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Australia SK_IS_OVERRATED2 TL;DR: Trump officially quits the UN Human Rights Council thoughts to this topic?
2018-06-20 01:17
2018-06-20 01:18
US never cared about human rights anyway
2018-06-20 01:21
Neither did Germany allowing USA to torture prisoners on their soil.
2018-06-20 01:28
proof this happend in recent times?
2018-06-20 01:29
Ofc proof, just check the leaks by Manning or if you want a more official proof, the Marty Report.
2018-06-20 01:32
link or reported
2018-06-20 01:30
google > Marty report
2018-06-20 01:33
link or reported
2018-06-20 01:33
12 June 2006
2018-06-20 01:38
Yes so?
2018-06-20 01:38
United States gtmaniacmda 
he wasn't even alive in 2006, so rude wtf
2018-06-20 19:15
Poland hqs- 
it happened on every soil
2018-06-20 01:37
not "every". France is not CIA puppet for instance.
2018-06-20 01:38
Poland hqs- 
everyone is cia puppet expect russia china and their allies
2018-06-20 16:02
So you think.
2018-06-21 05:34
we are US Colony, and our politician dont care
2018-06-20 13:30
2018-06-20 13:38
Albania VeryBadGuy 
2018-06-21 19:39
2018-06-22 04:28
United States J3ll1 
Tired of the UN globalist deep state trying to control our minds with voodoo
2018-06-20 01:28
So USA chose zionist over voodoo?
2018-06-20 01:29
Considering you had the biggest fee in its budget, sounds a bit like LUL
2018-06-20 01:30
Good move
2018-06-20 01:31
care to elaborate?
2018-06-20 01:31
Waste of time & money
2018-06-20 01:32
Human rights = a waste of time. Vote Trump! Is the wall to Mexico built already?
2018-06-20 13:52
Russia Baitzera_SK 
2018-06-20 21:06
Why do you think we are holding their children as prisoners?
2018-06-21 05:35
even americans cant read the fucking article its about mexican rights going into america
2018-06-20 01:31
No one has a right to come into the US, except citizens.
2018-06-20 01:32
You think its right to seperate children from their mothers and put them in cages?
2018-06-20 01:33
United States BabyPiggles 
That’s what we did to the Japanese xD
2018-06-20 01:35
Yes everyone that is arrested gets separated from their children. It is child abuse to bring them across the desert into our country illegally. Also many of the children aren't with their real parents, they are being trafficked into the USA by smugglers. Just because you have a child with you doesn't mean you can freely cross the border.
2018-06-20 01:41
United Kingdom Hamshanks 
Its not like their not detained? I think the objection is they should be detained together.. its just cruel to children who didnt have a choice where their parents dragged them
2018-06-20 13:33
Did u not read? Most children arent with their real parents. They are being trafficked. But the vast majority aren't with any adult. Also most of the "kids" are over 16.
2018-06-20 18:03
United Kingdom Hamshanks 
1) Can i see some stats instead of most 2) Most /=/ All therefore there are still some who are without parents and below 16
2018-06-20 18:06
The stats are public you can look them up yourself. Also doesn't matter their parents committed a crime and are in jail. Kids don't go to jail with their parents.
2018-06-20 19:23
They are not in cages, they are in large air conditioned tents. America saw the huge mistake Europe is making and is trying to do what it can to keep illegals out.
2018-06-21 05:45
The UNHRC is headed by a muslim lol. How ironic is that! And they always try to push their Islamic agenda. Always trying to bully countries who are fighting islamic terrorism.
2018-06-20 01:34
You think US is fighting Islamic terrorism? KEKISTAN
2018-06-20 18:09
Israel is and the UN always talks shit about them.. Also india is fighting your countries terrorists as well and they got stick for it from UN
2018-06-20 19:10
United States Drag0nfart 
Less U.N. = better Good move
2018-06-20 01:36
you will pay sooner or later
2018-06-20 02:49
United States Drag0nfart 
Not if everyone leaves UN and EU and Israel is destroyed. Just like pre world war 1 world but with good tech much better world
2018-06-20 02:55
wont happen and USA ends up alone
2018-06-20 02:57
United States Drag0nfart 
Not in my dreams
2018-06-20 03:02
If UN thinks we should let illegals stay in our country because they have children then they should go fuck themselves. Having a child in the US shouldn't act as a workaround for a VISA.
2018-06-20 03:06
United States natta 
So why separate the children with the parents then? Why not send them all together back or detain them all together. Why the need to separate them? The whole point is it's not about them getting to the US illegally and having nothing done about them, but its about separating them. No one said anything about letting them in just cause they have a kid. Get your priorities straight.
2018-06-20 19:31
Clearly you didn't read what I said and interpreted my stance on this subject based on no evidence. Get your priorities straight.
2018-06-20 21:04
United States natta 
I mean the evidence that I have is what you've written though. The whole point of the issue is is that the children are being separated from their parents. Like I said, if they come in illegally, then either detain them all or deport them all. No need to separate them. Also, you never answered my question though so why are you claiming that I misinterpreted your stance on the subject? Of course I read what you said. The OP asked for thoughts about the US leaving the Human Rights Council. The UN did not say that we should let illegals in our country just because they have children. I'm all for strict immigration policies but separating children from their parents is just messed up. Clearly, you not answering the question is clear enough about your stance at all, instead of just pushing it back to me without any sort of argument at all. You don't have to be butt hurt. Oh, and be original.
2018-06-21 05:02
You're asking questions that only someone who has a certain opinion could answer (an opinion that I don't have). I simply cannot and have no reason to answer your questions. I'm disappointed that you are even asking questions that you don't even understand yourself. Can you indicate where I say it was ok to separate families? You are continuously putting words in my mouth yet have the courage to call me burt hurt? Please.
2018-06-21 06:18
United States natta 
Well then yeah, say that. We are having a discussion and an argument about world affairs, specifically about what the OP is asking about; the USA leaving the UN Human Rights Council. How hard is it to understand that separating children from their parents (with the condition that they are a normal family and not those abusive kind or those who kidnaps children) is bad no matter how you look at it? You're claiming that I am asking questions that I don't understand myself. Any proof of that? What's so hard in understanding that question? Have you experienced being forcefully separated from your parents? Have you experienced a life where you are desperate to find money to feed your family? To pay for medical bills? School tuition? Water? Electricity? Have you? Also, I am not putting words in your mouth. This is the topic that is at play. This is the topic that we are talking about. I never said that you said that it was okay to separate families. Where in my post did I say that? I was referring to the topic at hand. Of course I have the courage to call you butt hurt because you're just throwing things back at me without constructing a proper argument.
2018-06-21 18:04
You are asking questions that I have already answered but I will elaborate so that any idiot (you) can understand. "You're claiming that I am asking questions that I don't understand myself. Any proof of that?" You're asking questions that only someone who has a certain opinion could answer (an opinion that I don't have). I simply cannot and have no reason to answer your questions. Such as these: "So why separate the children with the parents then? Why not send them all together back or detain them all together. Why the need to separate them? " Why would you ask me this if you clearly understood your own question? It is completely irrelevant to anything I said. I don't think families should be separated but you could only ask somebody who thinks the situation is ok these questions. Therefore you are INFERRING that I am ok with separating families by asking me such questions. It is like asking a gun control activist, "why do we need need everyone to have guns?" It is pure incompetence to ask these questions to me because they are irrelevant to what I said and what I stand for. "Clearly, you not answering the question is clear enough about your stance at all" Really? How can my stance be clear to you when you are still arguing with me over something we both agree on. THIS is where you are putting words into my mouth. Falsely inferring my opinion on a subject. I'm not completely sure what you inferred but it clearly isn't correct. "Have you experienced being forcefully separated from your parents? Have you experienced a life where you are desperate to find money to feed your family? To pay for medical bills? School tuition? Water? Electricity? Have you?" No. I pay for my school tuition. (For some reason this is relevant to the topic to you in some way lmfao) "Of course I have the courage to call you butt hurt because you're just throwing things back at me without constructing a proper argument." Holy fucking shit you are lost. Why do I need to construct an argument for something we both agree on? Are you this delusional? My original reply to you was to reread what I said. To make it clear what I HAVEN'T said and for you to "get your priorities straight," because you are attacking me for something I don't stand for.
2018-06-21 19:44
United States natta 
It's relevant because it explains the reasons why these people go ahead with their decision to enter illegally. Since you dont have a personal opinion on this matter and we are clearly arguing on the same side, then I see no point in continuing this. I was merely asking for your constructive and based opinion, but as you said you do not have any. It was my fault for not quickly picking up on that as people in this site can be quite toxic, so I apologize. I hope you have a good day sir.
2018-06-22 19:20
Many of them come without parents. The parents are to blame, not Trump for enforcing our laws. How about they just stay away from America? If Trump sent the kids back then those people would be saying the same thing. Trump sends kids off to fend for themselves in Mexico.
2018-06-21 05:38
United States natta 
We are talking about families whose children are being separated from their parents, not children coming by themselves without their parents. Please get the topic at hand.
2018-06-21 18:05
Again, it's the parents fault. Word should be spreading. Don't come to America illegally, especially with children. They are all just coming for the free ride. It's like these 3rd world countries with lots of drug lords are trying to get as many kids in as possible. Like a future invasion. Where do these people get the money to travel such long distances if they had it so bad in their country. Someone is supporting them.
2018-06-22 04:02
United States natta 
Yeah it is the parent's fault. And while true that some are egged on by those like the cartel, some are really just desperate to improve their lives and the lives of their children, as they themselves were born in that kind of life.
2018-06-22 19:25
Getting on welfare while Americans work to pay to better their life. Can we switch? How about they work everyday and I sit home on welfare? I'm down for that.
2018-06-23 14:56
Sunde | 
Denmark Cabbi_OP 
USA never gave afck about humanity anyways, they are slaying civilians all the time, using forbidden depleted uranium, cluster bombs on civilian targets, funding ISIS, protecting jews etc USA has no place in any human right council
2018-06-20 13:35
+ multiple experiments on their own people back in the day.
2018-06-20 13:44
2018-06-20 13:49
2018-06-20 14:07
United States SWiFTzZzZz 
2018-06-20 18:13
United Kingdom Hamshanks 
How tf do you need proof for that shit
2018-06-22 19:27
2018-06-20 19:13
Lithuania fantastic_man 
> usa > Caring about human rights Pickerino 1
2018-06-20 18:03
2018-06-20 19:13
World doh 
the more important part is why "U.S. Quits UN Human Rights Council, Saying It’s Anti-Israel" facepalm.. sucking them isreal balls
2018-06-20 19:18
Pretty disappointed, first time i fully disagree with what trump does
2018-06-20 19:18
marshall law lol
2018-06-20 19:20
Brazil fallenzera_SK 
im not american, but i realized a lot of people here aren´t also So here im.
2018-06-20 21:05
United States trump2020 
Just another thing America wastes money on.
2018-06-20 21:07
United States TriHardSeven 
Who gives a shit about the UN "human rights" council. When Saudi Arabia is apart of it, there's no credibility of that council. Fucking Saudi Arabia, a country that executes people who leave Islam.
2018-06-21 05:10
Finland MMAd 
Heey, but they can change :) Let's give them what ever they want and maybe they listen to us. :) Love can save them :)
2018-06-21 05:17
expected lol
2018-06-21 05:13
Finland MMAd 
It's all an act anyway. They should care about human rights for real.
2018-06-21 05:16
Send them all back together.
2018-06-21 05:19
I don't really have an opinion on this. People will protest, no matter how peacefully or violent, they'll all be ignored entirely. Others will support their government as usual. Me? Man, I live in a desert, what do I care?
2018-06-21 05:26
United States MyerHappyBoys 
Council is sketchy, but Trump also is a fucking idiot, so im against it.
2018-06-21 05:32
These people come to America illegally, the laws have been around over 20 years, Trump is just enforcing them. Stop coming to America illegally and you won't be split up. Many of these kids come without parents at all. They pass right through Mexico so why not just stay there?
2018-06-21 05:36
United States gtmaniacmda 
who cares
2018-06-21 05:53
I do. We have over 45 million people in America on food stamps right now and the number is getting higher. The full welfare ride is estimated around 40k a year with housing, food, bills paid, a little bling to spend. Poverty level is listed under 20k per year and many Americans that don't have the best jobs make a lot less then that working full time while some lazy good for nothing never works a day in their life getting everything paid for. Taxes come out of the working mans checks to pay for the lazy. Not making this up, seen it first hand at a gambling place. You could hear the ladies bragging about their checks. One lady rolled in and yelled, look what my disability bought me. Brand new car. Maybe people like you should adopt these kids and pay for them. No free crap.
2018-06-22 04:15
United States gtmaniacmda 
What is the UN Human Rights Council going to do about this? Oh yeah wait absolutely fucking nothing.
2018-06-22 05:26
SpawN | 
Mexico <3 Zetas 
right decision
2018-06-21 06:10
Snax | 
United States Freakmode 
I’m very autism :/
2018-06-21 06:25
my thoughts are that the US is the biggest hypocrites on the planet, yet they lecture China on everything.
2018-06-21 18:11
Good move
2018-06-21 18:17
yes, the UN Human Rights Council it's just some idiot's leftists talking shit, brazil will quit next year with bolsonaro, fuck UNO
2018-06-22 04:17
UN is dead af. Just a bunch of well paid idiots doing nothing but talk and eat at fancy restaurants and sleep in 5 star hotels. Good move to quit this shit, waste of money anyway.
2018-06-22 04:21
so tired of seeing idiots complaining about the separation policy. literally just dont break the law and illegally enter the country, and you won't have a problem. i have a very, very minimal amount of sympathy for the kids involved, but their parents are so fucking stupid that the kids are probably better off without them
2018-06-22 05:31
United States n3h 
/care wont affect me at all Ill still get my mcdoanlds and starbucks everyday nd go to work like usual.
2018-06-22 20:34
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