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Imperial to closed major qualifier
Lithuania Paulius_CS If envyus players completely split apart and the 3 player core is gone will their be a forfeited spot?
2018-06-23 04:46
Turkey headshotk1ng 
EnVy can sign a new team.
2018-06-23 04:52
Nope, spot goes to the players not the org
2018-06-23 05:02
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
do Turks qualify in the EU minors? SS the only higher ranked team than imperial not in the closed qualifier
2018-06-23 05:17
pls be baiting
2018-06-23 05:20
SS aren't at the Minor because they're already part of the Challengers for the major. Source:
2018-06-23 05:20
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
Thats what I thought, for some reason on SS hltv page it does not say they have a major coming up
2018-06-23 05:22
" what will happen to their spot remains unclear"
2018-06-23 05:01
Awesome for the players in Imperial! They deserve a big boost!
2018-06-23 05:21
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