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Black - EU come here
Brazil skbestteam07 
A black Brazilian went to live in Norway and he said that being black in Norway is attractive to women because you become an exotic person. Is it true that black people in a mostly white environment become attractive? Or he become excluded?
2018-07-13 04:21
Brazil skbestteam07 
I want sincere opinion from Europeans.
2018-07-13 04:23
i'm FitGuy and get all the bitches here in Brazil
2018-07-13 04:23
the correct term is afro-american, reported for racism
2018-07-13 04:24
Brazil skbestteam07 
Reported for being an idiot
2018-07-13 04:34
cry is free kkk.
2018-07-13 04:40
France jRaymd 
kkk? reported for racism
2018-07-13 08:33
Denmark Niicism 
2018-07-13 08:25
Russia Baitzera_SK 
Br girls about Europeans Black - EU come here br girls eu boys nice threads???? why insecure???xaxaxa
2018-07-13 04:41
Sweden KarlXII 
Question is: How could a Brazilian afford living in Norway? NT 0/8 b8
2018-07-13 04:44
shroud | 
Netherlands Elecks 
I live in Poland, and i can confirm that Polish woman do like 'exotic'. Even me, a Dutch person is slightly 'exotic'. But its only for short term, because they quickly realize that it isn't working out as they hoped. Also most 'exotic' men in Poland are expats, no plans to stay here for long. But then again Polish woman (most eastern European) are very loyal. Well of course you have to treat them nice. If you an jerk to them, they are jerks to you ;)
2018-07-13 08:56
France TheFaren 
What's rare is more attractive. is being tan in NA/EU or being white in China
2018-07-13 09:08
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