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England(sorryformybadcity)  is a cancer to our community
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On a previous forum he said "There is nothing wrong with rape. Here's why: Society does not provide men with any legitimate way to get sex as it does with food and water and so forth. Men cannot legally obtain sex with currency, or by following any logical rules. The sexual landscape is a social Darwinist wild west ruled by natural selection. Men who are not tall, handsome, socially fluent, high-status, or cool enough to get laid are told "too bad" and get nothing. Because of this, it is not reasonable to expect men to abide by morals or laws in the pursuit of sex. They've been screwed over by modern social norms, so it should be expected that they will screw right back. Consider rape today." 1.Society does not provide or obligated to provide us food and water and our daily neccessities. under the system of capitalism human have to work in the vocational field in order to earn money to provide for their daily needs. Unless you are deep in poverty and you voluntarily seeks help from government. In conclusion society doesnt not provide you anything out of obligation. 2.Food and water is needed for survival. Sex is for reproduction purpose. You would die if you lack food and water but you will survive without sex. So they are different things. And prostitution indeed provide a conduit for men who lack sexual partners to have sex. So your argument about society does not provide you sex is invalid. 3.Men do pay for sex so your argument about men unable use currency for sex is again invalid. (prostitution) 4.Society today is the result of thousand years of civilisation progress. WE DO NOT LIVE IN A CAVE ANYMORE. 5.Men who are not tall and handsome would not be chosen as sexual partner is a normal scenario. Because female have the right to chose their partner just as same as male. Also outlook and appearance and social status is not all of the criteria a female seek in their partners. virtues are also equally important. such as patience/endurance.etc 6.Men do get screwed by social norms but so does woman. What is in your head that you believe you can rape others just because of this same situation that everyone has been into??? conclusion: encouraging others to rape is a violation of laws and moral. Needless to say it is a illegal move. This user in hltv should be banned if not he should be sued.
2018-06-03 10:26
2018-12-14 20:20
Last time I checked the rules, I didn't see any thing saying 🙊 weren't allowed
2018-12-14 20:23
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