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known teams that should disband
Israel unsolid 
NTC - free the good players for better opportunities, felps and fnx to luminosity, and Kng to anger management hotline. VP - Disband, byali and michu to team AGO, easy LAN attendance. NRG - I thought they were really solid and promising until we all realised starseries was a tournament fluke, nahtE and brehze are very good fraggers and will fit in c9/RNG, international if given a chance. AVANGAR - putting effort and not getting anywhere, -dosia +jame(IGL, 2nd AWP).
2018-07-12 20:17
navi,nip and fnatic
2018-07-12 20:18
Denmark EggplantxD 
2018-07-12 20:20
my name is APEzera i dont get why people think i like coldzera or mibr
2018-07-12 20:21
Denmark EggplantxD 
I didn't even read your name, I just think they should disband lol
2018-07-12 20:22
why did u reply to me then :O
2018-07-12 20:23
United States subzera 
ntc - yes vp - theyre making too much money to disband nrg - no they just choked at the minor avangar - if they dont make the major they should make a roster change
2018-07-12 20:26
yeL | 
Brazil Kolt116 
G2 cuz this roster is done.
2018-07-12 20:31
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