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Olofmeister comeback confirmed, or it will be someday
Europe chocolate_Moose 
Olofmeister will return to cs:go and maybe Faze sometime. Cromen not needed.
2018-07-08 01:50
faze is better with cromen
2018-07-08 01:51
Netherlands FaZe_ChrisJ 
And they lose semis.I would say XIZT is better.Cromen is just carried by the others 4
2018-07-08 01:52
AHAHAHAHAHAA Cromen is their 2nd best player atm NiKo Cromen rain guardian karrigan
2018-07-08 01:52
Netherlands FaZe_ChrisJ Second worst player on aim.Just little bit better than Karrigan
2018-07-08 01:56
Stfu kid
2018-07-08 11:24
Cromen threw cuz mad confirmed, lost all my respeito
2018-07-08 01:52
Finland Vkims 
Niko just said that they probably go with cromen to Eleague premier
2018-07-08 01:58
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