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SWEDEN vs GERMANY football
CIS MrMans103 
If Sweden win this match it probably means that Sweden will go trough to quaterfinals and Germany will go out. I hope Sweden wins and cry will be free for Germany!
2018-06-18 23:21
Better an end with terror than terror without an end
2018-06-18 23:22
CIS MrMans103 
okay mate
2018-06-18 23:23
Sweden 7-1 Germany Trust me.
2018-06-18 23:33
China VeryDongBeiGuy 
Ez 4 sweden. This german team is shit.
2018-06-18 23:35
if sweden played like they did today and germany play like they did last game, germany would still win. anyways germany didn't play bad last half, had an important defender missing and will (HOPEFULLY) finally let good players like reus and brandt play the full game
2018-06-18 23:38
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