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Today's matches' stats missing
Thorin | 
United Kingdom DuncanShields 
Good evening, can I ask when will HLTV publish stats for 17/6/18 EnVyUs vs Heroic - 2nd and 3rd map ( and for today's showmatch - Team East vs Team West? Thanks in advance!
2018-06-17 18:24
ah same happens for me except that its for every game
2018-06-17 18:26
China wusif 
this shit relies on some sort of hltv server plugin probably won't get added manually
2018-06-17 18:30
There were some issues with server logs, but it's all sorted now. There could be more issues tomorrow (it's just the way their servers are set up, nothing we can do about it...)
2018-06-17 18:36
2018-06-17 18:55
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