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DaZeD | 
Brazil free_ibuypower_ffs 
costa rica pathetic playing for a draw that would eliminate them. their only objective this game and world cup was fucking up brazils run. brazil dominated the entire game, deserved win. #RUNBRAZIL #RUNNEYMAR #RUNMIBR
2018-06-22 16:27
- Willian + Costa Brazil top1 confirm
2018-06-22 16:28
-willian +costa -jesus +firmino easy top 1
2018-06-22 16:29
unfortunately Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup. I'm Brazilian and Italian, I really wanted to see them playing.
2018-06-22 16:31
Fan of juventus. xD. But I agree. William is not handling the pressure.
2018-06-22 16:31
Lol im not biased.. Costa changed the entire game around when he came on and was one of the best players on pitch
2018-06-22 16:32
I agree. I are think next game d. costa wont be on the bench...
2018-06-22 16:34
Brazil SUVACO 
william played alone in the right side of atack fagner and coutinho didnt help him enough william is a good player to fast plays with other players, not all alone you see in 2nd half fagner was full comited to atack what helped d. costa to shine and of course, d costa is a solo player, he can atack solo, but that doesnt mean he is the best option to start the game i think the best option is srtat with william and make fgner and coutinho help him in the atack if that doesnt work in 1st half, then you put d. costa that can solo atack in the right side its even better to d. costa play only second half, when the other team is already half of energy and he is with full energy to do his solos atacks if d costa plays since the begging full time atacking solo he will be exausted
2018-06-22 16:45
lol what do you mean? fagner was great supporting the attack. william played better agaisnt switzerland without any help at all from danilo the thing is that Brazil prioritizes the left side because they have neymar and marcelo there. it was like that the entire first half. second half they started playing more right side and that broke costa rica defense which was commited to stop neymar and the left side. tite and d.costa merit.
2018-06-22 16:50
Brazil SUVACO 
no, i am not blaming fagner, maybe that even a tite instruction but in first half fagner did not atack too much, and helped a lot in defense and at the second half he was full helping atack, and helped a lot i really think fagner played very well both half, but with diferent ways you have to remeber that brazil played 2 years william with daniel alves helping him atack and dani alves is a great player to help atack in right side, and now william is kind of alone there (i noe danilo didnt help either) but you cant put all the blame in william, he needs more support in the right side of the attack, he use to have that support from dani alves fagner have all the wuality to help him, tite needs to let him go i am not comparing fagner to dani alves, of couse dani alves is much better, but fagner is just fine, he can help the attack well too
2018-06-22 16:53
i see. i also do believe that d.costa can get exausted if he starts and he is great as a second half player because he gets the other team exausted also. its hard to get proper conclusions because right now brazil only played against teams that parked the bus. willian can be good later on against good teams that are willing to attack, i think. lets see.
2018-06-22 17:01
Brazil SUVACO 
exactly!! i do think exactly the same and i think tite too
2018-06-22 17:02
A good player doesnt need a good "support" to shine. Ronaldinho played with Gio on barcelona and was the best in the world for years. D. Costa didnt need anyone to help him play good. Stop with the excuses. William is pop corning on this wc.
2018-06-22 16:50
Brazil SUVACO 
man.... roanldinho have kaka, ronaldo, rivaldo, r. carlos, adriano, robinho always have best players of the world to support him ronaldinho didnt shine ALL THE MATCHES.. stop this bullshit that players can solve the game alone the only player that have to do solve the game alone is cr7 becaus ehe dont have ANY option do you forget that william player 2 years in brazilian team with dani alves supporting him to atack in the right side??? dani alves one of the most skilled atacking players and now he had danilo, that didnt halped him at all and fagner (that played really well) only started to go to atack in the second half, when william was already out of the game
2018-06-22 16:55
I was talking about ronaldinho in barcelona ? William is pop corning. D Costa probably stole his place on the team.
2018-06-22 16:56
Brazil SUVACO 
yeah ok.. ronaldinho played all alone in barcelona, no one helped him in atack u know a lot of football, congratulations
2018-06-22 16:59
Dude, your arguments make no sense. Then youre implying noone helps william on brazil team ? Im just showing you how flawed your logic is. William has a lot of people helping him, but he is not playing well, because he IS BAD. D. Costa is proving that.
2018-06-22 17:01
Brazil SUVACO 
#14 and #19
2018-06-22 17:05
2018-06-22 17:07
LOL Paulinho is the worst!!!
2018-06-22 16:37
+1 ez 4 the best team to ever touch football. #RUNBRG #5wc #RESPEITACARALHO #neymarGOD top 2 #coutinhoTERMINATOR #titethebrazilianCruyff
2018-06-22 16:28
2018-06-22 16:31
gAuLeS | 
Brazil lokihobr 
The hexa is real #vaimeninoney
2018-06-22 16:36
fuck neymar dude, annoying guy. Firmino, Coutinho, Douglas costa and Jesus. those guys represents me.
2018-06-22 17:11
Those guys really represents me, but Neymar too. Tite is going to win the world Cup like Corinthians in 2012. Haja coração
2018-06-22 17:20
Brazil FaelEz 
Brazil played very bad, we got lucky
2018-06-22 17:09
2018-06-22 17:12
He doesn´t understand football, he doesn´t know what "retranca" means
2018-06-22 17:25
contact me at
2018-06-22 17:26
2018-06-22 17:26
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