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electronic the real mvp
s1mple | 
Europe zrX_ 
Although s1mple had some really good cluthes , electronic did slightly more than than s1mple in semi finals and finals , considering the rating and their ADR. He was the real MVP .
2018-07-09 01:21
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s1mple got best k/d but electronic in my opinion had more impact this time doest matter, s1mple top 1 and electronic top 5 players
2018-07-09 01:23
s1mple | 
Europe zrX_
Yes , this is what I am trying to say. Maybe they gave the MVP to s1mple so they can make him top1 at the end of the year :)
2018-07-09 01:24
electronic will have more time to shine, he can be another s1mple
2018-07-09 01:24
s1mple | 
Europe zrX_
s1mple junior
2018-07-09 01:24
he is already . its just hard to be best player in team when you play with s1mple . electronic its just unbeliveble . he is extremely good . when they will replace edward in future they will finally can navi era start again since 2010
2018-07-09 01:27
United Kingdom galaxzy
tbh s1mple + electronic > shox + scream as a duo
2018-07-09 01:25
Spain Lucien
I think electronic did the really important work while s1mple did the unexpected work regarding clutches and incredible shots.
2018-07-09 01:31
Natus Vincere
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