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Portugal foxisgoodbutnotbest 
Thoughts : Uruguay 0 - 2 Portugal ( cr7, guedes ) France 0 - 1 Argentina ( Messi ) what is your prediction ?
2018-06-30 01:04
3 - 1 Uruguay 3 - 0 France
2018-06-30 01:05
nice one
2018-06-30 01:06
xd nt
2018-06-30 01:27
why nt?
2018-06-30 01:31
United States destrossive 
lmao brasil gonna get raped by mexies.
2018-06-30 01:34
yeah good one if you live in LA or around hispanic communities be sure to film their fan fests for me, I want to masturbate to their despair after my boy neymar makes their defense look stupid
2018-06-30 01:36
United States destrossive 
I love Neymar but I would choose Coutinho as the Brasil main reason to advance to quarters.
2018-06-30 18:39
ney will get around eventually, he's just not quite in his tempo yet but getting better every game. this game would be the perfect one for him to show everyone who's back
2018-06-30 18:44
Brazil forget_7x1_ffs 
i'll be cheering for SA, but france is gonna rekt arg rip
2018-06-30 01:05
+1 vem hexa
2018-06-30 01:08
i rly think argentina is gonna win but lets see
2018-06-30 01:09
+1 i think Portugal vs Argentina -Ronaldo vs Messi is going to be the match of the year, pls make it happen!
2018-06-30 01:10
if France beat Argentina, i buy u a Germany shirt
2018-06-30 01:33
good, makes sense
2018-06-30 01:43
freddieb | 
Sweden carvin 
maradona ftw
2018-06-30 01:16
2018-06-30 01:25
Portugal nakbarone 
Was expecting the stoned Diego. +1
2018-06-30 01:34
Man, how not love him?
2018-06-30 01:36
I wish brazilian football had a famous figure that is half of what that guy is to argentina (outside the game), what a legend
2018-06-30 01:38
Part of Argentina is confused, think Maradona must be an example of life due his exposition and approach to the people, but they just forget he is an human been as we are with rights and faults. In futbol, Maradona is GOD. And out of there just a person
2018-06-30 01:46
True, some people take it a step too far. My problem is that in brazilian football, our legends and our national team in general are starting to distance themselves way too much from the people. Argentina and Uruguay had pre-world cup friendlies in the bombonera and centenario, our national team flew away earlier for the 'brasil global tour' in europe in a plane that was sprayed with ink at the airport for decoration (during the trucker's strike which had the entire country without fuel) So that's why I mean that I wouldn't mind having a figure like maradona in brazilian football
2018-06-30 01:56
I really never imagined about that. I think the players should be grateful with who supports them to to much, more in South America where we dont have the opportunity to see them very often
2018-06-30 02:08
Portugal barret0 
Ur 3-8 Por Fr 1-5 Arg
2018-06-30 01:18
GuardiaN | 
Poland JKG 
2018-06-30 01:19
2018-06-30 01:24
Portugal nakbarone 
2018-06-30 01:34
2018-06-30 01:35
Portugal barret0 
omg im famous so many +1 im crying
2018-06-30 01:36
2018-06-30 02:33
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
2018-06-30 18:42
Denmark zink 
My bets for tomorrow are: Uruguay to win without conceding. France-Argentina to be won with a 1 goal margin. I hope the games will end with Uruguay and Argentina passing through. Uruguay plays more entertaining football than Portugal does, and Argentina has Messi who is absolutely magical. What a 3-touch-goal he scored against Nigeria, absolutely magical.
2018-06-30 01:29
Brazil bandicoot 
uruguay portugal - 4 red cards, extra time + penalty france- argentina boring game, late goal winner
2018-06-30 01:32
Portugal nakbarone 
6 red cards wtf this is a football match. quaresma will fuck all of them. 6 cards mark me wordz
2018-06-30 01:35
Uruguay 2-0 rolando Messi 2-francia 1
2018-06-30 01:32
Europe PHOM 
3x1 france - argentina struggled to win nigeria, draw with iceland, and lost to croatia, no way they beat france, unless messi do a miracle 2x1 uruguay -portugal have cr7.. but uruguay have a better team but this is the most unpredictable world cup, anything can happen
2018-06-30 01:33
messi can actually start in the world cup finally because france wont have a gay tactic and have 3 guys stand around messi. it's always the bad teams who do shittactics like these or have 10 guys in defence
2018-06-30 02:11
I'm cheering for south america as well but I really would like to see Portugal-Argentina in the quarters. Unfortunately argentina has zero cohesion so they better put some huevos if they dont wanna get rekt
2018-06-30 01:33
JD | 
Poland bigdidU 
3-2 argentina (3x messi 1 giroud 1 mbappe) 3-1 portugal ( 1 quaresma 2x ronaldo 1 suarez)
2018-06-30 01:35
Portugal nakbarone 
3 from Guedes. He will shine in this game
2018-06-30 01:38
+1 guedes legend
2018-06-30 01:58
nat | 
Austria us_vincere 
Muslera GOD Portugal cant get any goal
2018-06-30 01:47
Brazil xMoita 
2-0 Argentina (Híguain lololol and Messi) 2-1 Portugal (2x CR7 and Griezmann)
2018-06-30 01:48
Portugal will destroy Uruguay
2018-06-30 01:48
NikoM | 
Argentina rvoltoso 
Ez4 MessiGod
2018-06-30 01:49
i will bet both tied at half time what do you think ?
2018-06-30 01:50
Bosnia and Herzegovina Suk_Mike_Hok 
If argentina beets France I will buy you a ticket for the WC final and pay for all of the expenses bcs I am 100% sure that will not happen , a team that draws with Iceland and gets destroyed by Croatian can't even dream of beating France.Messi alone can't give them a win , an avarage country at best other than Messi the only significant players they have are Dybala , Higuain and Di Maria and they aren't even at the starting eleven most of the games.
2018-06-30 01:56
can i get a ticket too I just wanna get drunk in russia
2018-06-30 01:57
Argentina will beat france, france is overrated
2018-06-30 01:59
argentina always chokes in the beginning but are decent when they're out of groups. france also didn't have a good world cup so far so it isn't 100% sure men. but i also think france will win
2018-06-30 02:10
my dude its happening i want them tickets Kappa
2018-06-30 17:11
Bosnia and Herzegovina Suk_Mike_Hok 
Sorry I was wrong , Argentina destroyed France as expected , sending the tickets right now KAPPA.
2018-06-30 18:04
France 3x1 Argentina Uruguai 1x1 Portugal
2018-06-30 01:57
can't draw
2018-06-30 01:58
France 2x0 Argentina (2 gols on the second half) Uruguai 1x0 Portugal (30ish first half)
2018-06-30 02:04
we gonna see the first final of this WC, Argentina vs France, 2 world champions fighting for the pass to quarterfinals. i expect a good football match and i hope for Messi lead to victory, the football debt a WC for that magician PD: i have so many doubts about my English, so if any native speaker can tell me my mistakes i would appreciate it
2018-06-30 02:06
your english is cool
2018-06-30 02:34
Uruguay 1 - 1 Portugal in penalty portugal wins France 2 - 1 Argentina
2018-06-30 02:09
Uruguay 2 x 2 Portugal France 1 x 2 Argentina (Messi 2x) maybe dybala score but Sampaoli just fucking hate him
2018-06-30 02:14
pls sampaoli
2018-06-30 02:35
sampaoli is a pussy
2018-06-30 18:41
ez 4 suarez ez 4 messi
2018-06-30 02:36
shox | 
Portugal NiteZPT 
Portugal 1(4)-(3)1 U R Gay
2018-06-30 18:46
France 0 - 1 Argentina ( Messi )
2018-06-30 18:46
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