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Samsung Galaxy s9
autimatic | 
Romania SimonaHalep 
Swapped my s5 to s9. The battery on s9 sucks balls, it's basically the same as my 3 year old s5 wtf? Anyone else using galaxy s9?
2018-07-04 23:02
Twistzz | 
Lithuania Grybore 
You are doing something wrong xd
2018-07-04 23:03
Lithuania FRVPK 
2018-07-04 23:06
you are fool
2018-07-04 23:04
no u
2018-07-04 23:08
Slovakia Zamzows 
Battery is an area where smartphones unfortunately didn't progress at all. It's not that the S9 is a bad phone.
2018-07-04 23:09
2018-07-04 23:11
Wouldn't have even upgraded my phone, if I knew these batteries were similar.
2018-07-04 23:16
shox | 
Sweden okaynoyes 
That's why you look it up before
2018-07-04 23:22
Poland 0VERATED 
op5 battery is progressed a lot
2018-07-04 23:48
Brazil Mibr_eztop1 
you're using it wrong bro my s8+ has battery for 30~ hours I've no complains about
2018-07-04 23:11
Lithuania FRVPK 
30hrs bs you dont use it enough then xD
2018-07-04 23:13
30 hours of screen use? I can only get like 7 or 8 hours only auto brightness
2018-07-04 23:14
Brazil Mibr_eztop1 
No, but in a normal daily use I can end the day with a decently % of batery, try to disable all those apps you never use
2018-07-04 23:21
NEO | 
Vietnam thachsinh 
use zenphone 4 max pro for Battery
2018-07-04 23:16
Lithuania FRVPK 
and maybe youre using 1440p resolution you can go lower like 1080p
2018-07-04 23:21
Nope I'm using 1080p
2018-07-05 00:00
battery life doesnt really progress on phone because the usage gets higher and higher
2018-07-04 23:22
just use the battery mode or smth(dont know the english word cause im using it on dutch) the phone still feels really fast but batterly life improves alot
2018-07-04 23:23
Lithuania FRVPK 
what do you mean usage gets higher
2018-07-04 23:27
new features and the screen(including higher resolutions) gets improved every year which means that phones use more battery the battery life progression improves as fast as the usage which means that the total battery life remains the same
2018-07-04 23:28
Lithuania FRVPK 
samsung is working on new battery. it will be way better but now we can just wait
2018-07-04 23:33
You are using it wrong, my s8+ hold for whole day with heavy usage
2018-07-04 23:22
Denmark Xipingu 
Samsung is trash - imo. My S3 mini (first one) had a shitty battery that couldn't last more than a 3rd of the day, S5 had battery issues too (but was overall actually ok, no other mistakes so the best of the bunch), S6 bottom plug where you could insert the charging cable kept breaking like crazy (and I've had three different S6's, all the same problem), S7 broke after 14 days to the restart loop failure for no reason, and I noted one of the Notes had a battery eksplosion issue. Seems to me like they do not know how to develop anything properly, but haven't tried S8 nor S9.
2018-07-04 23:45
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