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Editing Panorama character
New Zealand NewZealand 
You can modify the main menu characters to any custom CS:GO model you have downloaded from community servers or Gamebanana. No you can't get VAC banned only forced to verify game files if you try to play on a secure server but the beta isn't online so you don't need to worry about that. Every player model should work but ones using custom animations may not work well. First you will need to replace the SAS and Phoenix models The SAS model files name is ctm_sas, and the Phoenix model files name is tm_phoenix Go to the csgo folder and locate the pak1_dir.vpk file and make a copy of it Go to models/player/... and copy the 4 files of your custom model and paste it to models/player and models/player/custom_player/legacy folders, then rename all of them to ctm_sas the .dx90, .mdl, .phy, .vvd files. Open XVI32, from there open the pak1_dir.vpk file in csgo folder. Click Search on the tab, then Find and input the word ctm_sas in the search then replace any letter in the line to make it different (for example a to 2 to make ctm_s2s) Repeat the above step 1 more time to replace 1 more file, after that open the search bar again and now include the .dx90 behind the text. Then click search. Replace the line and another ctm_sas.dx90 line like above. After that open the search bar, remove the .dx90 text and then repeat the process at the beginning( search for "ctm_sas" line only, replace the letter). Do that until this box appear, that means you have finish the work. Save the file, exit XVI32, then open GCFScape and open that pak1_dir.vpk file. Tools 1. GCFScape: 2. XVI32: 3. Custom player models you can download them from community servers. Which are located in csgo/models/player/ Launch the beta and you should see the custom model you chose. Examples thanks to for the guide and screenshots
2018-06-25 10:36
2018-06-25 10:44
2018-07-01 14:00
MSL | 
Brunei GucciLele 
2018-07-04 23:59
thank you
2018-07-05 01:24
rain | 
Venezuela Kremator 
for what purpose? i mean, you will only see the character like 3 minutes while you find a match
2018-06-25 10:45
Why not? Better to look at a custom model than the default one, why did Valve bother adding it if you only see it for 3 minutes?
2018-06-25 10:55
Norway AleXeiCS 
to fill the blank spot
2018-06-25 22:56
or they couldve just used the old design, i didnt see anyone complaining because there was no ct before
2018-06-25 22:59
to sell fucking dog tags and bandanas
2018-06-26 02:16
which is why this method is available so you dont need to waste money on that, instead you can get a better looking model for free
2018-06-26 02:26
which is why valve gonna block every method possible
2018-06-26 08:07
theyre not going to block it
2018-06-26 11:01
Greenland HLTV_LGBT 
nice virus
2018-06-25 10:47
You can just search for the software and download else where.
2018-06-25 11:27
Netherlands Tydaa_ 
lmao it would be funny to play with hitler as hack in normal faceit game lmao
2018-06-25 10:58
you might be able to do it client side with a cheat, i know you can modify the custom models of a community server but im not sure if valve allows it for the default models
2018-06-25 12:08
got scammed, dont click
2018-06-25 11:33
you can just google the software and download from elsewhere if you want
2018-06-25 12:13
reported x2 google is scam
2018-06-25 16:51
2018-06-25 11:46
2018-06-25 12:19
Romania RyuunosukeE7 
i love this panorama ui.
2018-06-25 11:48
2018-06-25 12:32
lmao dope as fuck
2018-06-25 11:55
2018-06-25 23:28
Germany uRaguuu 
poggers for the first and last one
2018-06-25 12:39
2018-06-25 22:50
Netherlands Deji 
Stolen from steam guides
2018-06-25 22:52
i already knew how to modify the models i just didnt know it would affect the panorama main menu and i didnt have any screenshots of it, also i credited the guy and i know him
2018-06-25 22:55
Netherlands Deji 
OH ok good
2018-06-25 23:00
Germany Cyasera 
ehm well I don't care... take the bump though.
2018-06-25 22:56
2018-06-27 09:41
2018-06-25 22:58
thanks japan
2018-06-25 23:11
2018-06-25 23:14
2018-06-25 23:18
2nd pic btw
2018-06-25 22:58
Japan Kysweeb 
ew weebs
2018-06-25 23:31
not my screenshot and you can do it with any custom character
2018-06-25 23:40
Japan Kysweeb 
2018-06-25 23:45
Switzerland Gut 
only kids care about it
2018-06-25 23:39
It's a simple and fun thing to do, why does it bother you.
2018-06-28 14:23
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
back to reddit
2018-06-25 23:42
im not from reddit
2018-06-26 00:05
hitler, lul
2018-06-25 23:44
2018-06-27 01:21
Brazil EWRO 
1st and 4st is shit 2st is badass
2018-06-26 00:11
not my screenshots btw
2018-06-26 01:29
Algeria MagnumDz 
no anime please
2018-06-26 01:32
again the screenshot isnt mine and you can do it with any model
2018-06-26 01:51
Algeria MagnumDz 
no anime please
2018-06-26 01:52
2018-06-26 02:05
Algeria MagnumDz 
no anime please
2018-06-26 02:14
2018-06-26 02:56
instructions were not clear enough.. dick stuck in toaster
2018-06-26 02:24
its really easy tbh
2018-06-26 11:16
France nigr 
2018-06-26 04:11
Portugal CS|CRMN1 
Good job on this thread. Very insightful and it's a funny thing to do if you've got the time.
2018-06-26 11:23
2018-06-27 01:00
2018-06-27 22:55
:o a link
2018-07-02 23:59
i wasnt at my pc and didnt want to waste time setting up 0x0 but yes
2018-07-03 00:25
Thanks for sharing, cool thread Didnt know Bump
2018-06-27 22:59
2018-06-28 01:09
2018-07-02 23:59
Germany Cyasera2 
I so totally approve of this.
2018-07-01 23:52
2018-07-02 00:01
Germany Cyasera 
I should thank you for discovering and writing all of this.
2018-07-02 23:29
Other flynttt 
tl;dr? edit: maybe?
2018-07-01 23:54
no tldr
2018-07-02 15:59
Germany Cyasera 
tl;dr's in 2018 LUL
2018-07-03 01:51
2018-07-03 02:10
you can change the background in csgo/panorama/videos
2018-07-02 14:09
:o that's actually really nice
2018-07-02 23:31
True, I haven't had a chance to view that folder but I imagine you could easily modify it like you could in CSS/1.6 hope we get custom huds back because tbh I don't like the Panorama hud its simple but it hides all the features away, i dont care how my hud looks too much i want it to be functional
2018-07-03 01:30
They obviously wouldnt revert it, but there is no reason why custom models should not be allowed, a deafult model is just too boring
2018-07-03 07:19
theres no way to revert it, only make it so vac secured servers kick you for modified files
2018-07-05 02:46
Unless they start adding clothes in the next cases... it would be expected from valve
2018-07-03 07:20
wouldnt be the first time they took a custom feature from an older cs game and sold it for money
2018-07-04 23:58
2018-07-03 00:28
This is a serious thread.
2018-07-03 00:44
but why?
2018-07-03 09:04
Why not
2018-07-04 01:37
Europe expocted 
Reported for anime
2018-07-05 01:37
not my screenshots and there are non anime screenshots
2018-07-05 03:11
Europe expocted 
Jk bruh
2018-07-05 03:12
Thanks for the informative post.
2018-07-05 03:14
thanks for the bump
2018-07-05 03:18
France Dealotts 
2018-07-05 03:23
best one
2018-07-05 03:28
2018-07-05 04:16
Ukraine MalalaIsHere 
2018-07-05 03:36
I'll see if i can upload the files for that model
2018-07-06 07:15
oskar | 
Europe ziNje 
expected hentai @ custom models
2018-07-08 07:44
Reunion MrTasty 
2018-07-12 12:40
Japan kitzune 
does this guide still work? for the custom character?
2018-07-13 18:33
Reunion MrTasty 
Yes, assuming you aren't fake flagging use this server to get some custom models, it is in Japan and it has quite a lot Download should take about 10 minutes given your location
2018-07-14 01:27
Japan kitzune 
ty it works! and so does the background edit. great stuff :D
2018-07-14 15:49
Reunion MrTasty 
No problem, would you mind posting your screenshots?
2018-07-14 15:55
Reunion MrTasty 
Nice, guessing you got those models from PSE?
2018-07-14 17:29
I dont really need it, Panorama UI is good anyways.
2018-07-12 12:44
Reunion MrTasty 
What it looks like/how to use it: After the conversion is done goto your CS GO directory (default location C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo). From there open the folder named panorama. Inside of that you will find another folder named videos. Make a backup of this folder so it's easy to restore the original video files later (verifying integrity of game cache should work too though). Next open the videos folder and move the newly created nuke.webm, nuke540p and nuke720p.webm files there. When asked to choose to replace existing files. That's it. End result: Download: You need FMPEG and 7zip for this
2018-07-13 02:23
twice | 
Korea Tzuyu 
when is some1 making a naked girl?
2018-07-13 02:38
twice | 
Korea Tzuyu 
video guide pls
2018-07-13 02:39
Turkey lulpump1 
Dont click i lost my house
2018-07-13 02:42
Reunion MrsTasy 
Easier method to replace background go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\panorama\videos replace all the webms with whatever ones you want (make a backup so you don't need to reverify game files if you want to change it) if you want some webms I have 1.5gb webm folder
2018-07-15 06:24
2018-07-15 06:37
Brazil SK-gaming 
This is actually pretty cool
2018-07-15 06:40
Reunion MrsTasy 
thanks sk gaming
2018-07-16 06:58
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