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15 yo stabbed to death in Bronx. NY
ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd fucking unbelievable how the store clerk was like nothing was happening
2018-06-24 23:29
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2018-06-24 23:30
ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd
sad but true
2018-06-24 23:32
Sounds like a normal day in Brazil. Actually only 1 horrible death would be a Record never done here ... Its like 20 stab deaths a day Just in the city of Rio de janeiro
2018-06-26 06:01
wow i looked into that and the last murder was in 2007 holy shit lol safe ass country
2018-06-26 06:56
Dude , brazil has more than 60k murders/year.... looks this article : brazil (red) has more murders than ALL blue countries TOGETHER. brazil is taken by a huge mafia of politicians who uses poor uneducaded people to keep themselfs in the power, thats why they dont invest into education etc.. even most rich people here has no culture (listening to brazilian funk music, wich is a complete shit.. it makes american rap looks like classic music) anyway.. shit happens xD
2018-06-26 15:20
Brazil eoteamo
2018-06-28 06:15
New Footage: Footage starts at 1:27. The video is made by an spanish speaker. But basically it shows how the kid went to the bodega asking for help, trying to hide from the gangsters and the store clerk just basically gives him to them, fucking unbelievable.. EDIT: And after he (store clerk) gives him to them, the kid entered when he was just stabbed/injured and the store clerk just kick him out without helping him whatsoever, wow.
2018-06-26 16:44
bronx is basically its own country it isnt representative of the whole country
2018-06-25 01:20
a large part of the every borough is kinda trash tbh, staten island is probably the safest and the bronx is probably the worst lmao
2018-06-25 01:33
Brazil coldzao2
Chiraq is safest for me
2018-06-25 10:01
im in chicago, chiraq
2018-06-25 21:25
Brazil coldzao2
2018-06-25 22:14
2018-06-25 22:14
Brazil coldzao2
2018-06-25 22:16
Fake niggas, thats the shit i dont like!
2018-06-26 05:04
lol staten island is not the safest, suffolk is....
2018-06-25 22:15
He’s talking about the boroughs. So out of Manhattan Brooklyn Bronx Staten Island Queens
2018-06-26 15:12
that how all the big inner cities are...people act like its a big deal omg lol america but its a everyday thing with the inner city blacks..all gang/drug related
2018-06-26 14:55
United States hehexddd
??? This was gang violence. 5 have been arrested.
2018-06-25 01:49
So gangviolence isnt that bad?
2018-06-25 09:36
United States hehexddd
No but he's saying USA omegalul as if gang violence is unique to the US.
2018-06-26 04:24
It is non-existent in countries like South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong.
2018-06-26 05:28
Russia goodjob
thats because they're either super small(like Hong Kong) or not even close to be as multicultural and 99% of their population consists of one race unfortunately countries with a lot of people and a lot of races/cultures will have shit like that happen more often
2018-06-26 06:52
HeY ThaATs RaCISt, DuDe. WhAt aRe yOuuU a NAZI?
2018-06-26 07:06
Maybe because HK is small, but it has nothing to do with being multicultural and consisting of only one race lol.
2018-06-28 06:43
Russia goodjob
yes it does.. its a fact that people of one race and one culture can coexist easier.. again im not saying that its the only reason, but other reasons would prooooooooooobably make me look like a racist so i dont really wanna name those reasons on this website :D
2018-06-28 06:46
ok bro but I'm talking about the reasons for why gangs exist, not why violence has more chances of happening
2018-06-28 06:48
Russia goodjob
well i think you know the reason why they exist and i think we both share that opinion
2018-06-28 06:49
in my opinion it is the availability of weapons (gun control), education government is offering, quality of life.
2018-06-28 06:52
Russia goodjob
i think its cultural first and foremost and then after that its all of what you mentioned
2018-06-28 06:53
Yakuza? Triad? You right, no gangs in Japan and Hong Kong.
2018-06-26 17:48
Watch too many movies lol. I've been going to school in Hong Kong for twelve years and even in the most notorious parts of it which is Tseung Kwan O and it is safe as fuck.
2018-06-28 06:42
doesn't mean they don't exist and do nothing there
2018-06-28 06:54
Small to non-existent enough for me who has lived there for 12 years and not notice? Haven't even appeared on news once, while this shit happens all the time in the US. You can't argue this, I live there, you don't. Rofl.
2018-06-28 10:34
That's because their crime is more organized, while the crime that you see happening over here is unorganized street gangs. Also you don't have kneegrows.
2018-06-28 11:29
Ok that made no sense lol, if crime rate of gang violence is high it would occasionally appear on news and you would see them on the streets like in the US, if it's not, it's not, like in HK.
2018-06-28 15:33
United States hehexddd
Bro did you just say gang violence is non-existent in Japan and Hong Kong lol? There's definitely a difference in the extremity of the violence though, because you can't just buy guns at grocery stores like in the US.
2018-06-28 06:07
#302 there is almost NEVER any even violence-related incidents in Hong Kong, like maybe a few times a year there would be a robber trying to stab someone, but gang violence has never been heard. The most deadly incidents would be bus crashes.
2018-06-28 06:46
United States hehexddd
Is it possible it's just not reported? I know in some countries they purposely don't report certain crimes to make themselves look better. Not saying this is the case, I'm legitimately asking because I haven't looked into it :P
2018-07-01 09:26
Well I was kinda expecting you to bring that up haha, imo things are pretty transparent here and HK is such a small city there's nothing to really hide
2018-07-01 15:15
United States hehexddd
2018-07-16 09:05
African Union Bruce U
apparently they stabbed the wrong guy, he was innocent
2018-06-25 12:10
2018-06-25 12:51
United States hehexddd
not lol
2018-06-26 04:24
It's fucking Bronx mate, it's like mini Africa.
2018-06-25 03:49
is america dude, is you too
2018-06-25 14:46
Im sorry but in africa ppl hardly see this atleast in ex frennhbor portuguese colonies like cape vert, senegal, guine bissau, angola even congo
2018-06-26 00:15
2018-06-26 00:16
yes... my parents are from africa..
2018-06-26 10:22
2018-06-25 03:50
2018-06-26 17:06
FacePalm, and I just found out about this while scrolling through articles. geez, what is up with idiots like them these days, making nothing but stupid assumptions. And the really sad part about this is that he was mistaken for someone else involved in a stupid sex tape.
2018-06-24 23:37
United States hehexddd
Even the gang leader admitted they fucked up and kicked them out of the gang. Not much use that will do now tho...
2018-06-25 01:49
source? That's fucking hilarious if it's true. EDITED EDIT: I'm a fucking moron :D
2018-06-25 09:27
United States hehexddd Idk if nypost is reliable but people related to the victim said there was an apology sent and the gang leader said he kicked them out.
2018-06-26 04:29
Just heard about that the other day. Fuckin guys hacked him to death with a machete. 3nis are fuckin savages
2018-06-24 23:34
not only with a machete but with large kitchen knives too, there were like 7-8 different guys that went in to stab him, that was just sad to see /:
2018-06-24 23:34
Damn I read the articles and the kid apparently wanted to be a police officer/detective. Really terrible what happened to him.
2018-06-25 01:16
USA boy USA all day long
2018-06-25 14:48
lsd | 
Germany dzynK
2018-06-25 21:28
United States Prattatat
Right? Brazil is the epitome of safety
2018-06-25 21:38
+1 some of the worst crime in the world lmao
2018-06-26 05:26
So what? We are shit but u ain't better lol
2018-06-26 06:34
North America xAriana
"3.80 in every 100,000 people are murdered annually in The United States compared to 26.50 in Brazil" lol, US is WAY safer then wild Brazil
2018-06-26 15:23
U.S still shit anyways
2018-06-26 17:02
North America xAriana
good thing that Brazil is the country of peace and love and tons of videos DAILY don't end up on r/watchpeopledie from your beautiful homeland backing that up... wait, yeah they do
2018-06-26 17:19
When did i say Brazil is good?
2018-06-26 17:23
Its funny how an American act, you see this guy made a comment "USA all day long" and he instantly got upset and started talkinh about safety about a country that hás nothing to do with the major subject THIS IS murica LOL
2018-06-26 06:47
United States Prattatat
Damn tilted you so much had to respond twice. And yes we are better, much much better in regards to quality of life and safety from crime in major cities. Baltimore and Chicago are their own entities though, shit like the wild west some nights.
2018-06-26 13:28
Thats not even my point And who cares, ur country still violent af Canada is better
2018-06-26 17:03
United States Prattatat
Canada is better.... I love Canada! What was your point then if not to talk about how rough the American cities are?
2018-06-26 17:07
My point was: If a Brazilian guy say that the U.S. are violent and u awnser him that his country is more dangerous than yours. Would it erase the fact that ur country still violent? I dont think so
2018-06-26 17:12
United States Prattatat
I never said it did, hence why I added the fact that Chicago and Baltimore are like the wild west. Like an 8 block radius at the minimum in both cities where you don't want to be out past 9:00, shit can get crazy. This is also one of the more gruesome ways gangs have killed someone around here recently so there is a difference. Seen a few too many videos from Brazil of people getting carved up like turkeys for saying the wrong thing or crossing the wrong person. Shits crazy man
2018-06-26 17:15
U didn't get it.
2018-06-26 17:15
United States Prattatat
I clearly did, acknowledging your point but explaining why the comment was made based on your previous responses not just to me but other people. Just because I put in context for why I said something doesn't mean I didn't understand the point you were trying to make.
2018-06-26 17:17
Fine. Got it
2018-06-26 17:19
The fact that u awnsered the Brazilian guy with sarcasm seems line u were trying to erase the U.S. violence by stating that Brasil is dangerous too
2018-06-26 17:17
United States Prattatat
Gotcha, I can see where youre coming from. I didn't mean to imply that the US what the epitome of safety either, far from it.
2018-06-26 17:32
Np mate
2018-06-26 17:50
you gave me a sarcastic answer when you wanted to say something like "what are you talking about? your country is worse than mine, so you have no right to speak" am I wrong?
2018-06-26 20:10
United States Prattatat
It was more so a sarcastic joke in the sense of the pot calling the kettle black and commenting on how this is an everyday affair which it isn't. It seems to have been taken much more seriously than it should have.
2018-06-26 20:19
And what the fact that i responded twice has to do with me tilted? xDD Typical murican way of thinking
2018-06-26 17:08
United States Prattatat
The fact that 15 minutes after you responded you felt the need to comeback and make another response without me saying anything to you. Means that you were thinking about this long after you read it because it got to you in some way that you needed to be sure to make a point. Its human natures signs of being tilted in a sense
2018-06-26 17:11
That makes sense, but its because i was eating a sandwich while reading HLTV
2018-06-26 17:13
United States Prattatat
..... ah, my bad then disregard the saltiness aspect.
2018-06-26 17:15
Hahaha, not salty at all. Its normal to think like that
2018-06-26 17:21
You are shit compared to us (greeks)
2018-07-15 01:33
not shot? im surprised
2018-06-24 23:33
gun laws are stricter in the Northeastern US compared to other parts of the US.
2018-06-24 23:34
i mean, do gangs give a fuck tho? i would assume a lot of them pack a handgun at least
2018-06-24 23:38
gangs have guns but he probably stabbed him to create less noise
2018-06-25 01:20
United States hehexddd
Yes, but gun control does make it more difficult to obtain weapons. I'm not saying it's impossible, just more difficult.
2018-06-25 01:50
It isn't any more difficult because gun control is only applicable to guns which are registered. Thugs and gangs don't use registered guns, they get the shit that's smuggled in at ports and the like. If you are going to shoot innocents then you aren't worried about breaking a law to get a gun, don't be so naive.
2018-06-25 01:58
United States hehexddd
You realize there are many states where you don't have to have a license/register a gun when you buy it? Obviously it's going to be more difficult to get unregistered guns in states that require licenses and registration for guns, and have stricter inventory protocol for gun shipments coming into and out of the state.
2018-06-26 04:27
United States YEP_COCK
Option 1: Smuggle guns across the border or ports. (seems unlikely). Option 2: Obtain a gun from someone who purchases them legally and files id numbers and serial numbers off. Prolly 95% gonna go with option 2
2018-06-26 17:18
I think his point is pretty accurate gangs will get guns from other methods black market, smuggling, trafficking etc. If you look up the statistics of legal gun crimes in your country it's fairly low meaning majority of Americans are actually responsible gun owners, if you look up statistics of gun crimes with an unregistered or illegally obtained fire arm they are much higher. BTW scratching the serial #s off the gun doesn't fix the problem and the gun can be traced back to the location it was purchased at from sales records.
2018-06-28 07:07
stabbing is more personal, they were out to send a message.
2018-06-25 01:28
Typical day in Brazil... oh wait
2018-06-24 23:34
Even the worst parts of the U.S are safer than Brazil
2018-06-25 03:54
You've been there or you know this from Internet/Media?
2018-06-25 09:29
2018-06-25 14:49
Ever heard of statistics?
2018-06-25 20:25
So this is what the greatest superpower who brings humanity and liberty to the world has to compare itself with?
2018-06-25 23:46
United States YEP_COCK
To be fair, I can walk into a city and not have to be worried about getting drugged and waking up with all my shit stolen. Or see prostitutes roaming the streets everywhere. Even detroit isn't near as bad as Rio ect.
2018-06-26 17:19
+1 for street prostitutes
2018-06-27 00:31
One of the most safest cities in Brazil: Jaraguá do Sul (SC) = 3,7 deaths to 100 000 One of the most dangerous cities in US: St. Louis = 59,93 deaths to 100 000
2018-06-26 05:05
Yeah, and Brazil's most dangerous city is almost 2x more dangerous than the worst city in the U.S, what a joke.
2018-06-26 05:57
Nice try. Stop lying ur country is even worst but ur media are fake so they pretend its okay but actually its a shithole Thank god im brazilian, i can go safe to school without worries about being shot
2018-06-26 06:20
Yeah, then you walk out the school and get shot and robbed.
2018-06-26 06:20
Sorry to say that but that doesn't happen bruh, America is going downhill with Trump and Brazil is corrupt and not so good bit we can walk happily on street withoit gettiing shot
2018-06-26 06:25
Lol what, Brazil is much more dangerous the U.S.
2018-06-26 06:26
U dont livre here so u can't prove, ur media got u really blind
2018-06-26 06:27
I don't go off the media, and the media doesn't even report on Brazil. I base this off statistics, and it's a proven fact that Brazil is a lot more dangerous than the U.S on average. Brazil has a murder rate of 30 per 100,000 and the U.S has 5 per 100,000 To say the U.S is even close to as dangerous as Brazil is just being totally ignorant. To compare, the largest city in the U.S has a murder rate of around 2-4 per 100,000 (NYC) While Sao Paulo has a murder rate of around 10 per 100,000.
2018-06-26 06:34
U got this from google, google is media anyways so FAKE STATS!!
2018-06-26 06:36
Lmao, everything is fake when it goes against your narrative.
2018-06-26 06:37
How can u be sure that is truth ? Typical capitalist americans who thinks gov is on their sides
2018-06-26 06:40
2018-06-26 06:40
OK. Mr.Argument
2018-06-26 06:42
Keep talking
2018-06-26 06:50
United States Prattatat
Please provide your stats sir since it seems like the universally accepted statistics are wrong, k thanks!
2018-06-26 17:04
United States YEP_COCK
Wait what? Do you live in the U.S? Because by your logic your not allowed to say anything about the U.S. because u don't live here.
2018-06-26 17:21
North America xAriana
comparing safest city to most dangerous one ????? gj
2018-06-26 15:31
I just made that comparison because a guy wrote it up there: "Even the worst parts of the U.S. are safer than Brazil"
2018-06-26 17:02
just another day in states
2018-06-24 23:34
nt genghis
2018-06-25 03:54
nt? hahaha I live in NY and I see this every week
2018-06-25 14:50
No you don't, I've lived in NY most of life and have never seen shit like this.
2018-06-25 20:26
White Plains is not NYC, okay? lol
2018-06-25 21:16
"no you don't" lmao he said he lived who are u to say the opposite ??
2018-06-26 06:26
typical day in london
2018-06-24 23:34
sad... I hope the guy who commited this will die in Jail
2018-06-24 23:34
#11, there were like 8-10 guys involved which 7-8 of them went to stab him
2018-06-24 23:35
holy shit 7-8 mens ? they are all cunt... they do a 1v7 ? really ? they are all cunt hope they will get fucked in jail... btw the NYPD find the 8 suspect ?
2018-06-24 23:37
Some say that one guy involved has been arrested, but I haven't see the news about it
2018-06-24 23:39
well there are articles posted about this so it's not completely out of the news
2018-06-24 23:40
United States hehexddd
5 have been arrested. I heard one was arrested in the Dominican Republic as well.
2018-06-25 01:50
normal day in the US
2018-06-24 23:37
Sorry this is not normal in the US the killers didn't use a gun this time
2018-06-24 23:39
2018-06-24 23:40
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo
Nor was the scene a school. Looks more like a day in mexico.
2018-06-24 23:43
United States inflict
Looks like a normal day in London to me
2018-06-24 23:46
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo
Nah, that would involve acid to the face ruining some ones life over a handbag worth a total amount of 30quid.
2018-06-24 23:47
United Kingdom fal36
2018-06-25 01:15
Europe L30n@rd0
bring back the fucking death sentence, for "people" like these
2018-06-24 23:37
EU talking :D You refuse to send deadly meds to the US for executions.
2018-06-24 23:40
Europe L30n@rd0
Im not EU and I dont refuse to anything of the sort. I am just an individual why do people talking to each other like they are country representatives ?
2018-06-24 23:42
2018-06-25 09:57
2018-06-25 01:21
Croatia mds818
with your logic 90 percent of today's "new" generations would be dead.
2018-06-25 03:56
Europe L30n@rd0
so you are saying 90% of teenagers are committing cold blooded murders ? I don't think so
2018-06-25 09:21
Croatia mds818
no, what im saying is that they're wannabe gangsters and other shits
2018-06-25 13:11
Europe L30n@rd0
wannabe gangsters and killers are still different i guess
2018-06-27 17:59
Croatia mds818
2018-06-27 18:08
It's a good logic and good thing too. Too many retarded people, they should be replaced with a new generation, don't be overcucked
2018-06-25 12:07
20k people getting shot every year in the us this is just minor inconvenience
2018-06-24 23:41
United States darth_mac
+1 but most are suicide not people shooting each other
2018-06-24 23:47
Xeno | 
Netherlands Xenoo
You americans have it so easy. You can find a gun anywhere and kill yourself.
2018-06-24 23:48
2018-06-25 01:24
2018-06-25 11:59
who gives a shit no guns no deaths stick to your caveman mentality
2018-06-24 23:50
then the US can might as well head into a pointless civil war over pro gun idiots and anti gun idiots.
2018-06-24 23:54
eu: approximately 5-200 deaths due to terrorist attacks every year solution: better trained cops merica: 20k deaths solution: cops are a joke but every rube has a gun
2018-06-25 00:00
United States darth_mac
good point if I wanted to kill myself instead of a gun ill just od. then that solves all the dead people
2018-06-25 01:09
wtfff... rip
2018-06-24 23:46
:( yeah
2018-06-24 23:53
Sweden rawrxdd
2018-06-24 23:46
if it was, then it would be a shooting instead buddy, not getting stabbed and partially slashed
2018-06-24 23:48
This happened in the Bronx NY read the story
2018-06-24 23:55
I did read it bud.
2018-06-24 23:58
Are you African american ? Tell me as an ambassador of your people why do blacks kill so much in the US ? It's insane every time i read a story like that it's always black people.
2018-06-25 00:01
I'm not African American, but from my point of view, it would be likely be due to poverty and alot of racism directed towards them when it comes to them trying to live normal lives. However other americans can probably explain this better than i can
2018-06-25 00:06
Blacks kill because people are racist to them? Wtf
2018-06-25 01:22
Finland jakem0n
In a land where have been so much slavery and racism and discrimination its hard to get a good life. If your parents have been in jail you don't have good start to the life. And if you realize that you're black and it is actually one reason to police to harass you and automatically think you're a criminal, how can you ever even try to live normal life? There are just so much black people living criminal life because they have been born to a neighborhood that has more poverty, drugs and crimes and their relatives, family and friends probably are related to drugs and crimes.
2018-06-25 04:00
This happens everyday in Malmo bro..
2018-06-25 01:23
Sweden rawrxdd
2018-06-25 01:34
United States hehexddd
it does?
2018-06-25 01:53
No, they are civil enough to Use Guns.
2018-06-25 12:00
Sweden Cabenstone
I don't think you should post this on hltv.. I understand that the world should be seen uncensored but bro, there are children on this website as well...
2018-06-24 23:55
you really think children would care?
2018-06-24 23:58
Sweden Cabenstone
No, I meant that if they click on the link and then because of curiosity decided to watch the video. I know it's their choice to watch it but still, you know what I mean.
2018-06-25 00:14
Sooner or later they'll have to accept reality
2018-06-25 01:50
People getting stabbed on the street is not everyones reality. Very rarely happens here.
2018-06-25 09:34
New Zealand rOtten_97
Yeah but they need to know how fucked up the world is nowadays. Plus sooner or later they'll learn about it (hopefully not experience it) or hear it on the news
2018-06-25 02:05
Croatia mds818
You might be right, but then again... those "children" are the 12yo egomaniatic "ogs" gods of cs listening wannabe shit etc not to count every thing.. tldr> bunch of "tough" retards who don't have balls to say shit irl
2018-06-25 03:55
Expected from 3rd worlders
2018-06-24 23:55
Oh this is so sad. :(
2018-06-25 00:09
I don't really fault the store clerk for not intervening, he'd just get stabbed to death himself, but he should've called 911 at least and then tried to stop the bleeding afterwards or something.
2018-06-25 00:43
well yeah i guess so. and there's an interview with one of the witnesses that were in the grocery at the moment the kid was drag out of it. And basically he said that there were around 15 guys involved in it, and they had no guns (the guys that were in the grocery at that time), no way to defend themselves in case something happened if they got involved. So yeah I agree that they should have called 911 when they smelt that something was cooking.
2018-06-25 01:19
Objectively you're right. But these people are scared for their lives in this very moment. They are under "shock". Only very few people (mostly trained ones) are mentally stable enaugh in these situations to act objectivly.
2018-06-25 09:38
yeah but if you've lived in bronx for the better part of your life, and even work in a store that has probably been robbed more than a few times, I expect you're hardened enough to be able to pick up your phone when you see a kid is being dragged out of your store by gang members Sure he could be in shock but many people have managed to call the cops in more pressing situations
2018-06-25 11:50
Valid argument. I cant rely since i know nothing about actual Ghetto life except from the common movies. And I don't take them as reference to speak about it...
2018-06-25 12:44
Ohhh nooo and in the ocean man drown :O schoking :O
2018-06-25 01:11
3rd world country
2018-06-25 01:12
This happen in Malmo everyday bro
2018-06-25 01:22
Poland Unluko
+1 lol swede talking xD
2018-06-25 01:43
2018-06-25 01:12
2018-06-25 01:18
these kind of videos ( r/watchpeopledie) make me think about life everytime i watch them. its so sad
2018-06-25 01:19
Croatia mds818
tbh there's no easy way to put this but... meh debateable.
2018-06-25 03:52
Internet Explorer detected was all over insta the Video
2018-06-25 01:26
Real fuckin sad.
2018-06-25 01:28
Brazil 1930
'i hate or envy america so i'll reply typical america' said average underage hltv iq under 20 european user
2018-06-25 01:48
United States hehexddd
:( RIP
2018-06-25 01:54
Brazil 1930
sorry for what happened to your fellow countryman. regards
2018-06-25 02:46
United States hehexddd
:'( <3
2018-06-26 04:28
Build the wall!
2018-06-25 01:49
United States hehexddd
? That Dominican kid was a good kid and wanted to be an NYPD detective. You can't have the good without the bad.
2018-06-25 01:54
You're blind asf!
2018-06-25 03:43
United States hehexddd
Please explain
2018-06-26 04:28
Brazil Collee
No words for this
2018-06-25 01:53
Brazil dr0wning
kk foi mal men
2018-06-25 03:51
Hungary subzera
whatre you gonna do? stab me? but fr is this really sad
2018-06-25 03:57
Finland jUPPE!
New York should ban knives immediately.
2018-06-25 09:31
Brazil m16r_0
Sorry, we murdered the wrong guy.
2018-06-25 09:35
MURICA! what a country! best in the world! i wish i lived there!
2018-06-25 09:50
USA is budget M/E. Maybe other way around. LOL
2018-06-25 10:18
That's seriousky fucked up. Can't we just make the U.S. one big parking lot?
2018-06-25 10:33
what can the clerk do ?
2018-06-25 11:52
2018-06-25 17:34
Typical day in Sweden hahaah
2018-06-25 12:04
Sweden KarlXII
Ehm no, not really. We dont have some fucking "Vato Locos" walking around seeing some random ass kid and machete him down/slaughter him and video it lol.
2018-06-26 04:36
In Malmö you do. :)
2018-06-26 07:49
Sweden KarlXII
No. Thats Ahmeds. And Copenhagen does as well mate.
2018-06-26 10:25
Lol happens more in zWedistan
2018-06-26 10:29
Sweden KarlXII
No it doesnt. Gangs doesnt randomly be like "Oh yeah thats Erik, he fucked Mohameds girlfriend, lets stab and butcher him". lol
2018-06-26 10:29
No, but you see twice as many people getting stabbed in Mohamaden than in Denmark.
2018-06-26 11:39
Can you post any proof of this, like some statistics etc? I mean being this ignorant will never help you in life. Denmark calls Sweden, Swedistan like they don't have a refugee problem themselves and notice I'm using the world refugee not migrant like some 20 IQ Europeans call refugees because of how brain dead they are they are completely different.
2018-06-28 07:19
Go search yourself, if you want to see. You never see someone with a swedish name murder someone in the news, always freaking Mohamed
2018-06-28 07:42
That's the problem I don't want to go and search it for myself I want actual stats or any type of evidence to prove what you're saying isn't non sense not fucking isolated events you saw online one time you dumbass, do not respond to me unless you can actually show you're not full of shit ty.
2018-06-28 07:44
No one never called you, in this discussion. I'm talking about my own knowledge, so if you're so interested, then go search yourself Mr. fakeflagger
2018-06-28 07:45
Sorry Dane but your own knowledge of believing literally everything you see online is not proof try again. Actual stats etc to show what you're saying isn't full of shit you saw on some randy website of an isolated event. BTW yes I am fake flagging because I'm a Dane and I know how you're full of shit.
2018-06-28 07:49
Damn. Well, I know that I am right, and you had literally no reason to ralk shit. End of discussion, if you want facts, go search yourself, stupid Ronaldo fanboy
2018-06-28 07:52
There is nothing to search, the "facts" don't exist, only in your delusional brain they exist because you seen some isolated events online and used them as a representation of the entire refugee problem in Sweden. It also shows you're a hypocrite since your country has the same issue, denying the truth because of delusional isn't a fact btw, giving false information about the situation isn't a fact btw, not being able to provide any evidence at all isn't a fact btw. Also what does Ronaldo have to do anything with this? I'm not a fanboy either, I'm just not delusional he's in the prime of his career and Messi is slowing down you cannot compare the two at this moment Ronaldo is the best player in the world with no debate everything including statistics and personal achievements backs that statement up, saying I think Messi is better is what a fanboy would do.
2018-06-28 07:58
Didn't read, your iq is below 25. Have a good day
2018-06-28 07:57 If you want something, there you go, toxic shit
2018-06-28 07:59
Some random article on a UK site nice try, this is literally not worth discussing anymore, no stats, no proof, just opinions good for them crime is up in every major city these days because the generation coming up are degenerates.
2018-06-28 08:02
Rofl, you ask me fpr proof, and I give you. Stop crying and realize the truth. Toxic trash
2018-06-28 08:04
2018-06-26 05:03
United Kingdom SickaBoy
so many retarded ppl
2018-06-25 12:04
Typical Mexicans. This is why Trump is president.
2018-06-25 12:06
Brazil GoldZera
should have stayed in Mexico, if he had now would be alive
2018-06-25 12:08
Death Sentence is right for this kind of things, cucks and liberal values will own you someday that you won't be able to get owned again
2018-06-25 12:09
They should Rot in prison til they die
2018-06-25 17:36
And be tortured from time to time
2018-06-25 18:12
Doing something equally brutal (or more) to any 'criminal' just makes you even worse than him/her, you'll turn into scum. Torture, lynching and playing vigilante will never work out. Life imprisonment is just the way to go.
2018-06-26 04:43
It will work out and if you will do something good to those who deserve it, you'd never turn into a bad person. Be real and be equal, that's the way to go
2018-06-26 05:11
Ethiopia aNCIOn
expected from 3rd world country
2018-06-25 12:16
Dont click, Lost my leg
2018-06-25 17:35
can confirm, feelsbadman
2018-06-26 06:33
omg :(
2018-06-25 12:46
this is america
2018-06-25 14:44
expected from the US
2018-06-25 17:35
humans are still just animals
2018-06-25 21:21
Black ppl yes
2018-06-26 04:37
Most easiest report of everyone's life
2018-06-26 06:30
dont snitch
2018-06-26 14:51
2018-06-26 17:30
i support free speech & he didn't use racial slur getting mods involved is so cheesy
2018-06-26 17:43
U said:" Humans are animals" He said":Black people yes" So that means black ppl=Animals ? Thats is at least an insult
2018-06-26 17:53
Netherlands Marrix
so you should get reported aswell? YOU SAID HUMANS = ANIMALS OMFG REPORT!!!
2018-07-01 15:27
Sweden KarlXII
Expected from shithole like America tbh. The people in that fucking country are so fucking braindead it hurts. The government in that fucking country are so fucking retarded it hurts. The law enforcement in that fucking country is so fucking retarded it hurts. Its a big fucking mess with idiotic people, badly trained cops and corrupt politicians.... Sad part is that no American or Canadian will agree with me on this.
2018-06-26 04:34
France nigr
siemanjo 4sweeeeeeeeeden
2018-06-26 04:41
i agree, but nothing can be done about it unless u purge gangs or the like which would be against "ethics and morals." it also doesnt help that the the in power r either corrupt or retarded as r their electorates. the best choice we can make is move out of the shithole places in the US given the opportunity or stay and risk shit like this happening. where i live the violent shit i hear about in the news is unfathomable.
2018-06-26 04:45
some of my friends are from the bronx and i have no idea why they like going back there so much
2018-06-26 04:59
they like stabbing others
2018-06-26 17:06
United States hoobit
What the fuck
2018-06-26 05:01
ban knives fast
2018-06-26 05:02
why the fuck is there a video
2018-06-26 06:03
what do you mean?
2018-06-26 06:29
there is a video on the site were you can see how he gets murdered
2018-06-26 06:29
yes, so you're saying it shouldn't be there?
2018-06-26 06:31
why would you upload a video where a 15y/o gets butchered by 4 guys with a machete
2018-06-26 06:32
because that's what actually happened? and people want too see it? and why would you think the age is important in this particular case?
2018-06-26 06:35
expected from Venezuela
2018-06-26 06:38
Netherlands Marrix
knowing that he just hit puberty is even more disturbing then it being a 40 year old man or something.
2018-07-01 15:29
snowflake muh?
2018-06-26 17:07
Hehehehe USA so shit
2018-06-26 06:23
This shit gives the US such a bad rep....and it's well deserved. R.I.P :(
2018-06-26 06:26
Rest In Peace
2018-06-26 14:53
Pick ur poison guys would u rather live in USA, Brazil or Kenya
2018-06-26 15:00
Brasil is the safest country.
2018-06-26 17:06
I'll take option 4.
2018-06-26 19:01
Netherlands Marrix
4) in the sea with all the fishes? well thats the same. cuz a little fish is gonna get killed by 4 or 5 sharks
2018-07-01 15:30
its so horrible
2018-06-26 15:05
Poland sitarskee
fucking horrible, i can't fucking stand the fact that such people fucking make it out and don't even get punished for it when i see shit like this i am 100% for death sentences
2018-06-26 15:19
ban knives new york
2018-06-26 15:30
Brazil sprk1
2018-06-26 17:45
Turkey Sp3lt0r
2018-06-26 17:09
seen shit like dat my whole life. niggas b crazy
2018-06-26 17:14
If only he had a gun.
2018-06-26 17:48
#254, if you're too scared to close your business when a 15 yo kid comes to you begging for help, then neither would you pull the trigger for that.
2018-06-26 17:52
It's in the us, do you expect people to help others in need lmao
2018-06-26 17:56
well, you've got a point there
2018-06-26 19:00
New York City has some of the strictest gun laws in america. Typically if you get caught with one you're going to prison.
2018-07-15 02:11
fuckin usa
2018-06-26 17:48
Rest in piece <3
2018-06-28 07:03
For once it wasn't my lovely city of Detroit
2018-06-28 07:07
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