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DK - Sweden bridge
Denmark JohnMcDonalds 
Talks in the danish government are on going they want to remove the Øresund bridge between denmark and sweden, because swedes (ahmed and muhammed) are crossing the bridge to drink proper beer in a tier 1 country thougts about this?
2018-06-13 22:46
s1mple | 
Sweden Allis 
2018-06-13 22:47
Lol why remove it? Just build a wall on it like us. xd
2018-06-13 22:48
ban alcohol, they will stop coming to buy beer
2018-06-13 22:49
shoot on sight
2018-06-13 22:52
actually sweden closed off the bridge and communication to denmark not long ago because so much people were coming from denmark to sweden
2018-06-13 22:53
blameF | 
Europe cArn5 
2018-06-19 19:06
Sweden crindz 
can't really have an opinion about something that isnt true
2018-06-13 22:59
you should destroy the bridge while ahmed is crossing it for maximum efficiency
2018-06-13 22:59
Denmark Xipingu 
Ehhh no. Also, the Danish government is not worth talking about, bunch of uneducated retards talking to keep themselves awake. Also in a decade, you'll see the people start a civil war anyway.
2018-06-13 23:01
Turkey Purchase 
so we are gonna see a civil war in Scandinavia. Im looking forward to watching a war out of my region shit Im so excited
2018-06-13 23:08
Denmark Xipingu 
Currently they love to step on the weak, taking more and more money away from the poor to give to themselves. They also create more and more ruling to make sure everybody pay more in conjunction to what I already said, so you can see where that is headed a bloody mile away. Civil war might be a harsh conclusion, but something will definitely happen. The middle and lower class citizen will not keep taking shit from the government.
2018-06-13 23:10
Turkey Purchase 
In turkey our government takes from us and gives it to Syrians. Turkey spent nearly 30 billion $ for them.
2018-06-13 23:12
Denmark Xipingu 
Fuck. Sounds like a goddamn waste of money, wtf
2018-06-13 23:16
Denmark JohnMcDonalds 
civil war will not happen retard. Jesus fuck xD
2018-06-13 23:14
Denmark Xipingu 
I said it might be too harsh. But don't expect the lower classes to keep nodding everytime the government gives them less and less xD
2018-06-13 23:15
Turkey Purchase 
What does your government do with do money they take from lower class?
2018-06-13 23:20
Denmark Xipingu 
Prestige projects. Buildings no one asked for. Tax reliefs to the top. Throwing money at gambles to tighten immigration, and when some politicians turn to leave their job, they get huge bonuses for zero reason paid by the taxpayers. Oh, and a city close to me called Aarhus just invested a ton of money into electric trains, a project that is nowhere near finished in it's entirety, has already cost the taxpayers millions of our currency money, and they don't even know if they want to finish it because of the losses it has already suffered, in contrast to what they should have done with the infrastructure. I could keep going. One would think it's a blessing to live in Scandinavia, and while it might be because we do not have wars like some countries in the Middle-East and Asia have, there are still a lot of things wrong with how it functions.
2018-06-14 22:38
we know what happens with swedish people on bridges
2018-06-13 23:24
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