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Where is n1ckst4r2002?
Sweden Lekr0nline 
Where? He got banned or grounded by his parents because he finished his school with bad grades?
2018-06-19 17:34
He got banned just like Jovik (alight it’s weird that Jovik got banned considering it’s an alt of Jonathan.E and Jonty)
2018-06-20 02:30
United States Idoitforlols 
He's on Reddit now.
2018-06-20 02:32
Europe H0wLinqDawN 
He's hopefully long gone LUL axaxaxa
2018-06-20 02:32
Dead by trying suck his own cock
2018-06-20 02:32
Indonesia Astranesia 
R.I.P n1ckst4r2002
2018-06-20 02:35
10 year IP ban for pedophilia, he is now active on reddit pretending to be smart
2018-06-20 02:39
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