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How could csp replace cs:go as the main esports game?
Vietnam ak.47.agent 
I honestly dont get it.. a new game with 10 years old graphics, poor gameplay and there arent even molotovs lol.. yeah this is the sh*t people definetly will play! AND its like 90% same as 1.6?
2012-09-05 23:49
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yet there are people delusional enough to think so -.-
2012-09-05 23:58
woah that was offensive, go play global offensive,its much better
2012-09-06 00:05
Global Offensive sux and you can't say it's main esports game. Why? - What about SC2, LoL, Dota or even WoT. Btw check steam games stats. CS:GO isn't main title and it will never be something like that. There is few events atm. but only reason why they are it's because game is new and that's all.
2012-09-06 00:12
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^ this
2012-09-06 00:39
"and there arent even molotovs lol" yeah, molotovs made CS:GO so much better...oh wait, they didn't
2012-09-06 00:13
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2012-09-06 00:17
actually they are pretty interesting in competitive usage. watch eswc na finals to see for yourself, or just keep being an ignorant hater
2012-09-06 00:19
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I don't need to watch anything. I played like 50 gathers with well known players and everyone shares the same opinion: Get rid of the molotovs, bring in 2 flashes. But anyway, my point was: A game isn't bad/good just because there are/aren't molotovs.
2012-09-06 00:40
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A game isn't bad/good just because there are/aren't molotovs. +1
2012-09-06 00:48
Tell me the supposedly well known players you've played with and in exchange I'll tell you if they are actually well known.
2012-09-06 01:28
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You're from Australia, what do you know... Okay, let's say most of them are "well known in Germany". Some are also well known outside of Germany, but I won't tell you any names since I'm not here to represent their opinions.
2012-09-06 01:43
You can use two flashes in competitive play..
2012-09-06 02:46
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Yeah, but not in the ESL (they made a pol now). Or do you mean in general (in competitive mode)? In this case the answer is: No. Need to allow it in the server settings.
2012-09-06 03:06
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fox | 
Portugal naskal
if you play in your server you can acctualy put the maximum number of granades as 4 and flashes as 2 but yh, it should be in the esl poles, but molotov is quite good, it makes the game more tactical, but the decoy is just stupid :S
2012-09-06 03:25
molotov in 1.6 =D
2012-09-06 00:47
I tought they were banned
2012-09-07 09:34
phoenix, i cant care less about some statistic. And yes there are ALDREADY some events in cs:go EVEN the game is new.
2012-09-06 00:18
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Please use the Reply button so that the user knows you're answering him. Thank You. (DID the job 4 u Jonathan no need to thank me ;)
2012-09-06 00:20
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I already did the job for everyone when the reminder was added to the text box ;P
2012-09-06 01:07
2012-09-06 11:26
oh soz, im new to this forum =(
2012-09-06 00:21
The problem is that pomod is just basically 1.6 rofl they are remaking an exact same game why rofl
2012-09-06 00:29
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Because the game is fucking great. And CSP is like an improved version of an already great game. If they recreated 1.6's mechanics, I wouldn't mind if they bring in new stuff (weapons, new game-modes, new balanced maps, ...).
2012-09-06 00:43
every post you make shows your utter stupidity. obvious how much of a source noob you are. you source kids like to bash on 1.6 so much but yet without 1.6 you wouldnt have your trash source games. you all just know that crap source gameplay so you think that crap is how CS is suppose to be. there is a reason 1.6 was used for 10 years even after CSS.
2012-09-07 01:00
Having an own opinion, and not going along with the mass is equal to trolling it seems. But i guess i found my answer since no1 came to cheer for csp.
2012-09-06 00:29
ak 47 your opinion is a noob point of view because for pro player's csp would better because it is more competitive unlike cs go who has bad maps, recoil, money system, hitboxes, ...
2012-09-06 00:35
What makes CSP have more changes to improve than CS:GO? like wtf lmao.
2012-09-06 00:38
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Do you really think every change should be considered as an improvement?!
2012-09-06 00:45
Dont remember myself saying that. wrong person i guess
2012-09-06 00:47
CSP can't replace CS:GO but some of your statement is bullshit, omg...
2012-09-06 00:50
Well, i just dont get it. Ive seen hundreds of comments people saying csp will grow larger than CS:GO cause they are making it more competitive, agree? Well why an earth couldnt CS:GO 1000times larger game, improve as well? Why does CSP have MORE changes to be a good game than an constantly updating game by an big company..
2012-09-06 00:56
Romania puNkiTW
It all depends on valve.If they want cs:go to be played, that is what will happen ffs. At least at a proffesional level.
2012-09-06 00:57
It has nothing to do with valve, people play what they like, but saying that CSP has better changes to improve into good competitive game than 1000 times larger game is just delusional imo...
2012-09-06 00:59
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What the fuck is an "1000 times larger game"? English please.
2012-09-06 01:01
Romania puNkiTW
It is all on valve.People play what they like at an amateur level. Taking about the pro level, people play what valve wants. It is clear that 1.6 is a better game than cs:go, but just think a bit. How much money did valve put in cs:go? They cannot afford losing it all by the risking the game to not be played. It's quite simple in my opinion. And i think i am pretty damn right.
2012-09-06 06:24
1000 times larger budged , 1000times more Ads, 1000 times more attention.. You or anyone else still haven´t answer on the point of this whole thread.
2012-09-06 01:04
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COD is a "1000 times larger game" than CS:GO. Enough said. What's the point of this thread? The question in the title? The answer is: By having more esport-followers. But the question is quite confusing since CS:GO is still far away from being a main esport-titel.
2012-09-06 01:10
Start using the 'Reply' button if you actually want to discuss this with someone other than yourself.
2012-09-06 01:09
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Yes atlast i get the answer, after 30 comments. And what has COD to do with this thread its an CS thread in CS forum. "Enough said" what did u say pacifically?`
2012-09-06 01:12
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I didn't reply to you on the topic but told you to use the 'Reply' button to discuss with the previous replies you already got. Any other way this thread would end up in nonsense. And, believe me, nonsense threads don't last long unlocked.
2012-09-06 01:22
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Did you really think that he wanted to sent you that message ?
2012-09-06 01:39
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No, and that is why I clarify to the user that 'I didn't reply to you on the topic' ;)
2012-09-06 01:46
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You didn't even understand what I meant.
2012-09-06 02:45
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You asked if I thought that that reply was meant for me, didn't you? As it was not, as stated in #47, I tried to make the best out of the situation ;)
2012-09-07 00:23
Yes atlast i get the answer, after 30 comments. And what has COD to do with this thread its an CS thread in CS forum. "Enough said" what did u say pacifically?`
2012-09-06 01:11
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You said CSP won't stand a chance in esports against CS:GO because CS:GO is a "1000 times larger game". And by "1000 times larger" you meant.. "1000 times larger budged , 1000times more Ads, 1000 times more attention" That's exactly what COD MW3 is compared to CS:GO but COD MW3 is still nowhere in esports. Got my point?
2012-09-06 01:15
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I didnt say anything like that, i only asked why people think csp has MORE CHANGES <- get this? and yes i got your point
2012-09-06 01:16
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Yeah, I see. PS: One thing that makes CSP special is the fact it's free to play. That's a pretty huge thing.
2012-09-06 01:21
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yes i agree on that, but thats why i think people will play both csp and cs:go along with 1.6.
2012-09-06 01:23
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Time will tell.
2012-09-06 01:24
Its also funny how some people say that CS:GO graphics are bad for an 2012 game, but yet the same people say CSP will be popular cause its remade version of 1.6 with better graphics. IMO its exactly like that, the same game with slightly better graphics
2012-09-06 01:30
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"slightly better graphics" lololololololololololol
2012-09-07 08:35
Once the CSP dev team makes public the version they consider could compete with CS:GO (even though they state it is not their aim I think it will come down to it sooner or later as it is also something out of the hands) I think you can do this 'comparison', even if it looks more like a CSP bashing than anything else. But for now, a pretty a sterile one.
2012-09-06 01:34
Yeah, and something people probably miss here is that i havent said once that csp couldnt be a great game with improvents and so on. But why couldnt cs:go improve too since it has aldready, it seems like users in are in charge of what comes popular and what doesnt, ofc they have influence on it, but its small% of people.
2012-09-06 01:39
csp ftw
2012-09-06 02:17
CSP all the way...
2012-09-06 02:37
ckN | 
Japan ckN
the only thing i don't like is molotovs (need to remove it) and little bit bugged tapping with ak/m4 (3,4,5.. bullets are random)
2012-09-06 02:44
i think who created this thread got banned ahahahahah :)) anyway sweet dreams with cs:go away
2012-09-06 02:45
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Why would i possibly got banned? For not using the reply button, or? well sorry to disapoint you ;)
2012-09-06 03:13
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i got banned 2 times :) because or post like your ! don't burn , relax :)
2012-09-06 03:33
after reading some comments, my brain is gone bye
2012-09-06 03:07
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2012-09-06 03:33
it really dont matter tbh as soon as block ops 2 come out no 1 will be playing or watching CS:GO
2012-09-06 03:37
First CSGO is not a main esport game yet, so this topic itself is nonsense, and still I and many other people prefer CSP beta version to CSGO.
2012-09-06 06:05
my eyes are bleedin
2012-09-06 08:17
If you read the latest statement on the website, you'll read that we are not trying to compete with CSGO as we feel it's a casual game that has just been pushed in to everyone's faces and that "it's an eSports game". Well it's not, it's a console game aimed at those who play bf3 and cod. Somethings in CSGO are good but others are not. Redstar (a Dev) has tweaked csp_inferno with shadowing and lighting, and it looks nearly as nice as CSGO but without the fog. This will be in 1.09. So as far as the 10 yr old graphic comments are concerned, we are adding our own custom shaders to make CSP look nicer on the source engine.
2012-09-06 09:03
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India h8or
2012-09-06 09:12
waat? where can i see this? i dont want csp to look like cs:go damnit
2012-09-07 01:06
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It's not going to. But the lighting and shadows have been improved quite a lot that you could compare them to CSGO.
2012-09-07 08:30
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Ok, but how are the new textures which I heard about going to look?
2012-09-07 15:31
CSpromod does only need someone to throw money at it. Just like Valve does to cs:go.
2012-09-06 10:00
i think that all upcoming new and current CS versions won't accomplish anything near like 1.6 did. Next version, that will change 1.6 in eSports gaming, will be titled just 5th & 6th game after sc2, dota2, lol and others.
2012-09-06 11:55
CS:GO will have most of the prize money if Promod comes into the scene. But in the end CS:GO just came to split the community once again because people aren't forced to adapt neither to play a game they don't like so they will be playing Promod instead. So the history repeats itself once again.
2012-09-06 12:50
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