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FaZe ScreaM
s1mple | 
Europe Oleksandrgg 
what do you think?
2018-06-22 16:01
Turkey Flav 
2018-06-22 16:02
karrigan | 
Hungary vyx 
Scream is overrated. Monsieur MM highlights performed against barely tier 2 opposition in China after bombing hard for months and you'd put him in the only top1 contender against Astralis? Until olof comes back cromen is very servicable, he knows his spots and how FaZe plays. No need for Scream.
2018-06-22 16:10
United Kingdom tense872 
fraudye telling it like it is. +1 scream will join some woeful NA org and then disappear back to mediocrity, he provides nothing in the T1 Scene, he should just make £££ streaming.
2018-06-22 16:11
Germany unsalted 
2018.. ScreaM still Overrated
2018-06-22 16:09
he looked a motivated Scream again at the last event and he even could of been given MVP. I hope he finds a team that will let him loose
2018-06-22 16:14
Belarus Dat_Boi 
It's not happening. Praise the kek.
2018-06-22 16:14
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