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MiBR NiKo real or fake ?
vlad1k | 
Ukraine vladik777 
If this is true Im going to be mad as f*ck... NiKo wtf bro ?? I have my this merch signed by this traitor... OMg. Is there any way to erase signature from the hoodie ? Who could replace him ? I think ScreaM or mixwell (mb NBK but I would like to see him instead of cromen)
2018-06-23 08:14
Obviously fake.
2018-06-23 08:14
Finland Taynz 
Fake why would niko like to join tier 3, team
2018-06-23 08:16
Tier 4 to tier 3 is still an upgrade...
2018-06-23 08:58
Xddd rofl how can be tier 4 team top 2?
2018-06-23 09:07
he meant niko from heroic not faze lol
2018-06-23 10:05
faze niko what??? who is he
2018-06-23 11:34
he is best player atm
2018-06-23 11:35
nt everyone from astralis is better even gla1ve
2018-06-23 11:36
i know that but niko is just bestest atm
2018-06-23 11:37
2018-06-23 11:39
just believe me bro..only kause of niko faze is winning all major
2018-06-23 11:40
s1mple | 
Ukraine netgmy 
xD nice rofl
2018-06-23 14:39
NiKo | 
Germany Hzwo 
NiKo and niko ...know the difference
2018-06-23 14:15
Finland Taynz 
Nt tier 1 to 3 isn't upgrade Poorland math
2018-06-23 12:25
Here we go, Chinese plastic fan reporting in.
2018-06-23 08:17
Ahhhhaha lets look who will you call plastic if NiKo joins MiBR LOL
2018-06-23 08:20
omg this fat virgin is back with his shitty threads
2018-06-23 08:20
France DKdarKnight 
+1 why can't he just be banned ?
2018-06-23 08:38
LOL why ?
2018-06-23 09:25
Netherlands DerFuhrer 
Maybe because youre a cunt
2018-06-23 10:00
haahaahaa lol
2018-06-23 11:36
United States MoneyGoo 
literally the 1st team picture got leaked
2018-06-23 08:21
Czech Republic AXAXAXAXA 
2018-06-23 10:11
United States MoneyGoo 
its legit lol
2018-06-23 10:25
2018-06-23 11:22
Turkey pardus 
he's dead
2018-06-23 12:31
kNgV- | 
Brazil Douplesxx 
2018-06-23 08:24
Dominican Republic Tacred 
Bro he wont go to MIBR
2018-06-23 08:25
Thanks bro I would probably kill myslef if that happened lmao
2018-06-23 08:26
Dominican Republic Tacred 
xDD, dont worry, if he goes to MIBR you can kill yourself, everyone will be glad... jk jk jk jk
2018-06-23 08:27
Netherlands DerFuhrer 
True though
2018-06-23 10:00
k0nfig | 
Turkey aesky 
hope he joins mibr
2018-06-23 14:12
Dominican Republic Tacred 
2018-06-23 20:18
lol obv fake, why would he leave a top 2-3 team for a shitty team? + they won a tournament recently, he get paid really good in faze.
2018-06-23 08:32
Vladik is a well known baiter
2018-06-23 08:39
i see
2018-06-23 08:50
It wouldn't even matter. Niko isn't even the best player on FaZe anymore What pains me though is that why couldn't GuardiaN and S1mple play this mad when they were together. Had we had current form s1mple and current form Guardian with flamie and electronic, we would be looking at NaVi swatting away everyone like fly. All navi had to do was -seized and -edward for +electronic and +s1mple but they fucked up
2018-06-23 08:49
both niko and cold have been off in 2018, he is the second best player on the team tho (niko)
2018-06-23 08:50
"Niko isn't even the best player on FaZe anymore" Um... Latest MVP, always has some of the best ratings in tournaments with his team, doesn't choke in finals anymore, best stats on his team, and has been actually pretty consistent. "What pains me though is that why couldn't GuardiaN and S1mple play this mad when they were together" cause they just can't, how do you expect 2 players that take up so much space without even an IGL to frag good?
2018-06-23 11:28
niko is so much better than guardian this year its crazy
2018-06-23 11:37
Ah not much better but for sure NiKo is the best in FaZe now.
2018-06-23 13:57
Guardian is on hard mode carry for this FaZe. He is on some 2015 level. In these finals, he was playing like olof while niko was playing like happy. Team : We hold Guardian go fake A Guardian : Eh give me cromen or karrigan pls as rifle support Team : Ok Guardian : Okay I shot 2 people. Pinned down third and rifler shot him so site open Team : You had to fake but thank mr guardian Team : Niko fake A Niko : Alright first you guys hit B then I fake A Team : No niko. Fake not lurk Niko : SHAT AP Team : Okay niko 2v3 with karrigan bomb dropped in B site. Where you at Niko : Guys I sneaked into A. HeHe Big win 2 scenarios Karrigan : Alright guys I killed 2 in B and gonna plant bomb Niko : I kill last just see me ez katka other Karrigan : Niko I am pinned. They know where I am. Rotate from here and kill them Niko : Hell no. You die. I save Karrigan : *dies* (oof faze wasted money on this noob and now I have to keep him in line. Could've gotten s1mple smh)
2018-06-23 14:04
What you said is just pure autism.... Mate NiKo ain't even choking anymore. NiKo only choked in the major and that's it, and even without him they wouldn't have probably gotten past mouz. And then, you can see the rest. (just putting it out there, still NiKo didn't choke but GuardiaN carried that match) Not gonna say more, what you said is pure autism, not mad, just look at this, you look like a 15 year old boy making these cringy shitty chats.
2018-06-23 14:08
Remove niko fro team, ez. Plug and play. Any fragger comes in and FaZe wins if they can Remove guardian from the team, ez major group stage exit
2018-06-23 14:29
2018-06-23 14:37
Europe FJUL 
Fake, niko is in Brazil for a showmatch.
2018-06-23 09:32
Proof ?
2018-06-23 09:58
hardstyle | 
Turkey B^S 
Vladik kys please
2018-06-23 10:02
fuck off
2018-06-23 10:07
allu | 
Ukraine AlexMove 
can someone remove this idiot from hltv?
2018-06-23 10:09
fake ofc lol
2018-06-23 10:14
fake, but niko and coldzera are like brothers (same with taco)
2018-06-23 11:37
Spain kroosw0w 
i think is true
2018-06-23 11:38
mixwell | 
Spain loviac 
2018-06-23 12:27
Hungary showee 
u call him traitor before anything official... so smart... typical 10y 10IQ fanboy
2018-06-23 12:16
why would he join this low team, obvious fake xddd
2018-06-23 12:18
France comenToFaZe 
he is good in faze
2018-06-23 12:19
Fake ofcourse lul
2018-06-23 14:06
you are so fucking dumb
2018-06-23 14:09
Belarus Dat_Boi 
FaZe.NiKo Praise the kek.
2018-06-23 14:09
HasABrain vladik69 real or fake?
2018-06-23 14:11
Turkey headshotk1ng 
olofmeister NBK ScreaM GuardiaN mixwell such a beast team.
2018-06-23 14:42
Finland Vkims 
Fake as hell
2018-06-23 14:43
Slovakia JACK35 
today will be showmatch mibr vs niko and others...
2018-06-23 20:21
rain | 
Norway Norsk 
Apologize to me.
2018-06-23 20:25
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