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Hungary Blackburn2k17 
Brace yourselves. Argentines: We lost cuz messi didn't do anything
2018-06-30 18:02
Jet lag
2018-06-30 18:03
s1mple | 
Korea karmaYB 
messi = goat /close
2018-06-30 18:03
The only reason the rest of his team did well was because there were 3 people marking messi every time he touched the ball
2018-06-30 18:04
and he wasn't bad honestly, but Argentine's defence is trash, especially Otamendi
2018-06-30 18:06
Philippines BritishCocaine 
otamendi is not bad, but hes stupid. hes a good player but so dumb that cost the team 2 minutes in add time
2018-06-30 18:17
To be honest except the brilliant goal he scored against Nigeria,he did nothing the whole tournament
2018-06-30 18:05
great cross to Aguero for the 3rd goal
2018-06-30 18:07
Italy marxie 
Every team was antistratting messi’s plays
2018-06-30 18:07
I think the coach has to take the responsabilitty about the whole performance of the team.They litteraly had no defence and midfield.
2018-06-30 18:15
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