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going to jail
Poland Laataaajacyzaka 
Admin deleted my post and I wanted some motivation only, I am scared and confused
2018-06-19 22:40
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
and hltv best place to get that...
2018-06-19 22:41
Sweden FitDude 
Train your glutes, and learn how to squeeze those fuckers. Dont want anything to get passed the 'entrance'
2018-06-19 22:41
YOLO As a grandpa you will be able to tell kids a story how you been in a jail and tell them more stories about everything.. you will be cool, you will be proud.. nothing wrong to go to the jail for few years if it's not for your whole life, that's once in a life time experience, enjoy it..
2018-06-19 22:42
2018-06-19 22:43
I still haven't refreshed the page, can get screenshots.
2018-06-19 22:43
Watch the movie "Big Stan" and do like him
2018-06-19 22:44
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
2018-06-19 22:46
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
Translate this and u are gucci: "tyurma ne hui, sidi kayfui"
2018-06-19 22:50
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