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Russia vs Spain/Portugal
Belarus hltv_slayer 
I have a feeling that Russia will win any of these teams in 1/8. The way Spain and Portugal looks, Russia delivers much better plays on this WC, even tho it was RLY unexpected from them
2018-06-22 16:27
Russia PosT_Mahone 
ez pz pidarasy
2018-06-22 16:28
yes ez 4
2018-06-22 16:56
Unfortunately Russia can only beat muslims so won't happen
2018-06-22 16:28
Nt Crosby
2018-07-02 02:40
Sweden Theo143 
lol cr7 2 stronk
2018-06-22 16:28
Just close him like they did with Sallah and Russia will have a rly huge chance
2018-06-22 16:33
Nah bro dont compare group A to B Marrocos > Iran > Egypt
2018-06-22 16:34
No way I see Marroco better than Egypt imo. And IRan?? Are u kidding me? Saudia Arabia=Iran
2018-06-22 16:35
WTF did you even watched Iran vs Spain?? Also Egypt played so bad
2018-06-22 16:37
Didn't Iran almost wion vs SPain? No, I didnt watch that match, but Iran sucks and Spain doesnt look promising. It was Spain that let them play like that based on my friends who saw the match
2018-06-22 16:38
Spain won because of a lucky goal Iran fucked them like Marroco fucked Portugal
2018-06-22 16:38
Sry,. I mistype :D But based on how Portugal and SPain play on this WC I think actually Russia has a huge chance to win vs them both
2018-06-22 16:39
Russia also has the crowd advantage but i still think Portugal/Spain would win, their squads are so much better. But lets see Uruguay vs Russia and Portugal vs Iran first
2018-06-22 16:42
Yeah, SP/PR squads looks better and I agree that crowd helps them a lot. But I also think the team gives everything to win rn because the last 4 years they got trashed by Russian fans and only talk shit about the Russian national team while they make millions every one of them, they still cannot play, so the team try to prove the fans that they are wrong and give everything for the win:D Yeah lets watch the matches. Fun WC anyway, many unexpected results
2018-06-22 16:45
2018-06-22 16:46
Ruski suck
2018-06-22 16:53
UA u mean?
2018-06-22 17:00
Ukraine in WC2018 LUL
2018-06-22 17:02
Estonia teremartin 
ez Iceland should win in WC 2018
2018-06-22 16:55
russia v portugal would be good
2018-06-22 16:56
would be cool
2018-06-22 16:56
Brazil FaelEz 
Against Spain, maybe, but against Portugal with CR7 playing a lot, not
2018-06-22 17:12
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