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probably betting sites asked Valve to leave it on so they can easily turn games around, good for live betting sites like lootbet ggbet sponsoring most of the events aye, no other explanation for it being in the game for so long and Valve not doing anything about it, almost every ggbet sponsored tournament has matches with ridiculous comebacks, including the online ones. /discuss
2018-06-03 05:44
apEX | 
France Fiktion 
no just no
2018-06-03 05:45
2018-06-03 05:45
true conspiracy
2018-06-03 05:53
idiot.. so u wanted a round with 0% of winning chances versus riffle?? every round should be winnable
2018-06-03 05:52
yes, reset should be rewarded, you already won a rifle round and reset the other team so you deserve to get an extra round or two for it.
2018-06-03 05:54
Zero | 
Canada 8980345312 
so they should get rid eco rounds all together so when u win a pistol you get +3 instead of +1
2018-06-03 06:03
part of the game since 1999 unlike CZ
2018-06-03 06:10
2018-06-03 06:31
2018-06-03 06:35
Morocco handicap 
thank god u live in morocco and have no influence on valve whatsoever
2018-06-03 15:46
should be winnable, but through a skilfull way not cause of some nonsense op 500$ pistol with which every gold nova can make an ez double kill and win a round
2018-06-03 06:27
Morocco handicap 
lol cz nerf ---> you guys will never shut up about p250 so we're gonna be stuck with Glocks,deagle,usp,duallies only so you'll be happy ? we didn't see you before the 5-7 and tec-9 nerf talking about the Cz until now
2018-06-03 15:58
cz play, all about positioning ..not every noobs can play cz dont get me wrong
2018-06-03 20:15
Websites like Loobet wont last anyway They give extremely stupid odds After OpTic won the 1st map they had over 3x multiplier on SS to win the match.
2018-06-03 06:00
every site had odds like that? ss had 7 at 0-5 inf
2018-06-03 06:11
Most good sites don't raise the odds that high for 1 map advantage.
2018-06-03 06:19
they all do, esports odds are made by very few bookmakers if not by one bookmaker with different books using different juice %
2018-06-03 06:36 Websites almost always use different odds, don't bullshit me.
2018-06-03 15:43
sure kiddo you understand what juice is? i think u dont know how bookies work lmao
2018-06-03 15:57
If volvo nerf the cz this will be useless for mostly of noobs on csgo, they dont want this
2018-06-03 06:56
Belgium HLTVnewfag 
2018-06-03 15:58
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