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Cheater playing minor qualifier.
Portugal wiseGOD 
leakeN, a well known cheater is playing the minor qualifier! How can he just win every single match and no one even get suspicious about him, like, do they even know him? Proof hes cheating: Look at second 3 in 0.25 speed. You can see he is running the cheat. The cheat hes using is called The Bomb (known cheat that was put to an end 1/2 years ago). Apparently he has a new private version as you can see in that clip. Please make this thread get to an admin before they manage to qualify ffs. TLTR: Proof that leakeN has cheats and he is playing minor qualifier and rekting every single team/mix.
2018-06-04 22:25
Oh and hes playing under the mix called dA-k1nG. He just won vs znajder..
2018-06-04 22:27
Can u post the match link pls?
2018-06-04 22:40
Uhm this is the bracket. Just ctrl-f and search for dA-k1nG
2018-06-04 22:42
Im on mobile :(
2018-06-04 22:43
Ok wait. They are still playing but heres one match that he played 1 hour ago.
2018-06-04 22:45
Thanks bro
2018-06-04 22:46
2018-06-04 22:51
Sweden KarlXII 
Send this to someone that can actually do something about it lol
2018-06-04 22:42
Well i dont know anyone that can do something about this. Thats why Im posting it here. So someone that knows or can do something about it see what is happening.
2018-06-04 22:43
I assume he's not only cheating , but loves to play with cheaters. Checked his matches and he played few games with some guy that used to " carry " him - iNTERPgod. Im not able to check his profile because looks like the account is deleted. <- This guy impressed me with his 49 win streak holy moly
2018-06-06 12:18
2018-06-04 22:32
This is not funny.. Oh and also if they manage to win 1 more game they will be against Tempo Storm. You wont be laughting when they easly rekt Tempo will you?
2018-06-04 22:38
Don't take it that way. It's hilarious how he is was so blatant yet no admin banned him
2018-06-04 22:41
Well he might not be blatant tho. Thats probably why they didnt got suspicious.. But in this clip theres evidence of him running the actual cheat so...
2018-06-04 22:40
He was blatant in that clip. Anyway, where can I watch the minor?
2018-06-04 22:41
Just found the bracket in one of your comments, nevermind
2018-06-04 22:54
Yeah some people asked me the same as you did.
2018-06-04 22:54
This retard is d0Cc's buttfriend. Both use the same software to hack their asses into the scene btw
2018-06-05 00:06
Yh but he just runned the cheat. People saying its a troll overlay are not correct since the cheat actually exists. He also got banned by faceit and the website is still active.
2018-06-05 00:08
Fuck these kids and their toxicity they bring into the community by cheating tbh
2018-06-05 00:10
2018-06-05 00:11
wait leaken got banned, si they dont play against TS
2018-06-05 14:41
Source bro?
2018-06-05 14:44
i forgot the ?? i was making the question to you
2018-06-05 14:45
Oh well they are investigating still... We will know soon probably
2018-06-05 14:47
i think the desicion is already made and they arent go ban him check fox insta storie
2018-06-05 14:50
For fuck sake
2018-06-05 14:57
I dont know why but the thread got posted twice.. Bug probably!?
2018-06-04 22:33
Germany Cyasera 
normally happens when you have bad internet connection and accidentally click twice cause it didn't instantly post you thread.
2018-06-04 22:35
Oh yh sorry about that then.. Well I just want to spread this. Obviously he is cheating or has cheated before.. So yh..
2018-06-04 22:36
Denmark Xipingu 
Yep that is a cheat. Can these fucking retards not just git gud or go fetch a job instead of ruining the game?
2018-06-04 22:38
So true :|
2018-06-04 22:39
Denmark Xipingu 
Yes :|
2018-06-04 22:41
+ 1 billion
2018-06-05 00:10
cheating in cs is very ez money. blame valve.
2018-06-05 13:37
Denmark Xipingu 
Right until it gets banned. It's practically stupid for them who uses it, because all prize money and paid money gets billed right back to the person who received it. Orgs and organizers of events are in their every right to demand that. So the only ones earning a living from this is the coders, and you can argue they aren't even doing anything wrong - they just produce a product and sell it. If they are doing any crimes, it would be to alter a company's given product, which, I guess, could end up in a lawsuit if companies wanted to spend time on it. Most doesn't, however, because they know they will spend more money on the lawsuit than they will get from it. But yes, all the merry-go-around can only be traced all the way back to Valve.
2018-06-05 17:27
players also profit, they are committing fraud. cheat coders are liable for unauthorized use under DMCA. both are at fault.
2018-06-05 17:59
Denmark Xipingu 
Yeah I know, but as I said I've heard players being penalized right back into the dirt again if figured out. What I am concerned about the most (albeit yes both are at fault indeed), is do the coders ever get sanctioned with the DMCA law? I don't think I've heard of anyone apart from a coder in China being jailed and/or fined for it.
2018-06-05 18:03
most cheat coders dont exactly start a company and make it easy to find them, then they would have to pay taxes and would get sued very quickly. some german company was ordered to desist from making cheats somewhat recently
2018-06-05 18:07
Denmark Xipingu 
Understandably so. But I see, thanks for providing details. Gotta love the whiners in the comment section, saying Blizzard is retarded for suing them lmao
2018-06-07 13:06
gla1ve | 
Denmark topres 
Also it's not exactly the coders fault that people use their cheats in tournaments. If you wanna cheat against your friends or on community servers, who gives a fuck really.
2018-06-06 20:48
Lithuania OGRaZ 
Bump. Fuck this guy
2018-06-04 22:39
Yes fuck him. I just want to spread the word so that motherfucker can get banned ffs!
2018-06-04 22:39
Denmark keN^v^ 
8 months ago Zzz
2018-06-04 22:40
So? That means hes a pro now and he is not using it anymore?
2018-06-04 22:41
Flusha cheated whole year maybe even more. Never got banned. Still plays CS.
2018-06-12 23:12
France ShadeZzcss 
Same cheat d0cc use😂
2018-06-04 22:40
yeah and this is one of d0ccs best friends xd
2018-06-04 22:44
Thats why people think d0cc cheats too.
2018-06-04 22:53
apart from the fact that hes nobody and was on top of fpl immediately, you mean. ffs he wins more than loba
2018-06-05 13:38
I honestly dont know. Out of no where just joins fpl and win 9 matches in a row, carring veterans of the game most of the times. Its a bit odd dont you think?
2018-06-05 13:40
even more odd than the start of others careers like stewie2k and ropz
2018-06-05 13:43
2018-06-05 13:44
Austria bobobossboi 
match link
2018-06-04 22:45
Uhm this is the bracket. Just ctrl-f and search for dA-k1nG
2018-06-04 22:46
Yeah he has been cheating long time now!
2018-06-04 23:03
2018-06-04 23:04
Lmao DA-K1NG just won one more match! :D Of they go to play tommorow vs Tempo Storm leakeN just easkly won the game for them aswell :D
2018-06-04 23:09
Portugal ChicoS 
rip tempo...
2018-06-04 23:08
We need to make Tempo know about this or some faceit admin. Otherwise they will probably qualify and defenetly get an excuse saying they cant go to Londom to play the minor.
2018-06-04 23:10
Malta WATSKy 
I just sent a message to Fox on is pvt facebook :)
2018-06-05 03:11
Fox already knows. Ive talked with innocent on twitter and he said they would show this to faceit admins before the game
2018-06-05 03:13
Malta WATSKy 
Cool. Gj :)
2018-06-05 03:14
Dosia | 
Nepal Draagon he also plays with docc?
2018-06-04 23:11
Yap, thats why lots of people think d0cc is cheating too... Fuck this kids brooo!
2018-06-04 23:12
2018-06-05 02:47
I played with him, axii and Interp 2 days ago on faceit. They are literally playing 3queue, cheating their way into fpl-c qualifier, each game one of them carries the match. + he's banned on ESEA, aswell as d0cc and some of their friends.
2018-06-04 23:13
Yeah saw your post aswell yeasterday and that clip is enough evidence to get him banned. What is Faceit doing?!
2018-06-04 23:17
just tweet this to mikey?
2018-06-05 00:17
Innocent, fox, znajder, cheti... and so on already saw this aswell. They will provide this evidence to faceit. Ive contacted them on twitter :)
2018-06-05 00:20
2018-06-05 00:38
same thing they always do, not banning until they have 0 options left
2018-06-05 13:45
bump fuck the shit out of this pls
2018-06-04 23:16
Yh do it. fuck this cheaters bro!
2018-06-04 23:17
2018-06-04 23:21
innocent | 
Poland Bu1bo 
2018-06-04 23:21
2018-06-04 23:22
Denmark dev1cetop1 
2018-06-04 23:29
Pathetic attempt to explain yourself
2018-06-04 23:49
Denmark Xipingu 
I've seen some bad attempts at explaining shit before, but fuck me.
2018-06-05 00:22
Even emilio had better attemps at explaining his vac
2018-06-05 02:23
Denmark Xipingu 
Rofl! That is very true. +1 ...And KQLY for that matter. The "I only cheated in MM" excuse actually got to me for a sec.
2018-06-05 17:28
will try to lift my mouse higher than ever today.
2018-06-05 17:52
Denmark Xipingu 
Hahahahah Flusha xddd
2018-06-05 18:02
2018-06-05 18:09
Dominican Republic hyziug0d 
can you say what you posted? twitter doesnt work for me cause some consent_flow error
2018-06-05 15:13
Talked with Innocent and even znajder already seen this :D Thank god this kid is gonna get banned hopefully. Thanks for spreading the word guys! <3
2018-06-04 23:30
Denmark dev1cetop1 
hope so
2018-06-04 23:42
2018-06-05 00:03
2018-06-04 23:32
expected from lithuania
2018-06-04 23:35
2018-06-04 23:35
2018-06-04 23:41
Europe lalt 
That link died, what did he say?
2018-06-05 00:08
Basically was asking if there are cheaters in the minor qual
2018-06-05 00:09
Did he deleted the tweet?
2018-06-05 00:14
he did. dont know why tho..
2018-06-05 00:14
not allowed to talk about cheating
2018-06-05 13:46
Holly shit leakeN actually visited my HTLV profile with his profile. If this kid deletes the clip since its from his channel, here is an alternative link!
2018-06-04 23:43
Brazil IguiN 
2018-06-05 11:38
2018-06-04 23:43
k0nfig | 
Denmark nalleB 
2018-06-04 23:46
2018-06-04 23:49
2018-06-04 23:52
Bangladesh thug_doctor 
2018-06-04 23:53
Big Bump
2018-06-04 23:59
2018-06-05 00:01
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Bump. Cheaters deserve to be banned and they should have shame on themselves for doing so. Great thread - it's a bump from me. Have a good day.
2018-06-05 00:09
Hi Jonty, have a good night!
2018-06-05 00:12
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Have a good night, friend.
2018-06-05 00:13
Thanks Jonty <3
2018-06-05 00:12
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Not a problem. Obviously I was concerned at first, but you did an excellent job in providing the evidence necessary -- even professionals has seen the thread. Seriously -- Great job. :) I hope this guy gets the KQLY treatment for his actions.
2018-06-05 00:14
Cyprus Arkhangels 
Necessary evidence? Of what, a static window of a different operational system of a discontinued (until proven otherwise) cheat? A clip of a flick no different from numerous flicks from Niko or S1mple? 1s clip is not evidence. Suspicious friends? Who doesn't have them? The accused has given an explanation of what the window was, now it's the accusers turn to prove that he was lying, and I can't see you being capable of proving so... and until Valve issues a VAC ban on the player, we will never be sure if he is really cheating, as even ESEA and Faceit flag methods can be questioned as not being as reliable as VAC. Down with the pitchforks... stop your needlessly uneducated witch-hunt behavior. You may be ruining an innocent player's carreer. Have a nice day.
2018-06-05 03:15
"You may be ruining an innocent player's carreer." Why would someone be stupid to troll about something like this? He knew he would be called a cheater. Unless he is an attetntio whore I dont see any logic reason. Besides theres an unlisted youtube video on his channel where he tries to fake it. Im gonna explain it in a new thread if he doesnt get dq or banned. Also i have been told he has a vac on an old steam account.
2018-06-05 13:35
Okay imagine he really had this OBS bind. Then why does he toggle that shit once, (never before lul) and never after he first "toggled" it on stream? And comming up 8 Month later explaining it was an OBS bind, proofs at best that this kiddo took 8 Months to actually create that bind lol.
2018-06-05 14:31
Read #223
2018-06-05 14:34
Cyprus Arkhangels 
Dont worry I believe in you, im just here giving jonty a taste of his own medicine
2018-06-05 17:03
Btw they got disqualified already :D Im gonna post a new thread on hltv soon tho. Faceit should be ashamed for not telling the public the true reason
2018-06-05 17:06
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
It's delicious medicine, unfortunately it's filter is a little outdated given posts #233 and #251. I praised the user for bringing the attention to the masses, not to have you rant on nonsensically about "witch-hunting", which I'm dreadfully against. There is a difference and the juxtaposition is black and white, not beige and sandpaper. Have a good day.
2018-06-06 18:07
Cyprus Arkhangels 
Uneducated Witch-hunter You are part of the reason the player was kicked from faceit minor... ruined his carreer. Have a good day.
2018-06-06 20:25
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
"Uneducated Witch-hunter You are part of the reason the player was kicked from faceit minor... ruined his carreer." Pretty sure he was disqualified for a different reason, but have fun misreading my post once again. Have a good day.
2018-06-06 20:45
nice witch hunt, what proof do you have?
2018-06-05 13:47
Read #233
2018-06-05 14:34
not you, jonty.
2018-06-05 14:54
Cyprus Arkhangels 
2018-06-05 17:01
he is not a cheater until: - he gets banned - his movement and crosshair placement are silver lvl, while he is aiiming like the best player in the world - he aims through the wall No one will ban him for this, and no one can confirm 100% that it wasn't obs scene.
2018-06-05 00:12
Or until there is a clip of him running a known cheat in his twitch stream. cheat's website:
2018-06-05 00:13
untill you prove it that it wasn't obs scene, he is not cheating. S1mple is cheating and no one call him a cheater since he is not banned right? If he is cheating, he would get banned right? Then why every fcking minor quali cheaters showing up and making it to ro16 and hltv? Last minor quali ESEA, this minor quali faceit. Every AC is bullshit, and those cheaters are just showing the community how easy it is to cheat in CSGO. They got caught only bcs of their bad movement etc. ------ Imagine someone that actually can move around the map coz he played more then 4k hours in this game, and not cheaters like last minor quali that had 1k hours and probably their highest achivement in csgo without cheats was DMG. ------- Now we got leaken ( if he cheats), the guy that actually has good movent. If he cheats, then whats the difference between him and s1mple?
2018-06-05 00:23
s1mple is not cheating, lol.
2018-06-05 00:23
Ofc he is not, he didn't get ban. You are not criminal until you get punished for it. That's VALVE politic and probably most of the community that think most of the pro players are clean. Actually there is no FCKCING way that no one on the pro scene is cheating even if someone believes most of the pros are not cheating. It's the fact, someone has to cheat on the pro scene, there is no way just like we are not alone in the universe. There has to be at least one other planet with living creatures that are on the same level of inteligence or higher then us. Same there there has to be at least one cheater in the top 40 hltv teams. There has to be. And you re telling me that cheating guy is worse then the best player in the world right now? Or maybe the best player in the world is cheating too?
2018-06-05 00:35
I am simply telling you s1mple is not cheating
2018-06-05 00:31
2018-06-05 13:48
s1mple actually plays on LAN. While leakeN is banned from ESEA and isnt known. Also he has been seen playing with a lot of cheaters. Stop saying s1mple is cheating. Hes just a god at the game. You cant compare this two.
2018-06-05 00:24
Ofc he is not, he didn't get ban. You are not criminal until you get punished for it. That's VALVE politic and probably most of the community that think most of the pro players are clean. Actually there is no FCKCING way that no one on the pro scene is cheating even if someone believes most of the pros are not cheating. It's the fact, someone has to cheat on the pro scene, there is no way just like we are not alone in the universe. There has to be at least one other planet with living creatures that are on the same level of inteligence or higher then us. Same there there has to be at least one cheater in the top 40 hltv teams. There has to be. And you re telling me that cheating guy is worse then the best player in the world right now? Or maybe the best player in the world is cheating too?
2018-06-05 00:35
Also dont you find it weird that leakeN is friends with a cheater who got disqualified for doing so in Zotac Cup last month?
2018-06-05 00:33
youre so fucking smart i want to kiss you right now, no homo
2018-06-05 00:33
+999999999999999999999999 best comment on hltv
2018-06-05 00:32
My man, if you think simple is cheating you are an idiot. Simple has 2x more hours than almost any other professional, he has 13k hours in cs go. He deserves being called the best.
2018-06-05 12:20
United States TupacNTC69 
Simple has been banned on ESL wire for cheating tho,so how you know hes 100% clean
2018-06-05 12:29
If s1mple is not cheating, then no one on the pro scene is. If s1mple is not cheating, then everything he did is possible and everyone can play as obvious as him. If s1mple is not cheating, then you guys lost all the credibility of calling anyone a cheater. If s1mple is clean, then everyone in the minor quali is clean.
2018-06-05 12:33
and thats how cheaters always kill the game in the end. everyone has to cheat to compete.
2018-06-05 13:50
> his movement and crosshair placement are silver lvl, while he is aiiming like the best player in the world Are you saying pashabiceps is cheating?
2018-06-05 19:23
damn gj
2018-06-05 00:16
thx bro ;)
2018-06-05 00:21
leaken's twitter location says that hes from kaliningrad i live there so i can beat his ass up lol
2018-06-05 00:17
Europe pencilvester 
Dafak you waiting for?????
2018-06-05 01:27
World mad25100 
Dafak you waiting for?????
2018-06-05 06:52
Dafak you waiting for?????
2018-06-07 14:39
2018-06-05 00:21
I don't know if that's reliable but the window in the clip looks like a windows 7 one, but leakeN is running windows 10. Does that make any sense?
2018-06-05 00:21
Well I dont know. What I do know is that The Bomb is a legit cheat that has been around many years but got shuted some years ago. Also just discovered that he is friends with cheaters that have been disqualified from Zotac Cup the past month.
2018-06-05 00:27
You made screenhots of that? I have been watching both FTW and Prodigy, and more blatantly then Prodigy i haven't seen earlier on semi professional level. Shitshow is about to go down. Most scary of all that all of these no namers are connected with eachother. If Faceit is going to Let this trough, they might kill competitive cs single handedly. I'm starting to believe we are dealing with a group of cheaters like we never have seen before in competitive cs.
2018-06-05 02:04
I didnt but i will. Go to his friends.. He has kuL from FTW added and he played with him a lot in ESEA before he got banned..
2018-06-05 02:21
youve been seeing a much bigger group of cheaters play for years, but they are smarter cheaters so they arent this blatant.
2018-06-05 13:52
External cheat could explain that.
2018-06-05 02:06
If he tries to fake it. I already have proofs that he is trying to fake it bro. Ive been searching and i found convincing evidence ;) If hes not banned or disqualified ill do another thread here on HLTV.
2018-06-05 02:24
Can you share / PM?
2018-06-05 14:08
Have you seen the unlisted video that is on his yt channel where he shows his obs and the overlay?
2018-06-05 14:11
2018-06-05 14:16
Now tell me. Shouldnt the 2 cheat windows be with the same quality in the video and in the clip, since he says it was a troll he made on OBS? Well, now check the video and compare with the clip. In the clip its almost elegible, you cant even read, but its only the cheat, the rest of the stream is fine. Now look at the video. You can easly read every single word on it and its not with bad quality or blurred like in the clip. Therefore he is trying to fake it. Those are not the same files, being the cheat in the clip and an image he made in the video. Also he took so long to explain the clip. It was made 8 months ago. The video was uploaded in december..
2018-06-05 14:32
i mentioned that aswel. I also see people make claims the cheat isn't supported anymore after ESEA detected it. This isn't the case, the coder who made The Bomb made also private builds, from scratch. If you look into it, the project got taken over by a friend of the coder who started the bomb. There is too much going on to believe this is just a troll by Leaken. In fact, i'm confidend to call this a 100% cheater ring.
2018-06-05 14:37
I got confirmation of a cheater that used this cheat before that the injector is literally identical as it shows in the clip.. 1 more step
2018-06-05 14:47
This needs to go down
2018-06-05 15:08
Are they playing vs Tempo Storm tomorrow? Will this game be added on hltv?
2018-06-05 00:28
was wondering the same
2018-06-05 00:31
they are playing! Match starts at 6pm Lisbon/London time. It won't be added to hltv but it is going to be streamed for sure by portuguese streamers.
2018-06-05 01:17
nah, only ro16 onwards will be on hltv xd
2018-06-05 03:01
I just found out that leakeN has friends in his steam that got disqualified for cheating on Zotac Cup last month? Isnt it weird?
2018-06-05 00:34
you want to see something weird? Go there: - and there: -
2018-06-05 00:41
Your braindead if you think s1mple is cheating. Please dont compare the arguable top 1 player with some suspicious guy like leakeN. just dont.
2018-06-05 00:42
then why is he suspicious to you? give me some clips of him doing something impossible. For every clip i will give you 10 clips of simple. Generally speaking, if simple is clean then everyone is clean.
2018-06-05 00:44
Because he fucking runned a known cheat while streaming and now he is trying to fake it.
2018-06-05 00:46
s1mple is cheating anyone with eyes can see that it's disgusting, he makes Flusha look like a legit player that's how blatant he is. The amount of weird mouse movements, aimlocks, crosshair shaking because he hold his aimkey to long etc is disgusting how the scene is full of so many noob shitters these days they can't see it. I've literally never seen a more blatant kid since dukiii who got banned on pretty much everything possible multiple times, most aggressive rage toggler since probably f0dder but s1mple is just so fucking good at the game he mimics the play style of someone using a blatant aimbot = hltv logic, aimkey, aimlocks everything included in his clips but you know he's legit and can just do that naturally, he can mimic the same exact movements aimbots do consistently every match every game but he's legit. This site used to have good players on it and experienced cheaters who could see right through that bullshit but none is wasting their time with this game anymore it's far gone.
2018-06-05 03:24
Cyprus Arkhangels 
2018-06-05 06:31
simple is pretty good at cheating though, he makes it look better than a lot of other guys
2018-06-05 14:04
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
he have been allready banned for cheating so not a suprise he continues cheating
2018-06-05 00:49
I repeat. Stop comparing s1mple with a random... omg
2018-06-05 00:56
$$= everyone can cheat , nowadays any known pro with fanbase banned = the over for game etc :)
2018-06-05 01:02
He has people watching every single LAN. I imagine that its not easy to cheat in LAN. It makes no sense.
2018-06-05 01:06
i wouldnt say braindead, good for people for being skeptical legit simple is better than many cheaters X) cant blame people for thinking he is fish X)
2018-06-05 03:03
Oh yeah true legit he's still one of the best but they don't use like spinbot and blatant shit it's just for advantage over other good players who are playing legit, plays for information with aimlocks, and some aim assistance to make sure he secures kills more consistently. I'm not even blaming anyone saying he's fishy ppl been calling him a cheater for years he's so fucking obvious but some will always believe he is legit, hell people even believe f0dder was legit for a while, anyone who uses a decent enough cheat will see the similarities in his movements and actions to their aimbot even if the settings are not similar. Things that you can't really do consistently playing legit no matter how much you make them habits.
2018-06-05 23:16
youre right man ,, people are using aimlocks for information gathering for a long time - even now I'm so paranoid I think the hack makes the mouse wiggle on it's way to lock on a target so it looks more natural - you see how paranoid I am?? still I say s1mple is legit :) can feel his energy, he's gosu
2018-06-07 00:18
Depends how you look at the situation, tons of money in the scene right now. People were saying Flusha was cheating in 2015 when the prize pools were much smaller and there were less events overall think about that. Also I'm just observing his mouse movements, play style, movement overall, game sense, how he reads plays, his flicks with awp, the wall bangs he was hitting on Nuke last event (f0dders favourite thing to do was wall banging on Nuke). I'm not attaching a bias to the player, for example I really like Flusha but I'm looking past who it is and just looking at the demo's and games of them playing. The moment you have some emotional attachment is the moment you can no longer thing clearly and give unbiased opinions. People think he's just getting way better, the guy was always a tier 1 level player since forever in this game you think he would randomly become 10x better than he used to be? Since Liquid these movements have been happening, that's the earliest I noticed before that I did not see him doing this type of shit in his demo's when I reviewed old Hellraisers and F3 demos. The fact also he has a completely toxic personality for most of his career, now he's playing the nice guy, it's just too many external factors that play into this not just the blatant aimlocks, shaky crosshair, flicks, wallbangs etc he does consistently. I remove the name from the clips and put Flusha on them and everyone will 100% say it's cheats, it's a double standard but at the end of the day I respect everyone's opinion.
2018-06-07 05:36
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
2018-06-05 00:46
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
Well have there ever been qualifier in faceit without these cheating problems? Never :D
2018-06-05 00:48
Open qualifier what do you expect?
2018-06-05 01:10
BUMP+++ will post on reddit
2018-06-05 01:15
2018-06-05 01:18
Faroe Islands I_Oof_myself 
are you basim?
2018-06-07 13:02
i am who?
2018-06-10 02:15 i made a thread about it on reddit guys please upvote lets get him banned
2018-06-05 01:18
leakeN cheater,he will play playing the minor qualifier please ban him VALVE (credits to wiseGOD @hltv) What the fuck is this xd
2018-06-05 01:24
Bro. Actually I want to thank you. You helped me with your post. Also I found out hes friends with players that got dq from cheating from Zotac Cup last month. Dont you think its odd?
2018-06-05 01:27
no problem brother
2018-06-05 01:56
make a thread cause apparently they removed it let cheaters ruin the game goodbye
2018-06-05 02:08
sorry i didn't write a poem
2018-06-05 01:51
i meant to say:leakeN cheater,he will be playing the minor qualifier please ban him VALVE (credits to wiseGOD @hltv)
2018-06-05 02:04
Iceland nunz1o 
Upvote this guys.
2018-06-05 01:31
Europe potatomato 
Innocent until VAC'd
2018-06-05 01:36
Innocent will be buttfucked tommorow by these cheaters
2018-06-05 02:27
Kekd a lot. Nice comment xD
2018-06-05 11:48
I played against one chinese cheater that dropped 60 bombs with majority of the frags through smokes and wallbangs a year ago in mm. I have also been keeping track of other players that i think were cheating on both my team and opposite team. But you know what? Out of all people that i played with/against that chinese cheater is the most blalant and obvious one and guess what? Some others have gotten banned while that chinese cheater still clean. I have the demo to prove where he single handedly carried his team back from 13-2 to 14-16 dropping 60 bombs. It was impossible to play and we gave up half way through.
2018-06-05 18:04
Link it to me. I will check it later.
2018-06-07 08:09
kNgV- | 
Brazil wLnnn 
2018-06-05 01:41
That high quality Faceit anticheat really producing results!
2018-06-05 01:42
2018-06-05 02:07
Portugal EHEHEHE 
2018-06-05 02:07
Bump good job men
2018-06-05 02:11
Sweden Daquan 
2018-06-05 02:13
Docc has a channel on YT with famous videos.
2018-06-05 02:18
2018-06-05 02:36
its a picture man on the twitch clip dumb favela dx
2018-06-05 02:52
like when your woman gives you kiss and it's all salty, and naked man in the bedroom lost his clothes he is just electrician obviously your friend cumon'
2018-06-05 03:24
Cyprus Arkhangels 
We should let the cheaters reach the highest tiers of competitive play. Maybe then the cheating problem will reach mainstream gaming media and valve will do something about vac (not vacnet)
2018-06-05 06:33
Germany PeKay 
Hahaha valve only do care about Dota
2018-06-05 07:01
+1. I want these guys to go on minor only if they are actually cheating. If they are clean idc about them :) What i want to say is that i want them to show how easy it is. I'm pretty sure every pro player that cheats is angry on cheaters like them ( if they actually cheat. Someone said they were cheating on faceit premium, when every single game one of their players did 40 kills) since they are showing how easy it is, and how most likely someone can cheat on the pro scene.
2018-06-05 12:07
Cyprus Arkhangels 
+1 we need some hero who is willing to sacrifice his carreer to expose all the dirty stuff happening, by being "legit" as long as it takes to bring him further into the competitive scene, then ragehacking on a major stage
2018-06-05 17:20
The best option to show it, would be playing on minor as a mix or even major. Not training at all, just shooting headshots. Then everyone would wonder, how the fck they win against mouse, without training? That's how.
2018-06-05 12:09
that already happened and valve arent doing shit lol
2018-06-05 14:05
Cyprus Arkhangels 
Yeah but so far they always tried to hide it as legit... even flusha having a ton of evidence can brush it of as conspiracy against him. Now imagine someone suddenly rage hacking on a major stage, spinbotting, something undeniably cheaty... csgo would implode lol
2018-06-05 17:16
Haha, crying about noname cheater, but coldzera monkey won 2 majors, who cares
2018-06-05 07:10
2018-06-05 11:46
some news ????
2018-06-05 10:43
Hobbit | 
Lithuania Afgan` 
LeakeN well known like "skij" in Lithuania he was banned from a lot of tournaments because of cheating and his bad history :) then he decide change his name. He was banned from ESEA G rank because of DDOSING matches (fixing) in G rank and plus he played with D0cc but I dont know how much D0cc relevent in situations like this about ESEA rank G, cause I saw he played a lot of with "Skij" (aka LeakeN) and here we go, he had ban in FACEIT for cheating since 2016 and now he had ban on the same account for Multiple Accounts and now his account is :) just delete this scrub from CSGO community. thanks
2018-06-05 10:48
Are you sure that skij account is his old acc?
2018-06-05 10:53
Hobbit | 
Lithuania Afgan` 
ofc dude , hes well know and he had profile picture in HLTV all well known players in LTU could same the same shit :) Hes literally punk kid with glasses :) I know him and a lot of players know him, but in bad way :) He cant attend in Lithuania LANS because he was banned from most of them :) So then he decide change his name and attend in Latvia LANS , cause he know russian language, so he easily can adapt on that . I Followed his history I mean since he had ban in faceit, it's a trash for me, but he's still alive somehow here in csgo community. He's cocky as fuck first of all and he was obvious when he cheated , but he still trying to find excuses for that instead just accept the facts that he cheated :D jeez look at him
2018-06-05 11:02
Yap im making another thread if he doesnt get atleast dq from the qualifier. Hope he gets banned tho.
2018-06-05 11:06
Brazil Eneas56 
Rofl faterino
2018-06-05 12:16
yap, this guy is literally Skij. My friend f3tch played with him in-team earlier, and when they met russian tixonsville, tornado stack, he started rage giving every information about their enemy positions and toggling.
2018-06-06 12:02
Ok now i m done i m gona make him eat the fucking glasses
2018-06-05 11:26
Hobbit | 
Lithuania Afgan` 
when u realise how D0cc looks like , no jugde, now it's more obvious why LeakeN and d0cc played together lol
2018-06-05 11:43
Portugal educosta769 
2018-06-05 11:13
2018-06-05 11:46
Don't you think you are starting from the wrong sides, detectives of cheaters? I love how normal players thinks s1mple is legit, but instead roast some random 17 years old leakeN that got maybe 0.01% of money that s1mple got for playing this game. All you do is just bark. If they actually decide to ban him, then csgo is so done for me. There is no proof that he cheated, no one can confirm that it wasn't OBS scene. Same like there is no proof that s1mple is cheating, besides his best flick and everything, but hey, he is just the best player in the world, right? If s1mple is clean, then everyone else is clean.
2018-06-05 12:16
2018-06-05 12:18
Keep this thread going until he gets banned. That fucker.
2018-06-05 12:18
banned for?
2018-06-05 12:34
Fuck off troll
2018-06-05 13:19
Serious question. Where is the proof that he cheated/ is cheating? coz i do not see it anywhere in this thread.
2018-06-05 13:22
Besides him injecting the cheat in the middle of his stream?
2018-06-05 13:28
how do you know that he was injecting it, and not spamming obs scene? were you at his room? do you have access to his PC? are you the god?
2018-06-05 13:30
Ok. Have you seen the unlisted video on his channel where he shows the obs overlay?
2018-06-05 13:42
Hey Leaken stop trying to defend ur self name checks out
2018-06-05 14:02
expected from csgo player that he cheats l o l
2018-06-05 12:25
United States TupacNTC69 
How is it these people from 3rd world shitholes can spend money on cheats when only make like 500 euros top a month????.
2018-06-05 12:35
2018-06-05 13:48
Portugal ChicoS 
Brutal, savage, rekt!
2018-06-05 14:20
2018-06-05 15:23
LeakeN is poor, he doesn't have money for cheats. He does like getting attention tho
2018-06-05 12:39
2018-06-05 12:42
Ahahahha get fucked banned
2018-06-05 19:04
You gonna see what's gonna happen 2 you u like hax Han? Just wait fucking cheaters duo
2018-06-05 14:06
what happened to you eyebrows XD
2018-06-05 14:17
2018-06-07 13:23
World leraq 
2018-06-05 13:50
2018-06-05 14:10
reported to faceit, do the same guys, thx <3
2018-06-05 14:17
lol typical
2018-06-05 14:49
Czech Republic _s0 
2018-06-05 14:56
2018-06-05 15:01
Very easy to fake that afterwards, everything is against him currently.
2018-06-05 15:10
gade | 
Latvia l4necs 
By the way, he found that picture from a showcase of the bomb cheat, it's literally the first link. I don't know how you guys didn't find this...
2018-06-05 15:12
::D ? So why would he stream and cheat at same time :D:D:D:D ppl are so stupid.
2018-06-05 15:16
Ask him. Thats a known cheat right there. He says he was trolling but i dont buy it
2018-06-05 15:22
2018-06-05 15:23
shameless bump
2018-06-05 16:43
so he got disqualified, good
2018-06-05 16:45
Yh he did. Im gonna post a new thread tho. Faveit should be ashamed by not telling the right reasons!
2018-06-05 17:04
You never made the thread..
2018-06-07 05:48
Well im waiting for Faceit to confirm if one banned account actually belongs to leakeN. Faceit was right tho. They did actually broke another rule since some of the players had played the CIS qualifiers. However this doesn't change the fact that he cheats. I still don't know if im gonna make another thread. Cheers
2018-06-07 11:10
A wise man. Or should i say, God ?
2018-06-07 18:18
They got dq already people. Im creating a new thread in some time tho, so you can know what happened.
2018-06-05 17:07
They can't ban him, so this is their way to prevent a shit storm of negativity around qualifiers. Faceit is protecting a cheater ring, nice.
2018-06-05 17:10
Yap. Gonna make a thread letting people know what Faceit is doing. Im relieved tho :) We stoped a cheater. Thanks for the help <3
2018-06-05 17:12
It's something, but it's actually really bad for our community and scene. Hopefully they can catch the group and get them banned.
2018-06-05 17:13
Fuck yea! Update that situation for us bro
2018-06-05 17:12
link new thread soon pls
2018-06-05 17:33
Im im my internship right now. Will only make it when i get home.. like in 1 hour or so :)
2018-06-05 17:35
you are a legend, was an interesting read with all the info provided dude. you are a good guy , thanks for the entertainment whilst I am at work :D
2018-06-05 17:36
Eheheh thanks. Got a lot of help from a couple of guys like |BCko|. Im just glad we helped to shut this cheater down :P
2018-06-05 17:39
Thanks bro although im quiet sure you wouldnt have investigated that, if your brother foxgringo wouldnt have had to play against this cheater this evening ;) still much thanks to portugal for that one <3
2018-06-05 21:43
I did it before even knowing that they would go against Tempo... but thanks :)
2018-06-05 22:08
2018-06-05 17:35
Germany h1treX 
They got dqed, the team that called an admin is currently replaying the match vs da king's opponent before that match... Edit 1: Still da king is the next opponent of TS in the bracket...
2018-06-05 18:18
it wasnt updated. now it is :V
2018-06-05 19:35
2018-06-05 19:27
leakeN said on twitter he and his family have been receiving death threats. Sure he might be cheating his ass off but thats just to much guys. Im against making death threats and you should not do anything related with it to anyone.
2018-06-05 19:45
everyone getting death threats and everyone dying wtf #jesuisleakeN
2018-06-05 19:49
Portugal S!im* 
Don't worry is just a bunch of nerds, nothing gonna happen anyway.
2018-06-05 22:09
Bump this. And make that promised thread, I will give you full support in it. Great job for now.
2018-06-07 08:19
Lithuanian cs lul
2018-06-07 08:31
2018-06-07 08:33
Turkey nice_try 
Are you just say leakeN is well known ? LMAO
2018-06-07 08:42
Bump v2
2018-06-08 08:03
bump lul
2018-06-12 23:07
flusha | 
Netherlands davin 
2018-06-18 20:12
every german bot with "eN" ending is cheating anyways. get over it.
2018-06-18 20:15
flusha | 
Netherlands davin 
why u fag reply to me? leakeN isnt german anyway, me neither
2018-06-18 20:25
bumping with alt accounts cuz no life and this thread fills the emptiness in you?
2018-06-18 20:25
flusha | 
Netherlands davin 
kys retard
2018-06-18 20:27
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