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NAVI style outdated
United States Kreygasm 
Zeus has to go, they still play very static with set plays like in 1.6 which isn't surprising given Zeus is calling.. outdated and wasted great players potential, s1mple, flamie and electronic they need to play a more fluid style to excel.. it's pathetic really, if ANGE1 or AdreN was calling for these players they would challenge Astralis
2018-06-14 05:15
It's fucking madness having players with the skills they have and restricting them like this
2018-06-14 05:17
Canada Joeys 
lol ur an idiot. that fake B by zeus sealed the deal. almost wish navi lose this bo3 so you lose your $5 bet.
2018-06-14 05:29
AdreN calling would make them even worse and that's saying something
2018-06-14 05:31
Kazakhstan leghtermen 
They are top 2,dont u know? And zeus gives a lot of space for s1mple and electronic. Flamie wanted to be a support himself
2018-06-14 05:39
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