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Mobile game
France BigBaguette 
What mobile game do you play?
2018-06-22 00:20
im not retard to spend my life for this. read books man.
2018-06-22 00:21
I can't read in cab unfortunately. I'm sick when I read in cars.
2018-06-22 00:22
just relax. these stupid things makes you life so drab and boring. trust me bro, i know it.
2018-06-22 00:24
I'm looking for one casual when I'm bored in fact. I used to play chess game but since I play so rarely I got automatic loss or my opponent surrender most of the time.
2018-06-22 00:25
just spending of time. life is only one. make your dream come true. otherwise for what we live?
2018-06-22 00:28
My dream are achieved already, ty
2018-06-22 00:28
Spain JasonRacism 
2018-06-22 00:34
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puqet 
downloaded piano tiles again few days ago. But I almost never play games on my phone
2018-06-22 00:21
Clash Royale
2018-06-22 00:22
Since there is tournament on this, I wonder if you can play it casualy
2018-06-22 00:27
Used to play shadowverse.
2018-06-22 00:22
Oh another card game :(
2018-06-22 00:23
f0rest | 
Serbia dankoBGD 
for some time i played 8 ball pool but it was too cancerous and now i dont play anything.
2018-06-22 00:27
L.K.S | 
Turkey xAiakos 
2018-06-22 00:30
Zynga Poker, FMM2018 and Westworld
2018-06-22 00:31
i play truco or nss when im on the bus
2018-06-22 00:33
Brazil XEMBAO 
truco? lul
2018-06-22 00:56
best card game irmao!
2018-06-22 00:56
Brazil XEMBAO 
brazilian fakeflagger?
2018-06-22 01:03
nn, mais eu aprendi a falar ptbr(um poquinho só)
2018-06-22 01:06
underhand interesting, offline, no need to grind, no competition, mind challengimg, VERY INTERESTING
2018-06-22 00:35
Belarus Renegade_ffs 
Nothing tbh Honestly don't see any good games(except mb Hearthstone if u into this type of games). Battle royal makes me cry even on PC. U can play clash of clans or clash royal if you are a kid(pretty retarded one tbh). Anything else is even better. So I guess there are no great games on mobile. W8 I just remembered Darkest Dungeon and Beholder. They are kinda nice just because they were made for PC. But u can still play them here so...
2018-06-22 00:43
2018-06-22 00:44
Sweden MpK_ 
Boom beach
2018-06-22 00:44
Finland Robbs3ncsgo 
Runescape mobile omegalul "coming winter 2017" still not out
2018-06-22 00:49
Finland Robbs3ncsgo 
btw will play osrs on mobile once it comes out maybe in 2025
2018-06-22 00:49
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
2018-06-22 00:49
2018-06-22 00:50
Sweden Akoulad 
Pocket Casts / Castbox Lithium - Good ebook reader Not games but this is how I 'waste' my time efficiently
2018-06-22 00:59
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