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If Liquid does not win this event...
s1mple | 
Denmark FujiLeBandido 
im just gonna stop believing in this team.. Faze with stand in (Olof for a no namer) Mouz with stand in (Best player Oskar for N0thing) should be a ez win with odds 5
2018-06-16 15:30
calm down mouz is playing amazing and so is faze just give them some more time before stop believing.
2018-06-16 15:30
faze is playing good can`t say the same about mouz
2018-06-16 15:37
I had no expectations for mous in this event and they destroyed Liquid. I guess they are playing alright at least.
2018-06-16 15:39
mouz with N0thing instead of oskar should not be able to do that tho it does not make sense
2018-06-16 15:40
Probably it was just one time thing. I'm sure Liquid will play better today.
2018-06-16 15:41
United States tomzey 
cromen no namer?
2018-06-16 15:44
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