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R8 this girl please
f0rest | 
Other depressive_virgin 
Unless I'm really paranoid, and she is actually considered somewhat hot/beautiful, I can't understand why I got rejected by this girl while being a decent looking young white male in good shape. Is she even 5/10 ? serious answers only pls
2018-07-10 03:11
Sweden KarlXII 
2018-07-10 03:12
no it's not, I have seen her in real life. Although I felt a bit scammed since these were her pictures on tinder:
2018-07-10 03:14
Sweden KarlXII 
#1 with a nose ring....
2018-07-10 03:14
Looks like dogshit even when hair is hiding half her face
2018-07-10 04:26
fnx | 
Brazil vtrrrr1 
see my comment, dude
2018-07-11 00:16
7/10 good 1 mr.leeo^^
2018-07-10 03:12
I'm joking, btw my r8 is 4/10
2018-07-10 03:14
s1mple | 
Portugal Dr_10 
2018-07-10 03:13
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
You went too harsh for 3/10 ladies here, she a 1/10 at max with that face, need to see her body tho
2018-07-10 03:14 she's overweight.
2018-07-10 03:44
Turkey SLendeRuLeZ 
1/10 you should never downgrade yourself using app like that with people like that
2018-07-10 03:44
2018-07-10 14:04
shes a 2/10 tops, shes lucky a decent looking young male in good shape like you would even talk to her tbh.
2018-07-10 03:15
You got rejected bcz you didn't gave her anal on the first date. You little twat...
2018-07-10 03:17
look in the mirror and you'll know why.
2018-07-10 03:17
kennyS | 
Bulgaria andru$ 
2018-07-11 09:07
it doesn't matter how beautiful she is or not, she's got wills just like you. she doesn't have to accept anyone because of her look, by the opposite tbh. you're quite a jerk, that's my conclusion.
2018-07-10 03:17
but ok she's 2/10
2018-07-10 03:19
i know i'm sounding like a dick, but here's the thing. Before we met, she was SUPER sweet with me, treating me really nice; then after we hang out, she suddenly stopped talking to me and I asked why, if there was anything that wasn't like she expected, and she said "no, I wasn't expecting nothing like you're saying, I'm just meeting new people, making friends and playing LoL, I'm not looking for anything else." (even though her bio on tinder says she was looking for a long term relantionship). Anyway, so I stopped chatting her and let things flow naturally, and now she blocked me from whatsapp and all social media, wtf???
2018-07-10 03:43
she was a your girlfriend?
2018-07-10 03:48
no... we meet on tinder.
2018-07-10 03:53
Ok, i got it.
2018-07-10 13:58
Maybe she felt you are too clingy (see what you just did, she wasn't wrong) She doesn't need any reasonal reason not to like you. She just doesn't, that's it. Sometimes you can tick all the boxes or be exactly same as next guy, but girl will look at you and just get certain vibe off you and know if she wants something or not, and you can't rationalise that or describe it even.
2018-07-10 04:18
Well said, sir
2018-07-10 04:52
Finland AxaFin 
I fucking hate that this is true.
2018-07-10 08:21
2018-07-10 14:04
I know, but the reason I THOUGHT she was interested on me, like I said, she was acting super nice, sending heart emotes <3 and keep the conversation going. I interpret this as signs of interest, maybe i'm wrong.
2018-07-11 03:39
Idk literally I send emotes to pretty much most guys I talk to and keep conversation going. Guys often interpret things girls do wrong. You forget we usually are much more talkative than you and more idk emotions carefree (sending hearts, compliments and nice things to eachother). Guy will usually keep Convo going only if he wants something from girl (sex) , but girls eh... We just like talk with no real goal in mind. It's quite funny to me how guys try to interpret every emote they get from girl, like it has true meaning. "she sent me xyz emote, what does it mean". We throw emotes around like nothing, not sure you noticed that, but go any chat program and this is how you can usually actually spot a girl. Bunch of smileys etc. I can't tell you how many times guys thought I'm interested just because I said something like "you are cute <3 ". It legit means nothing, just me being nice
2018-07-11 09:00
kennyS | 
Hungary lazzyP 
If she was sweet then you guys met you probably ugly my dude
2018-07-11 04:21
This was my first thought, and I asked her to be honest about it. But then again, she only said that we went for a coffee and had no expectations like I was thinking. If this is the truth then I'd be fine, but how can i be sure...? I mean, what if she only said this just to not make me feel bad. This is fucking my mind :v
2018-07-11 08:18
You got rejected by that? hahahahaa
2018-07-10 03:46
xaaxaaxa poor guy
2018-07-10 04:12
2018-07-10 07:32
according to what she said I wasn't. cuz she said that she wasn't looking for nothing other than friendship, but I have a strong feeling that she was lying, that's why I consider a rejection.
2018-07-11 03:37
2018-07-10 03:48
2018-07-10 03:50
Other ToRu 
''she is actually considered somewhat hot/beautiful, '' LMAO
2018-07-10 03:50
Fat fucking pudgy faced indigenous looking ass. If I was 10/10 horny, she was already in my car/house for some reason and begged to suck me off I'd probably let her. Otherwise would not even with your dick bro. 2/10
2018-07-10 03:53
2018-07-10 05:17
Brazil Not_A_Fanboy 
NT Hentai Kid.
2018-07-10 05:37
looks fat
2018-07-10 04:13
Reality check for most guys here that rate stunning girls low as fuck. You can't even get an average girl.
2018-07-10 04:14
lmao 3/10
2018-07-10 04:17
United Kingdom PreZise 
why tf would you try and tap that anyway, would rather stick to my right hand. If she rejects you it is probably because more to do with her, thing is you could be pretty ugly so maybe show pics of yourself before shit talking.
2018-07-10 04:21
Brazil Mentecapto 
3/10 max Were you that guy that posted the long ass cringy date you had with her? hahaha
2018-07-10 04:21
Fluyr | 
Brazil SKDayv 
I remember, i guess was he. LUL
2018-07-10 04:35
2018-07-10 04:54
2018-07-10 04:54
Canada abes_tv 
She's just not that into you. Learn how to deal with it. Looks != personality. I've been rejected by cute girls I thought would be into me but they had different preferences. I also friendzoned girls that were 10/10 because their personalities were really 2/10. It's never this binary and the last thing you wanna do is post on HLTV looking for validation and judgement. Funny how you only posted her pictures but not your own.
2018-07-10 04:23
fatty taking pics at angles to not look fat fat/10
2018-07-10 04:24
irmao essas gordona ae se acham demais
2018-07-10 04:24
2018-07-10 04:37
2018-07-11 03:34
Brazil BlueLighting 
2018-07-11 04:13
Norway rogueplayer 
0/10 i am sorry man
2018-07-10 04:29
TBH you said you hung out with her, mabye you are way to nerdy or gay for her nothing wrong just move on and look for another gl.
2018-07-10 04:33
2018-07-10 04:37
Rofl. Late night comments <3
2018-07-10 04:38
shes one of the ugly girls that has hot friends and now she thinks shes hot
2018-07-10 04:38
You got rejected coz you're not manly enough
2018-07-10 04:44
fat 5/10
2018-07-10 04:49
Max 5/10
2018-07-10 04:53
You got rejected by this? LOL. -5/10 I pity you.
2018-07-10 04:55
Right?? I thought I was gonna see a model or something like that
2018-07-10 07:30
2018-07-12 20:56
fnx | 
Brazil vtrrrr1 
mano.... essas gordas além de feias são metidas, sério mesmo pia. pelo o q eu vi aqui ela tava te dando vários migué e começou a se afastar de vc... pois é, elas sempre acham que são muito, ou seja, querem pelo o menos algo "no nivel delas" ela joga lol, lol é cheio de virgem que gosta de endeusar mulher, vai q o ego dela foi inflado lá, kkk.
2018-07-10 05:05
yeah exactly, I didn't create expectations from nothing... she was sending me heart emotes, laughing at everything etc. I think these are signals of interest, maybe i'm wrong. about lol, yeah I was thinking about this, it's either these kind of virgins or the ones who are mad incels and hate women.
2018-07-11 03:34
Pogba | 
Portugal ArturS 
she plays lol and is fat just block her
2018-07-11 03:39
United States sM1les 
2018-07-10 05:13
gorda, 2/10
2018-07-10 05:14
Lmao still salty, i remember this guy posted her photo before ,says she rejected him and call her fat. Get over it lol shes beautiful and have a great confidence—you can even see it in the way she pose for her photo.
2018-07-10 05:18
lol, she lacks kilograms of confidence judging by her photos. She has those kg elsewhere.
2018-07-10 05:43
nt medkit
2018-07-10 07:17
device | 
Latvia A$KET 
2018-07-10 05:30
Canada Surzz 
it's not all about looks lmao that's quite sad to think the way you do.
2018-07-10 05:39
if u got rejected who cares..get with the next girl and dont even waste your time on this chick.
2018-07-10 05:50
United States hhkb 
all these closeups makes me think and know that this bitch is a whale
2018-07-10 05:54
United States Freakmode 
pig/10 you must be one ugly bastard
2018-07-10 07:24
lol -1/10
2018-07-10 07:28
Denmark staraxe 
looks like a fucking pig lmao
2018-07-10 07:29
Australia MrWiseGuy 
Probably bats for the other team
2018-07-10 07:32
United States _ATaXiA_ 
"she is actually considered somewhat hot/beautiful" Maybe in a school for the blind, hope you double bagged it man, you don't want a litter piggies running around.
2018-07-10 07:39
Australia Googgy 
maybe she just thinks your a fucking freak that uses hltv
2018-07-10 07:45
Poland Ryunar 
Unless I'm really paranoid, and she is actually considered somewhat hot/beautiful, I can't understand why I got rejected by this girl while being a decent looking young white male in good shape. Is she even 5/10 ? serious answers only pls
2018-07-10 07:48
United States potent 
like a light 1 maybe
2018-07-10 07:50
Got rejected? Why the hell would you even try?
2018-07-10 07:53
United States potent 
10/10 response
2018-07-10 07:54
It's tinder in Brazil, dude. The logic is: 5/10 thinks they're 8/10 6/10 thinks they're 9/10 7/10 thinks they're 10/10 8+ won't even respond. These girls most of the time are just there to boost self-esteem and unless you're pretty looking, you'll have some real trouble. Too much work for sex.
2018-07-10 07:55
Slovakia jurrte 
little bit looks like JW
2018-07-10 07:56
Grow up. The fact that you made this thread (let alone the replies you've made in here...) says enough about you to draw reasonable conclusions as to why she'd say no, even if you are good looking.
2018-07-10 08:02
Europe insday 
Pig 2/10
2018-07-10 08:12
need more pics
2018-07-10 13:59
2018-07-10 13:59
Germany ripseN 
fat & ugly on tinder oh my, I see where this is going
2018-07-10 14:02
If i were drunk...
2018-07-10 14:03
Norway rogueplayer 
your dick would not work
2018-07-11 03:35
why the fuck you need to meet JW
2018-07-10 14:13
Romania Anonym20 
6/10, the face is pretty good, too bad she's overweight
2018-07-10 14:14
Poland dav0 
fat and a lot of makeup, 4/10
2018-07-11 00:17
Pogba | 
Portugal ArturS 
4/10 is she fat tho?
2018-07-11 03:35
ableJ | 
Bangladesh DisableJ 
Be careful guys it's a jumpscare
2018-07-11 03:37
2018-07-11 09:04
Brazil hsk- 
what\s the matter with fat girls.. and the first question you tried to achieve with her? if she`s so ugly.. damn
2018-07-11 03:49
0/10 avoid women with nose piercings
2018-07-11 03:54
+1 mate.
2018-07-11 04:01
2018-07-11 09:08
Thorin | 
Portugal Hkt 
2018-07-11 04:00
Brazil BlueLighting 
2018-07-11 04:16
United States fallenfan 
-1/10 FalleN
2018-07-11 04:25
2018-07-11 04:27
Denmark Baitvice 
you say you are decent looking but got rejected by that? someone's lying.
2018-07-11 04:40
Its the people she is hanging out with, trust me i know a girl that literally looks like a rug and rejected some of my friends that are leaps and bounds better than her.
2018-07-11 09:04
pretty bad
2018-07-11 09:06
fat little pig 0\10
2018-07-11 09:09
2018-07-11 09:20
funny but this face shape reminds me people from north, sounds like Amazonas, Ceara, Para or whatever... is it correct? Don't be upset If you are everything that you said probably she'll gonna regret this for sure, so my advice is seek for other bitches, this one don't deserve you bud
2018-07-11 09:43
rain | 
Germany Seafyre 
2018-07-12 21:01
>brazilian >white male
2018-07-12 21:03
LaimB | 
Lithuania QMart1s 
Do not give up, you can still find a way to her heart, we believe in you!
2018-07-12 21:12
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