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Kick draken?
Nip kicks draken and keeps GTR OMEGALUL are they high?
2018-06-05 21:16
nip owners are just retard
2018-06-05 21:16
Legacy>Skill Just look at Virtus Throw
2018-06-05 21:17
CIS Merlas_mtk 
jusk look at virtus throw top20
2018-06-05 21:20
Tunisia wotup_newfag 
owner of nip - get_right is numba wan so nip
2018-06-05 21:18
Poland wiktorex 
get_right 0.98 rating + he's old draken 1.04 rating + he's young
2018-06-05 21:20
Slovakia Chaoooss 
GTR had to go but Draken wasnt special so still its better for them if they will need Forest can awp
2018-06-05 21:22
North America Smerv 
Did you even read the article? it looks like there was an internal issue in the team, Draken probably wanted to leave.
2018-06-05 21:24
GTR certainly has first class seats on the struggle bus, but Draken is wildly inconsistent and it's hard to play around it. In the eyes of Pita, it's probably hard to analyse your IGLs performance when he/your is often calling the correct setup but somebody (both GTR and Draken) are missing the easiest shots.
2018-06-05 21:24
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