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a mouse to buy
Macau BoxxyBabe 
So basically i've been with raizer taipan for over 2 years now and it seems to crack down on me so i'm looking fo a new mouse worth around 60eur (idk how much that is in dollars). What are the best mouses out there woth that much money?
2018-06-17 15:14
Zowie fk 1
2018-06-17 15:15
+1 using that atm, great mice, I got the white one honorable mentions: I already used DA, ec2-a and rival 300, all those mices are insanely good, I guess just goes for what feels better in your hand...
2018-06-17 15:17
Macau BoxxyBabe 
thanks, will look into it. Iwas looking at zowie because i heard alot of good reviews beforehand just had no clue which zowie is better
2018-06-17 15:21
swag using fk1 right now, he said that he liked it
2018-06-17 15:23
Sweden FitDude 
I used fk1 at first, and absolutely loved it! then when the cable started to get worse, I decided to buy a new ec2-a instead. And I regret it tbh, mainly cause I loved the fk1 so much.
2018-06-17 15:42
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
Try out the Zowie mice in the store. Basically- EC- Ergonomic for palm grippers, could be used as palm/claw Fk series- Amdbidextrous Claw/ fingertip/ hybrid i use palm/claw hybrid and thats the way it worked the best for me ZA series- Ambidextrous but made from palm/ claw mostly Now try out to see which size of the series fits you the best and ez
2018-06-17 15:26
Russia timurt 
zowie fk 1 for sure
2018-06-17 15:27
apEX | 
France Fiktion 
Razer mice are known for being heavier than other mice. so if you wanna stick with the same weight i would recommend staying with them. If you are willing to learn a new weight and then probably have to change DPI/Sensitivity then go with something like a zowie or logitech
2018-06-17 15:32
Macau BoxxyBabe 
oh really? Meh i wanted to move away from razer for awhile anyways. Hopefully it won't be that bad. Thanks for the heads up tho :)
2018-06-17 15:36
apEX | 
France Fiktion 
no worries
2018-06-17 15:50
Logitech G305
2018-06-17 15:35
replace styko nvm wroung mous
2018-06-17 15:51
Netherlands RaVersoN 
xdddd rofl made my day
2018-06-17 15:52
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