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Finland @Fakepott 
So i just made a 18+ first time anal thread and was asking hltv users about their experience but it was instantly removed and i got banned, how is that fair? Its not harmful at all? I had 18+ in the title and it was off topic???
2018-07-12 15:16
no peepee in bumbums allowed
2018-07-12 15:18
Because your topic was about giving anal, not about receiving anal...
2018-07-12 15:19
jkaem | 
Lithuania GayPride 
+1 jonty e only allows taking anal
2018-07-12 15:20
Yea, I wanna to create thread with my ex nudes, but afraid of being banned
2018-07-12 15:22
tell us about your experience, enough talking about bs... did u eat da poo-poo?
2018-07-12 15:24
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