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RE: British and Russians come here
Namibia ProfessorChrono 
Original thread : Ok; what you’re saying is completely true about The English but not all of the British isles are like the English... In general I do agree with your point, we’re very arrogant and flame for no reason. The reason this happens is we’re so used to hearing everyone speak English and it’s an ignorant idea that everyone else should. Also most of the time U.K. players have no idea how to play as a team. If you find U.K. players in your queue, the general rule is if they’re solo queued it’s 50/50 of them being dick heads. If dup queued they’re always going to be cocks. If more than 2, they won’t use mics at all and would rather talk outside of game chat. Now, your comments on russians are just fucking stupid. “Russians” is such a general term. Most “Russians” you play against are from the balkans or Belarus, Bulgaria, lithuania, latvia, Estonia, Romania. Hardly any of them are “russians”. Real Russians and ukranians usually speak an above average level of English and are very reserved or moderately friendly... they also don’t have shit mics... that’s a sterotype - although I do agree the the countries I named above that’s usually the case. So don’t throw “Russian” around unless you know they are actually from Russia, all the Russians Ive met are really nice and friendly, same with ukranians. ;)
2018-06-16 17:11
2018-06-16 17:15
Dude, don't know what kind of russians you've played with, but most of players from my country speak on really low level like me-you-he-she-it etc. I'm not gonna say that theres none of them who can fluently speak however it's really exaggerated to say that 19 of 20 russians can't say a word on english. I'd rather say that their level is at the same level as polacks and other easterners. That's based on faceit/esea though, haven't played matchmaking for years.
2018-06-16 17:20
First of all: Thanks for you answer to my thread! I agree with your part to britians, made that experience aswell and I share your thought To the second part: I don't say 'russian', when I don't know that he is one. I usually ask or check their profile and when there stands 'Russia', then I doubt, that they are fakeflagging
2018-06-16 17:24
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