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Build your dream PC
karrigan | 
United Kingdom xGhostyyy 
Build your dream pc here no price limit. Go
2018-07-02 22:51
Poland Spectra_CS 
whole NASA server
2018-07-02 22:52
linus' desk pc looks pretty sick, so probably that
2018-07-02 22:52
I already have dream pc with strongest available components lol
2018-07-02 22:53
What components?
2018-07-02 22:54
8700k evga 1080ti custom watercooled 4x4tb HDD and 3x 250gb 960 evo 240hz benq and 4k Dell for work purposes. Worked hard for this, and im proud And not a single RGB component
2018-07-02 22:58
Rate tbf why HDD and not SSD?
2018-07-02 22:59
16TB ssd would cost more than whole PC tbh
2018-07-02 23:03
Yup lol samsung 16tb ssd = $5,000+
2018-07-02 23:09
thumbs up for non-rgb components
2018-07-02 23:01
TOP PC BY ALIENWARE OR TOP PC BY RAZER which one in Liquid's gaming house
2018-07-02 22:56
i3 4gb ddr3 1030 my dream
2018-07-02 23:05
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