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Faceit and premades
Belgium VulcunStoleMyD 
every time i play soloq because i only have 1 friend who is decent enough or even when i play with him there is a 70% chance that we'll play against a premade team, with fucking starts with 5 random people and the 10 lvl guy with his 6 lvl friend. Can you imagine playin train with this setup. Faceit pls do a soloq or duo only without this shit. I'm so tired of it
2018-06-10 17:50
Belgium VulcunStoleMyD 
why is nobody talking about this issue. pls :-(
2018-06-10 18:37
faceit has no balance system, lvl 10s boosting lvl 2's all round, you will always get matched either vs FULL premade or 3,4 players premade on SoloQ
2018-06-10 18:39
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