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Australia s1Lenceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 
I'm 100% sure it is Jovik's alt. -> both are "singers" who don't "sing"... "TheSingerWhoHasNeverSung" and jovik also considered himself a singer even though he was actually a lyricist since he only wrote songs but would not sing because his voice isn't good enough, this makes sense when you compare that description of jovik to singerwhohasneversung's name, looks like he didn't try to hide much here -> account made soon after jovik got banned -> exact same odd writing style as jovik, uses same words and structure in his sentences, looks like he uses a thesaurus or google translate, either that or he just has bad english ( others also acknowledge jovik had broken english despite using some big words that most beginners/foreign speakers wont know) -> only other person to use "tongue wag" regularly, which is something jovik would also use frequently and i haven't seen anyone else ever use it singer using it: + jovik using it: + -> same music taste and "i am better than you" attitude with music, both hate eminem + rap generally and like old music and are stereotypical "this generation sucks" users (jovik hates rap: and singerwhohasnever sung in his last music thread says the same shit about rap and modern music) ->same thread titles (almost EXACTLY the same, kinda obvious at this point) jovik thread: singerwhohasneversung thread: doubt it is coincidence, very similar titles "riddle me this" who even says that except jovik and his alt... -> in this thread ( go to #5, "why are subtitles set to russian", might prove that he is russian fakeflagging as italian and we knew jovik was ruski, but it could also just be youtube stuffing up, but other users didnt have that problem so who knows? and there is more, but this alone is enough to prove my case, TheSingerWhoHasNeverSung = Jovik alt
2018-07-05 16:19
+1 confirmed
2018-07-05 16:20
thanks prokda i mean puget, was pretty obvious just needed to gather all the pieces and present them in one place
2018-07-05 16:22
NT Prokda
2018-07-18 06:38
im not prokda wtf
2018-08-19 18:42
We can't deny it anymore
2018-07-05 16:22
living up to your name +1
2018-07-05 16:22
God | 
Other tdsh1 
DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT I FOUND RIGHT NOW I WAS TRYING TO FIND THE THREAD THESINGWHOHASNEVERSUNG = JOVIK BUT I FOUND THIS ON GOOGLE. IN THIS THREAD WHICH YOU COMMENTED, TAKE A LOOK: He says that he doesn't shares his favorite songs to any person since this person doesn't have good taste of it, he's hating on rap, take a look at this: Now, the checkmate of my first statement: THE MAIN ONE: Thank me later.
2018-07-18 06:28
God u baked, get help before it gets to obsession..
2018-07-18 06:29
So? I now know he's a good music lover too, we appreciate it and keep it hudden although I gave out mysongs already, did he ever do so? Gotcha /shutup
2018-07-18 06:34
God | 
Other tdsh1 
Jovik, you're such a loser.
2018-07-18 06:34
Haha dumb Juvyhk uy sach o loozir He has acvount now, idiot you can write to him, it's not me
2018-07-18 06:35
God | 
Other tdsh1 
"Juvyhk uy sach o loozir" You even feel in the needing of acting like a fucking weirdo trying to mock me through retarded ways which are just cringy, non offensive - nevertheless. Exposed, cry.
2018-07-18 06:38
I'm so thankful and not sad... for the fame he has made... By being so similar to me Jivik top 1.
2018-07-18 06:39
God | 
Other tdsh1 
Your autisticness just make enjoy this dialogue, entirely, dude, i'm literally laughing, and what i just said wasn't mentioned to mock you. You're pathetic as fuck, keep going, brother, i'm almost dead.
2018-07-18 06:41
You didn't even smile, don't ptetend to enjoy this.. So low of you trying to find some proof of me being another man, isn't it pathetic? Lost dymbie
2018-07-18 06:43
God | 
Other tdsh1 
I didn't even smile? Dude, i was fucking laughing, in its literal sense. I tried to, and i proved, the every single prove above goes right to statement, and also proves what the OP said. You can cry, little bitch, nothing you got to do to prove we all wrong.
2018-07-18 06:45
Do I even need to? Little mooks If you find this all funny, you're doomed for life, it's just a crap and you laugh like dumb, what a kid
2018-07-18 06:48
God | 
Other tdsh1 
"I'm so thankful and not sad... for the fame he has made... By being so similar to me Jivik top 1." How to do not fucking laugh at this? You're making my day, dude, you should content yourself at being a low tier troll which at least makes something good.
2018-07-18 06:49
You're a society jester, finding proof for me.. Ha, no life moron
2018-07-18 06:51
Oh, haven't seen u in a long time
2018-07-05 16:24
Hello my loved writer
2018-07-05 16:25
I am not currently writing I am web developing
2018-07-05 16:27
wow, but you'll forever be a writer in my heart
2018-07-05 16:29
Germany Dayjay 
It must be true then.
2018-07-05 16:23
some broken links, here are the proper links: -> jovik thread title -> singer thread title -> go to #5 in this thread for russian identity possibility
2018-07-05 16:28
oh he wrytez in ze same way so eet myst bee him theen stoopid zhuvek pedo, lyk at me I am so offended becoz eet iz juvek, oh what if id iz him, I will crai
2018-07-05 16:54
Friendly bump. Definitely really similar to Jovik and high possibility of being his alt.
2018-07-05 21:16
God | 
Other tdsh1 
Check my comment out.
2018-07-18 06:49
mixwell | 
Spain loviac 
Nt jovik's third account
2018-07-18 06:39
2018-08-19 17:24
BnTeT | 
United States EdgyBlob 
E E E E Exposed
2018-07-18 06:40
Unless Jovik was a Italian fake flag you are very wrong cause he knows a lot about Italy lmao
2018-07-18 06:42
God | 
Other tdsh1 
He associates his flag from Italy with his imense "good taste for song", those which are mainly from 60's, you get it? This guy was easy to expose though.
2018-07-18 06:50
He lives in Sicily
2018-07-18 07:03
God | 
Other tdsh1 
Jovik does?
2018-07-18 07:03
No singer
2018-07-18 07:03
u put far 2 much effort into some degenerate third worlder who can hardly put together a coherent message in english and thinks dadrock is the epitome of music
2018-07-18 06:46
What a dadrock even is? Autistic kid, your parents didn't introduce you to good music so I will And don't be mad if I rated your songs low
2018-07-18 06:50
nt jovik
2018-08-19 17:28
Shut up already ;)
2018-08-19 17:29
nt jovik
2018-08-19 17:29
Looks like I triggered you so much you actually came back to this thread?
2018-08-19 17:30
Xaxaxa, no trigger boy ;))
2018-08-19 17:31
we all know it
2018-08-19 17:32
I don't know who is Jovik but the singerwhoneversung is a nice guy
2018-08-19 18:48
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