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Get_right and NIP theory
Europe V3N0M42 
Maybe there is no -GTR just because he own NIP org or own a part of it. Cause he said that if he retire oneday, it will be with NIP. Soo how can he be so sure that he will stay play for them when he will retire ?! And why in NIP all they got bunched ( execept for forest the GOAT) and not get right even with bad performance ?! Anyways. Get right is a legend and I'm sure he will improve. Remember my words
2018-06-21 23:43
i remember
2018-06-21 23:44
Sweden hoey 
karrigan owned part of astralis but still got benched and kicked? ??? ?? ? just do same thing with gtr lol
2018-06-21 23:47
NiKo | 
Sweden dinolinoxd 
or maybe it makes sense financially to keep him in the team? hes a part of their legacy, and its risky to remove him since nip fans might start liking ie fnatic instead? Or he fills a role that us noobs dont understand, theres a part in cs outside of the game, maybe hes a great guy?
2018-06-21 23:49
Europe V3N0M42 
I'm not saying he is bad xD im not a hater of the like 80% of hltv. I'm just guessing and id love to see him play for nip more and more !! And yes he is not bad he is just doing his role and actually he is good at it.
2018-06-21 23:51
"Or he fills a role that us noobs dont understand" +1
2018-06-21 23:52
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
What is all this hogwash? There is no "-GTR" because he doesn't need to be removed from the team... NiP would be fools to kick one of the best players to touch CS and he's not playing as bad as people make him out to be at all; he's just not the worlds best anymore. Awful thread.
2018-06-21 23:52
Europe V3N0M42 
Bro... #4 Im not saying he is bad or not doing his role.. I'm just guessing that he own nip org cause they changed almost everything there execept for gtr and forest. So I'm just guessing. I love gtr and fan of nip.
2018-06-21 23:55
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Well that's fine, but honestly there is no need for any of this. xD
2018-06-21 23:58
Finland autism@exe 
its becuse Heaton and GTR are like buddies and NIP need F0rest and GTR to still hav e the LEgend title for sponsors and shit
2018-06-22 00:37
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