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nip trash
El Salvador pink_dildo 
2018-06-14 12:12
2018-06-14 12:13
Mexico 6ix9ine 
Thanks for your in depth analysis mr pink dildo
2018-06-14 12:14
2018-06-14 12:14
El Salvador pink_dildo 
2018-06-14 12:15
Sweden Theo143 
2-1 to navi is not bad
2018-06-14 12:17
no they are trash , no major spot for you guys trust me . they will get rekt again in the minor , if not even in the minor qualifer lol . how could a team always lose with the same way like that ? same mistakes same shit everytime
2018-06-14 12:36
Sweden Theo143 
why so rude, rescpect us for being loyal fans instead. I started looking into the pro scene 2015 and always been a fan of nip. Trust me its been sad and hard. We lost a major final map becuz hitboxes
2018-06-14 12:42
it was a good match and NIP played a sick game
2018-06-14 13:11
Germany G_BeFoRe 
With terrible anti-ecos and no main AWPer they should remove train from their mappool and include cache again.
2018-06-14 12:21
They should consider kicking GeT RiGhT instead and getting draken back or finding a good and promising AWPer
2018-06-14 12:22
United States zennrl 
Get_right is support player and draken to inconsistent
2018-06-14 12:24
Yeah support player who can't even support. He was good before but it's time to retire. And like I said they could also find an AWPer I didn't say it has to be draken.
2018-06-14 12:25
nip fans still with the "support" execuse XD gtr on a mirage is a free kill & a free bombsite he can't win duels his aim is shit misses ez kills all the time stop with your support execuses lol , nip fanboys you really don't know that this team not gonna acomplish shit ? they don't care . they are just having fun & getting payed
2018-06-14 12:33
United States zennrl 
there are no good swedish awpers
2018-06-14 12:26
you dniwe
2018-06-14 12:28
Had this lineup for a week, close game vs rank 2 team. Only an hltv kid could call that bad.
2018-06-14 12:29
Of course, HLTV isn't known for its good analysis. Who cares, NiP won and they'll still make semis!
2018-06-14 12:33
Italy Coolusername 
dennis on awp. no ty
2018-06-14 12:30
lmol what did you expect ? XD
2018-06-14 12:30
how much ?
2018-06-14 12:32
"They don't have someone who is known for his awping but f0rest can awp, dennis can awp, Lekro can awp, even Rez can awp" lol
2018-06-14 13:06
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