10-01 19:21
Bosnia and Herzegovina EmCo^ 
hmm i think is only visual effect...
2012-08-30 01:36
And that visual effect is...? By the way, if you use the 'Reply' button the user, in this case me, will/would know you replied to him/her ;)
2012-08-30 01:57
Do you always have this text present in your clipboard or keep typing it again and again :-P
2012-08-30 13:54
I actually keep typing it again and again. users deserve original stuff ;P
2012-08-31 01:04
xD You surely are the dedicated one :-P
2012-08-31 07:24
The amount the viewmodel lowers when running. I found this and this is cl_bob_lower_amt what is this think =
2012-08-30 17:01
Taking into account #4 it seems that the game itself already takes care of not allowing the 0 value. If it does, it seems like 0 is not an acceptable value. Excuse me if I am wrong but I would compare it to the CS 1.6 cl_bob* cvars and with regard to them any other values different from default was not allowed.
2012-08-31 01:09
try to enter "cl_bob_lower_amt". You'll see: ] cl_bob_lower_amt "cl_bob_lower_amt" = "5.000000" ( def. "21" ) min. 5.000000 max. 30.000000 client archive - The amount the viewmodel lowers when running We are talking about "0" ?
2012-08-30 12:23
Bosnia and Herzegovina EmCo^ 
Yes when type 0 or 5 it s same
2012-08-30 13:36
I know this aint the place to ask my question but can any1 of u help me with fps of CSGO, i get only 40 fps while my specs are well above the minimum required. =/
2012-08-30 13:44
Did you try to update VGA drivers or DirectX?
2012-08-30 13:52
everything is updated
2012-08-30 14:51
Try to clean your PC from dust. Not sure, but it might be useful. Also try to disable Vsync in game options, and in VGA settings. And try to run game in window mode.
2012-08-30 15:10
Thanks, i ll try these :)
2012-08-30 15:15
CCleaner or WiseCleaner.
2012-08-30 15:36
its all dosent help to resolve the issue, man. What the hell :|
2012-08-30 16:13
Yes, but this applications are good for cleaning the dust from PC and bad registry entries. Please read next time posts above.
2012-08-30 16:48
I think that the dust in this case - dirt inside the system unit, and not a computer's trash
2012-08-30 17:06
Ahh, so you're right, I though about messy system :)
2012-08-30 17:34
every 1 is always blaming the dust from a pc not going full power why is that tell me ?
2012-08-30 16:21
I had problem with dust in the past, after 5-10 minutes of play, my fps was dropped to 15 instead of 100-150 in every game. My VGA burns like hell, because cooler did worked poorly due to dust. My English is bad, but i hope you are understand me.
2012-08-30 16:44
ok thank you.
2012-08-30 16:46
Here's what I made for you anaxagoras and all those having trouble what to use ingame. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TeamtNa CS:GO Config Version 1.0 for midrange/lowrange PC's Graphic Settings * 1024 !!!! Ingame hud/gui ** #teamtna ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2012-08-30 15:24
I tried these but sadly i still have 40 fps =s but is somewhat playable.
2012-08-30 19:37
We need something like this for cs:go :D
2012-08-30 15:47
Type "cvarlist" in-game. or
2012-08-30 16:49
Thanks a lot, i will try these n tell about the results :D
2012-08-30 19:15
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