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Tempo Storm Fix
Luz | 
Poland LUZakaBeastFromPoIand 
-cheti +szpero hs entry lowel lurk innocent 2nd entry fox awp szpero igl/2nd awp fox and szpero would swap around the t side awp depending on how comfortable they feel on a certain map both of these guys can hold their own with a rifle so it wouldnt be a problem, this also means that they would have a deadly double awp on ct side and that hs wouldnt have to igl anymore
2018-06-09 22:05
vlad1k | 
Poland $$SOVA$$ 
2018-06-09 22:06
does szpero have nice englando?
2018-06-09 22:07
yeah he does, his english is almost as good as innocent's
2018-06-09 22:09
2018-06-09 22:10
2018-06-09 22:07
2018-06-09 22:08
tommorow is better than TS
2018-06-09 22:08
*assuming mixwell doesnt wanna join ts*
2018-06-09 22:10
Finland uzigod 
fox innocent hs mixwell szpero?
2018-06-09 22:10
They ve already tried one spanish guy and one estonian, now a polish with this fix, only PT left ahahah JK Nice fix
2018-06-09 22:12
mutiris joining ts next lul
2018-06-09 22:13
Please, Mixwell, join C9. Why would you want to waste your talent in TS when you can reunite with your OpTic friends RUSH and Tarik in C9? :(((((((((((((((((((
2018-06-09 22:12
2018-06-10 11:51
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