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C9 D0Cc and TenZ
autimatic | 
United States smooyaCSDOG 
it’s obvious that Skadoodle is a bot, his biggest play this year was almost retiring. I mean, why did he keep the ak when auti only had a cz? My solution is to replace Skadoodle with D0Cc. He’s a young talent and insane with both awps and rifles. They can sign him once he turns 18. They should also sign TenZ. He’s a young talent one tapping everyone in FPL. New Roster: -tarik (IGL) -autimatic (lurker) -RUSH (support) -D0Cc (awper) -TenZ (entry/2nd awp)
2018-07-05 00:52
Turkey efkoo 
2018-07-05 00:53
as if there’s anyone better
2018-07-05 00:54
The question is, is there anyone more unlikely to join C9 than D0Cc??? You might as well say Neymar to C9.
2018-07-05 00:56
2018-07-05 00:57
Sure thing so it will for sure be that dutch kid no one knows if he cheating or not and is not allowed to play cs because of his parents. I dont know anything more unlikely to happen on planet earth. Edit: But discussing with a hltv shitposter is probably not the smartest thing there is xD
2018-07-05 01:00
thats what everyone said before stewie joined :>
2018-07-05 01:22
NO?! And stewie spoke fluent english and played in NA. Also he was allowed to speak by his parents.
2018-07-05 02:24
docc > stewie /closed
2018-07-05 10:31
"fan of mibr"
2018-07-05 15:08
Well said , my boy..especially the "edited" part
2018-07-12 01:28
if d0cc's story is true do you really think his parents would let him fly to america to game LOL
2018-07-05 01:33
United States ScrubbyDubbDoo 
that wouldnt been terrible but i dont see it working lol
2018-07-05 00:54
desperate times call for desperate measures. NRG and Liquid are looking too good atm. We have to settle for pugstars and hope they can become Stewie2ks.
2018-07-05 00:56
i guess so
2018-07-05 00:57
United Kingdom galaxzy 
liquid looking good pick one
2018-07-05 01:21
why aren't you more concerned about Liquid going out to Big and North without a map win? They were a legit full team expected to make it deep. Ultimately, NA might have to have another shuffle at this rate.
2018-07-05 05:47
d0cc moving to NA lmfao this kid its not even allowed to leave the house
2018-07-05 00:55
that’s why I said “when he turns 18”. Can you read?
2018-07-05 00:56
docc cant speak english
2018-07-05 01:08
only 3rd worlders can't speak english my friend
2018-07-05 01:31
netherland is 3rd world country
2018-07-05 01:31
now i have to reply with your flag :/
2018-07-05 01:32
brazil talking axaxaxaxax
2018-07-11 10:23
gr8 b8 aahahhaha
2018-07-05 00:55
Netherlands appeltje 
d0cc would never move to NA.
2018-07-05 00:57
Jordan human928 
d0cc is not good as skadoodle my friend maybe s0m? s0m is like stew s0m/tarik/TenZ/autimatic/rush and tarik awper or any guy with them
2018-07-05 00:57
Denmark fm100 
Huh? Doc not as good as skadoodle? No he is even better bro. He is insane
2018-07-05 01:05
Jordan human928 
d0cc is just a fragger nothing else he dosent have a experince to stuck in one positon in team
2018-07-05 01:06
Denmark fm100 
True. But he can get experience
2018-07-05 01:11
United Kingdom xqo 
D0cc obviously isn’t the right choice. Like wtf, you’ve gotta be either retarded af or baiting to think that he could be even considered as a pick for C9. But s0m? S0m im the furthest thing from a good player. Yes, he qualified for FPL, I’ll give him that. But HOLY SHIT, he’s trash. CS:GO is filled with young talents and you think that s0m is a good pick for a team who wants to achieve the top? I don’t know what you’re smoking, but it’s certainly fucking you up.
2018-07-05 01:17
Jordan human928 
No but stew he was the same as s0m and s0m he needs to join a team to improve him self
2018-07-05 01:30
United Kingdom xqo 
Nope nope nope, stewie was good when he got picked up. S0m’s skill isn’t even near from what stewie’s was back then. You’ve gotta be delusional to think so.
2018-07-05 22:25
k0nfig | 
Turkey aesky 
+1 s0m is the most overrated player i have ever seen
2018-07-12 01:18
Japan Nekobasu 
2018-07-05 00:59
who the f is tenz?
2018-07-05 01:15
United Kingdom galaxzy 
Stew 2.0
2018-07-05 01:22
2018-07-05 01:23
Finland Vkims 
2018-07-05 01:22
xms | 
Reunion zizi1234 
nice bait
2018-07-05 15:51
Let them play on tier 4-2 teams to gain experience and maybe sign them
2018-07-05 01:22
United States Shadow272 
Y tf would tenz be secondary awper
2018-07-05 01:22
TenZ is considered to have a strong AWP but I don't think hes better than Tarik or even Auto for that matter
2018-07-05 06:07
United States Shadow272 
2018-07-05 15:46
Denmark U w0t m8? 
Have you seen doccs stream, he say anything, his comm is definitely not enough to play professionally
2018-07-05 01:23
Denmark Baitvice 
2018-07-05 01:24
first they should go to play to a low tier team to see if they can adapt to play as a team and get experience, its not the same to play pugs/fpl than play in a tier1-2 team
2018-07-05 01:32
k0nfig | 
Turkey aesky 
he is obviously baiting dont take him serious
2018-07-12 01:20
He's too shy to even leave the house and talk on mic, how the shit would he move to America and play at LANs?
2018-07-05 03:45
Thorin | 
Netherlands RafV 
Taz awp, wtf? BTW he isn't going anywhere from Kinguin
2018-07-05 05:44
Laz | 
Japan Neion4ty7 
Pugstars straight into tier 2 teams, yeah like that ever goes well. Stewie2k at least played a few lans and for some lower tier teams before going to c9 ( even got to play under the one and only NA talent finder OCEAN.)
2018-07-05 06:01
Majority of big names in NA played with OCEAN. It's like a right of passage at this point.
2018-07-05 06:05
k0nfig | 
Turkey aesky and he played with the best na awper himself
2018-07-12 01:22
TenZ maybe but D0cc hell no. I've seen stuff (not positive about it cuz I didn't care enough to look) about Richard Lewis proving D0cc has VAC banned accounts so C9 wouldnt sign him since they wanna win events and play at Majors. Plus he's 15 right? They can't even use him in any leagues
2018-07-05 06:04
Other WorldIsAFuck 
He's 17, and 18 in 2 months, and there was basically little to no proof for the vac banned account. Also he streamed with webcam and mic.
2018-07-11 10:08
I wasn't sure about his age. I never cared enough about D0cc to look into him and ofc I never watched the stuff about him and that VAC stuff. Majority of my info comes from forums or random videos on YouTube
2018-07-12 01:15
k0nfig | 
Turkey aesky 
i think if he had a vacced account faceit would find it first not the richard lewis lol
2018-07-12 01:24
Other WorldIsAFuck 
2018-07-12 09:15
Other WorldIsAFuck 
2018-07-12 09:15
TenZ=yes Docc=LOOOOOOOOL no. maybe if he prove himself more in the future
2018-07-05 06:10
styko is gaawwwd
2018-07-05 06:16
2018-07-05 15:49
Germany MoreOnTop 
2018-07-05 15:50
Romania Anonym20 
2018-07-05 15:52
-ska +cerq 5th = one as entry fragger from disbanded Envyus or any other star player if possible or they can give chance to FNS for more time to implement new system
2018-07-05 15:54
2018-07-05 16:16
-rush +food
2018-07-05 22:27
Switzerland Sylleo 
smooya-kun ?
2018-07-05 22:27
Asia ZirkonX 
tenz for sure
2018-07-05 22:28
who makes you cringe more? d0cc, tenz or s0m?
2018-07-11 10:09
jkaem | 
Lithuania GayPride 
Tarik Autimatic Rush Cerq Ethan best possible lineup for them if you dont consider taking liquid players
2018-07-11 10:14
d0cc? Cringy muslim kiddo,no one saw him on LAN...
2018-07-11 10:16
Spain JasonRacism 
2018-07-12 01:16
they dont let him go at city 2 hours next to him u want him in NA xaxaxaxaxa
2018-07-12 01:25
Papichulo | 
Brazil SE1N 
not happening is a pile of trash with players not taking it seriously, just because a pair of kids knows how to one tap and what not, if they're willing to play for a big org such as C9 and be on LAN tournaments, they gotta be good and not just on FPL and online, as most of these LAN bots are
2018-07-12 01:26
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
+1 for TenZ. This guy is a true beast, quite impressed about him since he joined Rank-S. As far as D0cC goes, that's literally impossible. I would like to see Cloud9 interact with these new talents in NA. I feel like they could become big things once put in the right hands. Imagine how players like TenZ, s0m (already tied to compLexity which is good as well), -oBo-, food would improve if they learned from the experience of the likes of tarik, skadoodle, stanislaw, dephh... Forget that pugstar mindset and start being molded into true competitors and professionals with long term goals. We saw n0thing give stewie2k the benefit of the doubt on C9, on a time where stewie2k was nothing but just another s0m or another tenz around, why wouldn't they try something out with other upcoming stars?
2018-07-12 01:27
swag /thread
2018-07-12 09:22
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